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Found 26 results

  1. Hi All These are likely stoopid questions - but one's gotta learn LOL. Just trying to get me head around a few things. Photo-Periods: As I understand it they'll not switch to flowering-stage until day/night hits 12:12. In UK it appears this doesn't happen until the end of Sept. So seems for outside grows this puts the buds at a much greater risk of mould or rot, right? Autos: I've been a little disappointed in the growth of my Autos - though been growing outside (I fully understand that they can be grown under lights at 20/4 or even 24/0). However, as I grow outside I was wondering if anything had been done in the field of breeding to extend the growing period of Autos? Or has this been done and I just need to look for longer finishing times? Also, if an Auto goes into flower at a set time - What happens if you try to stop it - by pruning off buds? Will it simply die? Struggle to flower and keep trying? Or get stressed andturn hermaphrodite(sp)? Semi-Autos: I've seen mention of these. Do they exist? If they do, how do they work? Many thanks in advance
  2. So I've killed off my spidermites that I had on these two plants in the greenhouse, and wanted to finish off in my new tent. Having never grown before and a tent being the best option for me, I thought I'd start with a Gorilla loft tent (needed the tapering to fit in my shed). Got a whole kit with 600W HPS and 125 Rhino Carbon filter/inline fan combo (see pics). Finished setting up the tent, moved the plants from my greenhouse inside, cranked on the light and left for 18 hours. Now what I believe has happened is that my light is too close to my plants, and has given them heat stress, however I can't move my light any further up, as the fan/filter sits above it. Any suggestions? I've turned my ballast down to 400W, which seems to keep the temp to about 30 degrees (still too high, but at 600W it was going up to 45 degrees in the day!). I would like to get some better airflow into the room, but can't feasibly do this. Disclaimer - this still isn't my grow, finishing off my mate's plants. My diary will begin when I have these plants out of the way and I can begin my own.
  3. Hi folks, Total noob with a noob question and would appreciate a little guidance. I had two seedlings in small 0.5 litre pots (in potting compost). To be honest, the little pots weren't even full (long story). Today is day 4 since the seedlings made it above soil and they seemed quite healthy and happy. I did notice however that the roots had begun to grow through the drainage holes at the bottom, and I panicked a little and repotted them to 5 litre pots. I had read somewhere that another grower repots once the roots grow out the bottom. I also thought it would be bad for the plants if the roots travelled out of the soil. Now that I have repotted though, I am thinking I have made another mistake. I had meant to use some material to put at the bottom of the 5 litre pots to cover the drainage holes, to stop this happening again. I intend to slowly introduce the guys to the great outdoors once the plant is a little bigger, but I think I would like the flexibility of being able to move the pots without worrying I am tearing roots from ground they may be on. Is there some way anyone can recommend for me to cover the drainage holes from the bottom of the pot? So as to keep the root system growing in the pot, and not trying to grow out the bottom? Preferably a DIY solution if possible. I was alarmed how quickly the roots of the little plant made it out of the 0.5 litre, and I have read that roots generally go straight for the drainage hole. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Hi all, Please bear with me as I want to pick your juicy brain. ALOT. I'm a first time grower and was hoping to pick your brains. ( I've posted already but since reconsidered my set up ) If I show you my shopping list please can let me know your thoughts. Whether it's something I've missed or dont have enough of, please let me know. 5 plant scrog grow. 1x tent ( 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.8 ) 1x 8 inch fan / carbon filter kit 1 x 600w light HPS (would I need 2) 1x ph tester 1x ec meter Coco nutriants A + B Perlite 1x 20 Litre Cana coco 2x 50 Litre 12 Litre fabric pots x 5 Bruce banner seeds x 5 Twin pack Rope ratchet x2 2x mini usb desk fans 5 pack of syringe Thermostat/humidity stat Timer plug Scrog net Ph up/down So I'm thinking of growing/scroging 5 plants. I hear bruce banners are good for scrogging. Let me know your thoughts/experiences. If you wouldnt mind answering a few questions also? It would be appreciated. 1. Lighting - 1x 600w hps sufficient for 5 scrog plants. To handle the limited light I was going to use the middle of the net so there is 5 plants in an X shape. So there lights have less of a canopy to light. 2. Lighting - If the answer is no and I would need two lights. Can you reduce the size of the pots or would you have to do less plants. Or is the answer simply a smaller tent. (I wanted a larger tent so I can increase number of plants I grow once I become competent) 3. Seedling - how much light do you give seedlings? I plan on using the paper towel method to germinate and was thinking of putting them straight into the 12 litre pots once the seeds are ready. Would you go to a smaller pot and then into the 12 litre? 4. Veg - How long would you veg for based on my plan? Time is no issue, I'd rather a better yield. 4. Scrog net - how high would position the net from the plant? 5. Light height - how high above the net would position the light? Growing bruce banner and I have 1.8 in height. Training plans Please let me know if I'm missing a step or going wrong. I was planning on topping them two or three times early in the veg stage. Whilst regularly trimming the bottom of the plant to increase the energy going to the top of the plant. Once they have grown about 6 inches above the scrog net, start to train them to grow out instead of up. I'm unsure on how long to veg them - any advice? And once I switch to the flowering stage I will add an additional net to support tops of the plant as they grow up. Do I need to do any trimming once I switch to flowering? Thank in advance for you help and please ask me anything you might need to know in order to help. Major flop.
