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Found 11 results

  1. G'day to everyone, I'd imagine every one is flat out prepping for a 'true guerrilla experience' during the lockdown! Was just looking for advice really, only just setup my first indoor attempt but figure in for a penny, in for a pound! I'm lucky enough to have been offered use of a super private, South facing plot which literally gets un disturbed all day sunlight with no surrounding neighbours etc by a very close lifelong friend of mine. Very secure and private area plus there are 3 big fuck off guarf Rottweilers on site too just for extra piece of mind. By the looks of it it's been a veg patch of Some sort in its lifetime by previous owners of the property so hoping with a bit of work that one of these beds can be turned into a little outdoor jobbie, Water supply there as well as a big fresh river at worst case... plenty of cow/horse shit nearby too (if that helps) Obviously bunny rabbits and foxes etc are around so I know I'm going to have to cage up etc but just wanted a few pointers on how to prep the ground and in which manner to do so. It's not a major drama for me to get back and too there on a regular basis as far as feeding/watering/maintenance so I don't know if that makes a difference as to how I go about ground prep/fert. Although I'm sure it would be prime for photos, I'd rather hit it hard with some big yielding autos for that faster finish making the most of our brightest and warmest months for the whole cycle. I can start them indoors and I guess ideally get them planted out late may to ensure decent night temps? I'd imagine it's the type of place that could get a little misty in the early hours. Again, not sure on numbers, genetics or prep yet so any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated. Here's a snap of the plot at 20:15 last night. I can have as much or as little as I want but figured that middle bed would be my favoured choice and almost build a bed within a bed. Was favouring the Bakery seed co. - auto mazar due to good mould and pest resistance genetics. Have done some research on ground prep myself already but so many different options and methods I thought I'd reach out as I know there is a tonne of experience here Thanks guys
  2. I have just bought a davinci IQ (olive green) because I had a 15% discount with a well known online head shop - and it brought in, with a spare 18650 battery, for about £180..odd all told. Ive been using a Gpen Pro - not the elite, the crappy pen that uses unsafe plastic, burns yer lips and fails, its my third on warranty and its not the new shape one, its about 3-4 years old - or was...right now its floating down the swanny, replaced in full. I now know how utterly crappy it was... You need to learn to use 'Your' vape properly, its not as simple as just dropping some flower in the oven and hitting the button. Its about your grind, your moisture content and most of all about your pack. Ive just exhaled a vape that would rival a good toke on a spliff, big clouds, lighter in density, bigger in flavour by 250%. Lighter in density because theres no combustion. Once you accept that, clouds and experience change dramaticly. and so does effect. Its a stronger deeper buz/stone...wholesome, kinda like whole grain instead of white bread, and a roast with the trimmings as opposed to a mid week minimalist quickie...comfortable. I stumbled on my pack for the gpen by accident and the rest is history... I was ready to bin it, pissed properly - this is after a year of using it on and off - it irritated me, but i liked the deeper stable stone. Couldn't get get anything pleasureable for a rip/hit/even a drag. I was high, but that because luckliy the thc/terps boil off at far less than combustable temps, it was an awful stress and properly counter productive - anyway, that was when the pipes all got retired. Overnight. After that, even with the crappy draw resistence I was still cloud chasing and getting proper high, thats why I kept using it and now I pipe now and again for that type of high - but I just vape all the time really. I wont describe my pack its pointless, just the point of the pack/prep is important I smoked fags for 30 years, and quit so replacing was hard. I was mostly using bongs, one hitters, spoons, generaly small hot pipes - quickly. Essentially, replacing the smoking sensation. You have to deal with that making the change too... Get that pack right, and vaping is a proper game changer. Im learning my IQ as we speak. Ive had a couple quaility issues dissapointingly, and a largely useless day of trial and error packing and learing the varios 'options'. On top of that they have taken the app