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Found 161 results

  1. Hello `hello ! Looking for a Turkish Delight ? Mother Goddess has the recipe... Bon appétit Durga Mata: What Makes a Classic Indica strain?
  2. Durga Mata

    From the album blog

    Durga Mata
  3. Hello Growers from Paradise ! What about a cosmic trip this month ? A nice bonus in your packs Take care & enjoy ! Shooting Star Promo: FREE Nebula!
  4. Yields of Autoflowering seeds as big as a crop of feminized seeds in the same time period ? Who tried ? Boost Cannabis Autoflower Yields
  5. pandora

    From the album blog

  6. Drying and Curing

    From the album blog

    Dry and Cure Secrets
  7. Are you a fine cannasseur ? Keeping a little jar of each delicious strains that you grow ? Pheww, just in time for a little reminder..... Enjoy and share with us ! Dry and Cure Secrets: How to Keep the Cannabis Smell
  8. stealth grow

    From the album blog

    small spaces
  9. How to Build a Small Space Cannabis Stealth Grow Because of lack of space or time, discretion, low budget, first time, challenge, curiosity, original birthday present ... whatever the motivation is, with a bit of imagination and good advices, a lil' culture is always possible! A new article on this subject is here for you! What if we think outside the box ? Enjoy your reading and your day !
  10. High Yield, Fast Finish… Jacky White is the ultimate performer, a dashing mix of heritage and knowledge. The result? A big harvest sativa that became an instant classic when it was introduced. We took our time to develop this new school strain. The quest was to breed a plant that combined the greatest characteristics of the greatest plants. It took time - years - to get the strain just the way we wanted it, but the result was worth it. A femme fatale that packs a punch. Read More
  11. Original White Widow IBL Paradise Seeds did astonish the seed market this year with a release of two classic strains in the form of real IBL (inbreed line) genetics: Original Cheese and Original White Widow. Using them as building blocks for creating new varieties. Read More
  12. Attention - Heavily irradiating smoke! After their big success with Delahaze, breeder Luc from Paradise Seeds strived to create another outstanding haze strain. He was aiming to develop a real haze “bomb”, and this made him think of “Atomical Haze” as a haze strain name suitable for something really explosive. Read More
  13. Monster Sativa Delivers Historical Harvest Record! Rainbow Road is a sativa dominant hybrid from Paradise Seeds that announces itself with a sweet and fruity nature (a combination of classic Hindu Kush and Strawberry Sativa) and claims of being one of the biggest yielding sativas Paradise have produced in their 26 year history. Read More
  14. Uniform and superior female plants and flowers Luc, the breeder of Paradise Seeds, is permanently working on feminized strains. A lot of precious and fruitful basic research on feminized seeds was done by Paradise Seeds in Switzerland several years ago. Back then, Paradise Seeds maintained huge breeding and production facilities in the Alp republic. The feminization method used by Luc has proven to be highly reliable. Read More
  15. More than just Kush One of the new feminised strains from Paradise Seeds is named “Allkush”. So nothing but Kush? Taken genetically literally, no - It’s more than just Kush, because Allkush is a mostly indica strain with a quarter part of sativa, she was bred from an Afghani indica and a Southeast Asian mostly sativa strain. Allkush is Paradise Seeds’ former strain Sheherazade, a long-established classic from the early days of Paradise. Read More
  16. Truly an attractive lady Belladonna can kill you!?? Drug friends who are not only familiar with cannabis, already know it: Belladonna (literally: beautiful lady) is the common short form used for Atropa Belladonna, also called deadly nightshade. Read More
  17. New Haze power from Paradise Seeds A mostly Haze strain was missing in the seed range of Paradise Seeds until 2008, when this gap was closed with the new Delahaze strain – so the grower Mr. Power Planter was especially curious about the outcome of breeder Luc’s genetic work. Read More
  18. Glisten as if dusted with fine diamonds Automaria II is the first autoflowering variety in Paradise Seeds’ range of strains, and it’s available in its feminized form only. It was bred from Cannabis ruderalis and the famous Santa Maria strain. Read More
  19. Captivated by a full blooded Lady Jacky White was part of the second batch of new feminized strains released to the market by Paradise Seeds in 2006, after the company had entered the feminized seed business in 2005 with feminized versions of classic Paradise strains such as Sensi Star, Dutch Dragon, Nebula or Sheherazade. Read More
  20. Strongest Sativa ever smoked Apart from Sensi Star and Belladonna, Nebula (also called Starcloud, due to its stellar qualities, as Luke from Paradise Seeds explains) is one of Paradise Seeds' most popular strains, having scored a lot of prizes at various weed festivals and cannabis contests. Read More
  21. As mighty as ever - Ten years champion Sensi Star. Introduced to the market in 1995, Sensi Star has become a modern classic, a timeless evergreen that still belongs to the most popular cannabis strains worldwide after all those years. Reason enough for Mr. Power Planter to take it to the test and find out whether this mostly indica strain has remained as vital and potent as ever. Read More
  22. Indica at its best The indica strain Wappa entered the seed market in 2006, when Paradise Seeds came up with a “six pack” of six new feminized strains. Paradise Seeds has an excellent reputation in terms of feminized seeds, so the grower was curious whether it would be confirmed by Wappa, too. Read More
  23. Lots of green hope unleashed by an autoflowering lady One of the latest autoflowering releases from Paradise Seeds is called Pandora, with reference to the respective famous Greek saga. Luc, the owner and breeder of Paradise Seeds, chose this name for a good reason: Pandora means "the one who gives all gifts", so in contrast to common perception, this name actually has a positive connotation. Read More
  24. Paradise breeder Luc's recent release of new strains, amongst others, included Auto Acid, Auto Whiteberry, Auto Jack and Auto Wappa - Auto versions of some of his best indoor strains, in accordance with the current seed market trend. But to what degree has Luc managed to bring about auto strain version qualities as close as possible to those of the originals? Read More
  25. A Truly Paradisal Experience: Sunset Paradise Sunset Paradise is Paradise Seeds’s version of the super popular Gelato. The result is a luxury scoop of Gelato with Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet in the genetic mix. It’s a refined blend of terpenes and meditative flow that will hit a note with medical users and those indica fans. Read More