  5. Hi all, First time grower and wanted to prick your brains! So I'll tell you my plans and if you can point in the right direction that would be great. So my set up is going to be in my concrete garage. It's going to be a diy set up made from a wooden frame and sheets of mdf. I was thinking of lining it with mylar. Size - height 1.7m, width 1.8m, depth 1.3m Lighting - From what I've read, the amount you yeild depends on what wattage lights you have. I read its 1 gram per watt. But there are other factors I believe. I was hoping to grow 6 beasty plants (scrog) under 2 600w hps lights. So if I've got 1200 watts (assuming the space is sufficient) over 6 plants that would be 200 grams per plant. 200 grams is 7 oz. I imagine this would be very optimistic so could I guess a conservative 5 oz per plant? I was thinking 6x 15Ltre pots. Is 1200 watts over 6 plants in a box that size ok? I'm also thinking of using coco? Not soil. And I'm not thinking if growing autos. Or are there too many benefits of autos to ignore. It's purely personal use so time is no issue. I'd rather wait and have a long veg time to increase yeild. As it's my first time I like the idea of a scrog grow as I dont fancy doing anything with too much room for error. What seeds do you reccomend? I'm up for trying anything. Would a carbon filter, around £100 be sufficient to get rid if the smell completely? This is my current shopping list 1x box (L=1.8m W1.3m H=1.7) Carbon filter/fan/ducting (4 inch) (£100) 2x clip fans (£20 each) 2x 600watt HPS lights (£70 each) Thero/humidity stat. 6x 15 litre pots 2x bags 50 litre Coco Do I need anything else. How long would you recommend for veg time? With the scrogg net, can you grow plants bigger and place the net higher up depending on how big they grow or is there a set height to grow before spreading the plant over the net? Thank I'm advance and sorry for.all the questions
  6. New to gorilla growing and have a growing scenario I'd like to sound out and hopefully get some advise on. 52' N. A reed bed which is the last in a sequence of 6 lagoons each filtering cattle shit with the run off flowing in to the next but has been lying dormant for 10 years now as concrete tanks are preferred for European regulation and is now overgrown with limited access in a it never existed style. Facing South. Currently a covering of reeds along with nettles scutch and a variety of native grasses on the surface of the lagoon. My plan is to clear an area of the surface and grow in tyres with a small amount of light soil on the surface. I have read that the canna indica plant thrives growing on filtration reed beds and am hoping that an autoflowering indica cannabis would too. Again am a noob so open to all or any advise. Is planting in a tyre with soil necessary? Is an autoflower the right call?
  7. Day 7

    From the album Purple punch auto

    That was a stressful week! Trying to stabilise temps/humidity while trying not to over/under feed, going In and out the tent like a mad man just starring and trying to think if I'm doing this right or what Still unsure if they look ok or to much on the dark side of green? Ahhh! Stop panicking it's just a weed!! Happy Halloween everyone
  8. Hi guys, I'm a complete noob - planted a couple of seeds outdoors and I'm wondering if you think I should chop now? I know there isn't much bud on each plant - I used organic nutes and this has been my first grow. Purple Haze (a little bit of nute burn from last week unfortunately {I think}) Orange kush To my inexperienced eye, I'd say chop the purple haze, leave the orange kush for longer but any input would be appreciated!
