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Found 2 results

  1. Hello people. I have a question. I am growing this year 3x blue cheese autos and 3x Northern Lights autos, and 1x Royal Gorilla Auto. Which I started Apr 17th. They are all coming into flowering now. Started off with PM soil grow, and now moved onto PM Soil Bloom. giving 4ml per 7l of water and feeding each plant around 3 litres. Growing in my usual 11L pots with PM supreme soil. I use regular tap water which has a PH of 7.6-7.7 I have heard that if you grow in soil I don't need to worry about PH levels. as the soil should bring PH levels down. is this true? If it isn't true what is the easiest way to bring down PH levels. Might be a little to late now though. If it is then why are my fan leaves turning yellow and drying up. bottom upwards. I am also feeding each time I water them, as the soil is very dry by the 3rd day. Someone mentioned and I have read to feed them each time I water them. I haven't used any calmag this year as I have also read that, if you live in a hard water area which I do, then there is no need for calmag, as the water contains enough minerals in it already
  2. HI Guys, I'm about to start my first grow but I have a few questions that I would to ask for your opinions on. First a quick bit about the grow. 2m square tent, 4 x 600w lights 5 Blue Cheese plants under each one 10" fan and filter Using Plant magic soil supreme 18 litre pots Hesi Nutrients, which are Root complex, Supervit, PowerZyme, Bloom complex, Phosphorus Plus. Thinking of adding Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood at the start of flowering as well. PH tester, EC meter, Reservoir heater. Even though it's my first grow, I'm a very quick learner and I' m hoping to get in to the 4 once bracket on my first grow. My first question is about nutes. My intention was to make 30 - 40 litre nute mix as and when needed and water the plants with this each time, I know a lad who does this and has no problems with good yields using Ionics nutes. Is this something you guys do? Or do you nute then water to avoid a salt build up? Next I wan to ask you guys about EC levels. I know that each nute brand has there own charts but I' ve heard from a few people that they are to high. Speaking to a chap at a hydro shop, he has suggested this to me. Vegging Week 1 0.6 Week 2 0.8 Week 3 0.9 Flowering Week 4 1.1 Week 5 1.2 Week 6 1.3 Week 7 1.4 Week 8 1.5 Week 9 1.6 Week 10 1.7 Week 11 1.8 I know I will need to monitor my plants closely to see if they need feeding or not but does this look good to you guys? Ph levels, I'm thinking of going 5.2 during Veg and 5.5 during Flower, sound good? Last question! Even though this is my first grow, I' am really interested in lollipopping and I’ m thinking of setting aside 5 plants to try this on. My question simply is, if done properly along with everything else, does this lead to bigger yields? I would be really grateful for your answers on these and please feel free to critique or make suggestions. Cheers