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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Folks, I wanted to find a way to measure the pH of my soil. I bought a soil pH test kit (the one with capsules). I found that the amount of soil you can test is so small (the amount is the equivalent of 2 capsule of soil) that it might not pick up on all the components of the soil. I use a soil recipe: 12.5% coco, 12.5% perlite, 55% canna terra pro plus soil, 20% organic worm casting and 2 tbsp bonemeal + 2 tbsp seaweed meal (in 1 gallon of soil). Canna terra pro plus soil alone is a mix a peat moss and tree bark. It's got lime too. From my testing, I don't think you can pick up the pH of the soil as a whole. The test I did from soil straight out of the bag came out at pH higher than 7 (probably pH 8) whereas the specs of that soil is pH 6.3. I suspect I might have picked up more lime than other stuff. I did a simple test with vinegar and baking soda. And the soil came out acidic (bubbling with baking soda + water, not bubbling with vinegar). Do you know of a way I could test at least 2 tbsp of soil ? Would measuring the run off be the best option (like watering with pH 7 and measuring the run off)? I'd welcome any inputs. Cheers.
  2. Hi people sorry if this is in the wrong section I'm a newbie here. But just got a couple growing questions and thought you lot could help me out. All the info about my setup is in my profile, grow diary to come soon when I upgrade my mobile phone to take and upload decent pictures. Would I be OK not ph'ing my solution as I'm in soil? Do I need to have my window open in the room letting fresh air in? Can I give cannazym now along with Terra Vega and root stimulant? (Clones about 1-2 weeks old) That's all for now hopefully someone could help me