  9. Auto Outdoor Grow

    First time grower - I know, not much here but it was fun! Natural sunlight (what there was of it), organic nutes.
  10. Hi Guys I currently have a .5x.5x1m tent, which was my first purchase. Currently I have 8 young plants in 1L airpots in there, and have a 4"/100mm swiftair fan in there, with no baffling. Yes, you can hear it, sounds like a hairdryer, but tbh, the two integral fans on a 300w chinky led, are much louder. Once I close the door, you can hear it, but not loud enough to annoy anyone. But, currently putting together a 1mx1mx2m high tent, to transfer plants into. Obviously, I need a bigger fan for that, and the makers of the tent (Trojan, great value) recommend 6" RVK in summer, or 5" fan for not summer. As we rarely get any fkn summer, it's a debatable point. But, I like buying stuff (being disabled, it's the only pleasure I get) so have a swiftair temp fan controller. But as the plants won't suffer (I think) from having too much fresh air, and as I will be getting a hi/lo setting fan, what would you guys recommend for fan, I mean make of fan. I'm in this for the long haul so no point in buying something that will only last a year (plan on growing about 4 months a year to start, then I'll see what leccy costs are like.....switching to chinese cobs (youngsters seem to love them), so heat won't be a problem. In fact, I need heater now to keep temps between 22 - 25c even at this time of year. Climate change?? Also, should I get insulated ducting? I have current luxury of having a bedroom to use as grow room, and kindly friend (when I was in hospital) put up plastic shelves there and put all my grow stuff on the shelves.....thankfully left enough room for small tent, and big one! But he didn't have that in mind....God works in mysterious ways! So, just asking for 6" fan recommendation really. If you have any links to ebay or amazon, greatfully appreciated. Plus insulated ducting. Thank you!
  11. Hi, after a bit of advice My plants are 7cm tall 2 and a half week old and in 3 inch plastic pots Ive planted in Jonn Innes No 2 potting on compost with Vermiculite mixed in Should I be looking at Potting up? If so what size? and also what media? Thanks in advance
  12. From the album Tent set up

    Hi all, I'v germinated 6-7 seeds that look like they may well grow. First time I've attached extractor and zipped her up, sort of. The back hole needs cables running through, and tidied, and I'll take photos of the young girls tomorrow. They're in 1L air pots, which are an absolute pain to use - darn things dried out, and all the soil dropped through. But baby steps. I've replaced lost soil, so now they're finding their feet again. Anyway, thought I'd better put something up to show I'm actually "trying" to grow. I'll see what dawn brings. And give a rundown on what's in there......pretty much nothing apart from a 2ft tubular heater. Where is summertime? I remember back in the day, you'd get scorched if you spent a day outside in June. Now, more likely to get frostbite.....
  13. Hello again, We are a couple of weeks down the line and boy have we had some changes.... Just to give everyone the basics of my set up: X1 300W LED Light 1.2x1.2x1.2 Tent Tower Fan Co-Co perlite mix CANNA COCO A+B Nutrients PH feeds between 5.8-6 Ionizing humidifier electric dehumidifier 500ml 24Hr Cycle (No Switch off) Hand Fed Tap Water readings 6.5-7 PH with 297-350 ppm (Average) I have LST the plant, and only trimmed throughout her life.. To be honest she has been a pain, shown lots of signs of issues her whole life, diagnosed on last thread as a deficiency caused by cold roots. Now I have tried to address this problem by leaving a blanket on floor to help insulate until I can afford Heat Matts. It's not a 'fix' as such but at least i know about it now... 22-24'C Average Temp readings 48-60% Humidity Readings On todays inspection tri-combs seem to look see through still, I've been told to look out for milky ones, with a 1/3 being amber for a harvest.... 61 days told today! How long left?? Big question and can I do anything different to increase yields and achieve a better grow overall... Thanks
  14. my noob scrog

    Scrog pic 4
  15. Evening all, started my first 3 seeds 28th of July with 12 in water until sunk and another 12 under water, I then put them in paper towel and wet them and left them for 24hours. 31st I out them in root riot cubes and they died. My downfall was watering them every day also leaving them (during the heatwave) outside which i've learnt will drown them with the moisture. See pic off one of the sprouts that came up and dropped Ordered a second batch after I thought I learnt and planted 11th Aug 3 hours until they sank and removed so they didn't drown and put in paper towel. Small taproots started to grow by the 13th so I then out them again into root riot cubes but this time in a airing cupboard between 21-28 degree mainly at 26 with no watering or light By the 19th I had nothing and as I planted them with the cube cut open I had a look to find the taproot hadn't changed from the 13th On the 19th I just put them in coco soil as when I squeezed the cubes I found a lot of water coming out as when I when I stared them I sealed them up to prevent them from drying up So are my seeds dead? Can germination process pause? Please read uk420 guidelines.
