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Found 248 results

  1. Ok guys! This thread is for you out there that have a perticular liking to the cannabis plant photography of it's beauty, morphology and it's trichomes..... So,i suggest that people post nice old pictures of paradise seed strains they personnaly feel really do reflect the specific genetic traits of the strain they where growing at the time, or right now, or in the future. I would like to emphasize that amateur photographers are more than welcome, but for the sake of clarity and accurate analysis of the pic, please take the pictures with a flash just before the light opens, or in the first 2 to 3 minutes after they open, as to get a good overall image of the plant. Those of you that are already accustomed to cannabis photography and it,s tweeks, i have nothing to add. You can also go post your Paradise Seeds picture on our website's photo contest for the chance to win prizes! https://www.paradise-seeds.com/en/media/photocontest.html Now, for this little personnal thread of us Paradise Lovers here, i will personnaly donate gifts and genetics to the most Artistic and professional Quality picture of either a dried flower top (10 inches and up), a live flower top, a whole plant shot or a whole field shot if you guys are so fortunate in this day and âge. Everybody is welcome! Remember this is all in good fun! JF
  2. A Truly Paradisal Experience: Sunset Paradise Sunset Paradise is Paradise Seeds’s version of the super popular Gelato. The result is a luxury scoop of Gelato with Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet in the genetic mix. It’s a refined blend of terpenes and meditative flow that will hit a note with medical users and those indica fans. Read More
  3. Hello ! Tommy Chong is celebrating his birthday Happy promo and beautiful day 1 +1 on all Tommy Chong’s Collection seed packs for one day only! - L.A. Amnesia (Sativa) - Mendocino Skunk (Hybrid) - Blue Kush Berry (Indica) - Auto Kong 4 (Autoflower)
  4. Sensi Star

    From the album Misc.

  5. White Berry

    From the album Misc.

  6. For this contest I will be growing Paradise’s biggest sativa dominant plant rainbow road. the plant being sativa dominant prefers to grow a main central cola and smaller side branching than an indica plant so I will have to top these. The stretch also looks quite large. the smell is supposed to be strawberry mainly with a bit of mango. I’ve had weed taste like mango before but I’ve been skeptical of other flavours but I have a watermelon plant now though that is a full watermelon smell so I can’t wait to see how this smells and tastes. Strawberry mango should have grown this in spring to have in the sun. the high is a sativa high so trippy euphoric giggle fits are to be expected. Can’t wait for that. The beans are in biobizz light mix. I have been using H&G bat special until now but the consistency of it has changed and it kind of dissolves when you water it the first time so a pot full ends up being half a pot full with huge holes where the water drained through. You needed to keep adding compost until it settled out after a few waters. i had been using biobizz and advanced nutrients, plus a few other for my nutrients but I moved to intense last month and the plants really are far better. they are going to be grown in an 80x80cm tent with two other plants so 40x40 each. There is a 4” rhino pro filter with a mixed flo fan. I am using a 480w Samsung led light. I will also be growing in 6ltr pots and hopefully if all turns up I’ll be using a smart watering system to drip feed the plants as it seems to make a big difference and take away so much effort. my complete tent set up cost £350 just for info and I really do have the best weed in town now. The others that get brought in by stealers is of great quality also but it’s always the same. Never ending cookies and dawgs and if I was really lucky a bit of strawberry haze. It’d all clearly been through a trim bag and you can tell the difference. Growing your own allows you to have anything you want though and as you hand trim with precision your weed literally sparkles in the sun like it’s coverd in tiny diamonds. Ill be enjoying a Hindu Kush crossed with strawberry sativa in a few months so I would recommend it to anyone. It’s not like you need a space as big as mine and mine isn’t even a whole m2. but you know Strawberry sativa. Nice.
  7. Hi there! Yes, yes, they are arrived.... Six new CBD strains ! Have a look and tell us...... Beautiful day !
  8. Original White Widow IBL Paradise Seeds did astonish the seed market this year with a release of two classic strains in the form of real IBL (inbreed line) genetics: Original Cheese and Original White Widow. Using them as building blocks for creating new varieties. Read More
  9. "Hi everyone ! We heard your feedback and requests, thanks for letting us know. We have been preparing for a special coupon code for you, and it's ready now! Special for UK420 users, we give everyone an exclusive 15% discounts valid for all seeds! Please use this code: UK15PARADISE420 Beautiful day !!
  10. Hello UK420 growers ! Paradise Seeds starts a Photo Contest this month Let's check your albums together and be a winner ! 1st winner: 10 seeds + hemp cap + XL grinder 2nd winner: 5 seeds + XL grinder; 3rd winner: 3 seeds + small grinder. Entry closes end of this month (May 30th) and you can choose the strain that you will enjoy to grow Valid only in EU and UK. Have fun & luck !
  11. Hi ! Hope everything is fine for all of you! First of the month and, of course, the Promo is at Paradise ! But not only, the new website great relaunch is on the way.... If you feel like, a hunt game to discover it with fun is starting... Beautiful day !
  12. 25-Off-site-launch

