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Found 2 results

  1. Hi people I hope someone is able to advise me on PH testing the water, when I water my plants. I purchased a PH tester last night for £30. After reading a few reviews , people where saying not to buy they £10 ones. so I went for Dr-meter, hopefully I will be able to get spare electrodes, when needed. Anyway I was just wondering, Is it best to test the water with the feed mixed in the water, or test the run off mixture after watering. I am growing in 11 litre pots with plant magic soil. I have read when growing in soil the water PH level should be between 6.0-7.0. The feed I use is plant magic soil grow currently, I will move onto Plant Magic soil bloom, once my auto's begin to flower. The reason I brought the meter is because I have noticed my cash crop Auto the leaves are starting to yellow, which may be due to PH levels, as I have never tested the PH, before watering. I just use normal tap water, and where I am in the UK the water is quite hard. I started my autos from seed at beginning of June out doors. And due to the crappy weather we are having here in the UK, I decided to buy a poly tunnel. At least this way I can control the watering, and they will be protected from any high winds, and rain. I just wish there was more sunlight, which I cannot do anything about, what B******T UK summer. If I have been watering my plants with high PH levels, how do I fix the issue, or is it to late. The autos, are still currently in Veg state, and it is only my cash crop Auto which has yellowing leaves, and it is still a young plant considering when I planted them. My Northern lights, and Skunk 1's seem ok and I have been using the same water, so if the PH levels were high why are not the other plants affected. Also how often do you need to calibrate the PH meters. I use 2ml feed per litre of water, so altogether I use 14ml feed for 7 Litre of water. Using about a 1 litre of water per plant. I have 7 plants in total, in 11 litre pots. Any advise is much appreciated as always.
  2. PH kit.jpg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    Cheap Vitalink ph testing and fix kit from London Grow. Wooden spoon from kitchen. Not sure how great the tester is. Readings seem to hop about all over the place. I use the same volume water in water cans and once I learnt the approximate amount required to reduce my tap ph, I marked it on a measuring tube so i dont need to calibrate and test every time I mix up.