  16. I have quite a few photos out in the wild and none have started flowering, i'm wondering if I have chosen the wrong strains and should have got Panik genetics for early flowering?? strains; Purple envy (freebie) Psychotropic (freebie) Humboldts seeds Black D.O.G (freebie) Mama Mia (freebie) Chemdogging by mephisto (thought it was an auto but still hasnt flowered) Money Maker by strainhunters Also is there any way to force flower without being there every night to make it dark? and are they fucked now in the sense they are just going to rot when they finally do flower?
  17. Hi all, I've got an auto thats 5 days old and now I've seen the progress it's made I'm wishing I'd put another in, is it too late ? By the time it's sprouted and broken soil I'm guessing it will be about 10 days behind the other. Would it cause the younger plant to flower prematurely? .... Also would it be beneficial at all in a 60 x 60cm space, or would training and concentrating on the one present more yield?
  18. Hello all and thanks for to admin for approving me. Excited to join the community after spending many hours reading up on several topics. I'm looking to start my first (small and low budget) grow and although as stated I have done quite a bit of research I'm getting some mixed information so would appreciate if anybody could point me in the right direction on a few things. I intend to grow only two plants to begin with, most likely some autoflower NL or Jack Herrer as I've read that these are short, easy to grow and less difficult to keep on top of smell wise than say Blue Cheese or White Widow. TENT Firstly, I have a tent 80cm x 80cm x 160cm that cost me next to nothing from Amazon. It has a couple of pinhole (and I mean a hairs breadth) that are sometimes visible through the zip - will this have any negative effect? This may sound silly, but I've stood inside it zipped up and I can't see jack, so I'm guessing it's nothing to worry about? LIGHTING I impulsively bought 2 £30 no-brand "216w Dual Spectrum LED UFO Grow lights" to go with it. I saw on Youtube that the actual draw of these lights is 65w but they apparently emit the same amount of light as a 216w HPS. The description is as follows - LIGHT SOURCE: 72 pieces of 3W LEDs, high lumens of 21,600LM, high power Par Value ensured, it is environmentally friendly. BLUE LIGHT: contributing to plant photosynthesis, promoting growth, protein synthesis and fruit development. RED LIGHT: promoting rhizome growth, blossoming and bearing fruit, extending flowering phase and increasing output. FULL SPECTRUM: wavelength of 410nm-730nm, white and warm white, providing natural light for various plants in different growth period. GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION: built in a cooling fan ensures great heat dissipation and long lifespan of 50,000 hours. After further research on these cheap no name LEDs I have come to the conclusion that this description is most likely bullshit. I stuck a couple of Komodo Dragon chilli seedlings in the tent a fortnight ago, to give the lights a test run and also to see if I could control temperature and humidity with the basic equipment I have. The fan in one of them is already bust and I'm going to return it. I don't hold much faith for the lifespan of the other one either and still have 20 days to return them both for a refund or replacement. Would I be best to get a refund, steer clear of these shitters and go with a CFL, perhaps a 300w as this would give me approx 50w per square foot? VENTILATION This is what I'm really struggling with . The tent is in a bedroom, which I spend most of my time (I live alone in a large upstairs flat and its cheaper for me to heat one room in the winter) and from what I've read, for me to effectively run exhausts and intakes outside would mean I'd need ridiculous lengths of ducting and stupidly high powered fans all over my place or start knocking holes in ceilings (which is a no). Is it okay to run intake and exhaust into a small tent from within one room? My tent is 35 cubic feet. I have a small duct booster that I intended to use for intake that is rated at 103/cfm. It's nice and quiet, low powered and didn't cost much. I'm looking to purchase an extractor and have found this formula on google to work out my needs - "To calculate multiply length x width x height of growing area e.g. A room that is 8' x 8' x 8' will have a volume of 512 cubic feet. Your extraction fan should be able to adequately exchange the air