    From the album Promo

    June Promo
  13. Tommy Chong Birthday

    From the album Promo

    Tommy Chong Birthday !
  14. PhotoContest.jpg

    From the album Promo

    Photo Contest May
  15. Hello ! Some questions about CBD oil ? Paradise has the answers Good reading and happy Sunday ! A Guide to CBD Oil: Frequently Asked Questions Answered! "One of the biggest cannabis stories in recent years has been the elevation of CBD oil from a niche industry sideline to a mainstream product which has opened a lot of people’s eyes to the health and wellness benefits of cannabis. This has led to the market being flooded with many CBD oils and tinctures, which are being sold by online retailers as well as some of the big name stores on the main street around the world..... More
  16. cbdOil.jpeg

    From the album blog

    CBD oil
  17. Hello Hello ! A tiny quizz for today : What is CBN and is there such a thing as a CBN Rich Strain? The CBN cannabinoid (cannabinol) is one of over 100 compounds estimated to be present in the cannabis plant. It’s these cannabinoids that stimulate a range of effects, from the psychoactive ‘high’ of THC to the relaxation of CBD alongside an array of medicinal qualities contributed by these and other cannabinoids. More in the article Beautiful day Everyone !!!!!!!!
  18. What-is-CBN.jpeg

    From the album blog

  19. Hello ! Everybody knows that a Scrog can be very useful indoor, but It is Possible to Scrog Outdoor Cannabis Plants? Let's see and maybe try it for this summer... While the scrogging method is more commonly associated with the indoor grow room, it is also possible to scrog outdoor cannabis and there are some real advantages to using this method. Have a Funny&Sunny time !!!!
  20. scrogoutdoor.jpg

    From the album blog

    A Scrog Outddor
  21. A new blog to discover the scrogging method. A screen of Green to maximise the space.... A Matrix dimension?!??? No, a beautiful green carpet flying from Paradise to your garden 10 SCROG Cannabis Plant Training Tips for Beginners Enjoy the reading and share with us oyour experience, i you feel like Happy Weekend UK420ers' !
  22. SCROG

    From the album blog

    How to scrog ?
  23. Hello ! It's the beginning of the month, so it's a new promo coming from our dear Paradise And this time it's the very very very famous 1+1 !! With 3 strains, yes yes, 3 beautiful girls on promo, could be good to have a look, we never know..... Sow for Summer Harvest! 1+1 Auto Deal You don’t have to wait until Autumn for a big bud harvest… Enjoy a summer crop with our 1+1 Auto Deal - seed to harvest in just 70 days with Paradise autoflowering varieties! We have 1+ 1 on three classic Paradise auto strains:: Vibrant indica brings the flavour of forest fruits and a ‘complex’ effect. : Diesel taste and perspective changing effects from this 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid.: A fast finish auto (60% indica/40% sativa) with a fruity taste and a balanced effect. Enjoy the month of May with Autoflow blooming in Summer !!!!! See you !
  24. eng.png

    From the album Promo

    autoflo promo May
  25. Good morning ! Looking for some challenge in the grow room ? Why not trying some of the wild strains coming from Paradise .... Top 5 Strains For Hobbyist Cannabis Growers "Ok, so what’s a cannabis hobbyist? Well these are growers who are looking to bring something a little different to their grow room, by searching out cannabis strains with unique features to push the growing experience to new frontiers. Paradise Seeds has been included in the new Ask Ed book by master cannabis cultivator, Ed Rosenthal, in a section focusing on hobbyist cannabis strains. " Beautiful day !!!! Sunny and happy