down for 'redesign' so its only half the vape its supposed to be, which in all fairless is a bit shit. Completion date to be confirmed which meanss its fucked and propbably gone for good. So I probably bought the last 180 quid one, as form next week they'll be £75 lol. However, even on minimal terms...its awesome! Anyway, I nearly got my pack and temps now - just fine tuning, but I get that high it takes a long time :D. The gpen bore no resemblance to a temp scale. Cool - useless/pointless - warm - useless/pointless - 400 degree - with the right pack, superb...The IQ so far is accurate, and Im using cooller temps than I thought as ther flavour in insane, especially with the flavour chamber cuddled up with a nugg inside. Im cerebral right now and typing is very pleasureble, dont read if youre bored I also use much less material in a vape over a week than I ever did smoking in any sense. Chamber gets about 0.1g 3x a day...and I usually dont finish the last oven. You can ram it with a 0.3g but I think its a waste. I get 10/15 good drags from an oven with 1 stir...5 good drags of the weed I grow...is enough for the time being What Im also getting now is the ceremony of rolling a spliff in the prep of my vape, which is an extra pleasureable and unexpected dimension. I know how the weed feels best for moisture - so I leave it on some paper to just wick the sweat for about 10 mins after grinding, I know the grind consistency needed to get the most from the material, so theres a process, just lime rolling a J, which is still one of my favourite things to do, or was...I havent rolled for a year or so. But I have my ceremony back. Its like all things - its all in the prep - but you do that anyway with whatever method of ingestion you choose. The IQ has just buzzed at me to remind me the 10min standby us almost up and I'm waking it up as i type...Im running an outdoor diesel in her in it at the moment, one of my own, as the flavour of OD surpasses all IMHO, of course...uyou wouldnt argue if you were sharing my bowl right now Peace
  3. Heys guys looking for some opinions on my plant out this year. Using the usual plot, decided this year i don't want to use pots at all and would like to plant in the ground, or near enough it. Let me explain: so my plot has not got much soil in it, really more of a carpet of moss, grass and soil a few centimetres/inches deep in some places with a bed of solid rock underneath. There are these strange moss covered "mounds" at my plot. In previous years i had used them as a place for the pots to sit so rabbits and the such couldn't get at them as the tallest of these mounds is about 2 foot off the ground. While attempting and failing to dig this morning i realised that i could, in theory, hollow out these mounds and use them as big pots! I started to excavate one and there was actually quite a lot of earth inside and not many roots. I did see about 20-30 mites/ants scuttling around (some were ant coloured, some were pale brown, yellow almost) So my two theories as to what these mounds are: A. Ant colonies or B. The remnants of felled tree stumps from god knows how long ago. If they turn out to be 'B' then happy days. excavate away. If they turn out to be 'A' then i am wondering will there be a problem, will the ants or whatever they are fuck with the plants?? Ill try and attach some pics of the plot from last year so you can see these mounds
  4. Homemade Sulphate of Potash

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Homemade Sulphate of Potash ready to be dug into soil
  5. Turning over soil and digging in horse manure

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Clearing my patch out in the bush and turning over top soil and digging in horse manure (10L Per plant of horse manure as well as high quality soil
  6. Turning over soil and digging in horse manure

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Clearing my patch out in the bush and turning over top soil and digging in horse manure (10L Per plant of horse manure as well as high quality soil
  7. Guerilla Camp Fire

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Making my own Supply of Sulphate of Potash and also keeping warm and the damn insects away
  8. wagon 2

    From the album funny/uniqiue thread photos

    a wagon for carrying heavy loads to/near plot
  9. wagon 1

    From the album funny/uniqiue thread photos

    a wagon for carrying heavy loads to/near plot
  10. clear spot prior to digging

    From the album Grow Photo's - My First Album

    © iBlazeDaily

  11. from scratch to finish what do you need to do in loam types of soil preparing the plot ect so stupid but how is growing photoperiods outside different ?