in an indoor garden once every three minutes. Therefore, 512 cubic feet / 3 minutes = 171 CFM." By this theory I'd only need a fan with a rating of 11cfm which can't be right can it? After using another calculator on a Hydroponics store website they advised me that I would need a 200cfm fan with a 300mm carbon filter. Does this sound more realistic? Also I've read that the restrictive effect of the filter will deduct 20% from the CFM rating of the fan which would only give me 160cfm, which I'm guessing won't be enough with my 103cfm intake to maintain negative pressure. This shit is baffling me. Would I be better to buy a 200cfm extractor and filter, open up all the vents for a passive intake? Would that mean I'd have to run the extractor fan non stop night and day, or would I have to do that anyway? I'm guessing so if I need to maintain negative pressure. Carbon filters - After much reading I pretty much get the jist that Phresh, Can etc are the dogs bollocks and the cheap £20ers are not worth a wank, even that the Rhino Pro's arent 100% in odor control. I've learned from my experience with the lights that there is a lot of shit out there and skimping can be a false economy but my budget is seriously tight. Can anybody tell me from experience if some of the cheaper but branded filters like OX, RAM, Rhino hobby, Swiftair etc actually do the job (even for 6 months) of removing the odor. Like I've said I'm not talking about a warehouse full of prize winning Cheese here, just two plants. I also know there is the DIY option, I'm pretty handy but I would be pretty pissed off if I spent the time and effort making something that is no better than a £30 jobby I could have ordered from the bay. I've found a site selling Rhino Pro's starting at £35 so I'm edging towards this, but the skimper in me says to try a cheap nasty £45 full kit with a fan from ebay. After all they've sold over 1500 with mostly positive feedback. Thanks in advance to anybody that reads this and can give me any tips, hope I've not put you to sleep. BN
  19. Hey guys, so my seedling are at day 7 under t5 light in 1.2m grow tent. At which point should I turn the extraction fan on? Should I have done this as soon as they go in the tent or when in veg cycle? Just turned that fan on today and temps are stable but dropped 10% humidity to 68% advice much appreciated! Thanks
  20. Hey guys, i got a t5 flourecent tube for propagation but I can't seem to work out how I can hang this? The manufacturers instructions state you cab leave the light on top of the propogator lid because it's only 26w. Was worried that this might be a fire risk though. The only other thing I have is ratchet straps. Also wondering what is the best light schedule for seedlings? Help would be appreciated, thanks :-)
  21. Hey I just got this and I want to know if 2 of them will help me keep my plants on veg state ? I live in Ecuador and my plan is to keep the plant outside for 12 hours of direct sun and then give them 6 hours of light with this leds, what do you guys think? cheers
  22. So... First time ever doing a post in any forum about anything ever! I've put this in the 'New members' bit as although I've been registered on this site for two or three years, I've not been active at all, threw some pictures up of a bit of gardening I did back then but that's it! Had a bit of a hiatus from the devils lettuce due to a change of job and the man being the pri... wan.... ars... being the way that he is. Recently started 'gardening' again due to well, I'll be honest, I missed my own product! So I've always leaned more towards hydro, clay pebbles, I tried soil, really wasn't my thing, yeah more forgiving but, I started on hydro so learned quickly, soil need so much more attention and I'm not always around, main reason I don't have a pet! First time I've ever experienced anything like this though... Mould on the clay pebbles around where the drippers enter, Algae yeah fair enough, I'm not stranger to a bit of the green stuff, should have started using covers by now but hey, I'm not the sharpest knife in the draw! Now at this point I think I should mention that I tend to recycle my clay pebbles. I've never been a fan of using 'bleach' or H202 - call it what you will, sounds like the same thing to me! I've just given the clay a good rinsing out in the shower (and obviously all the equipment) and like I say, never had any issues with mould before. Had a bit of budrot once due to an over crowded grow room, 32oz harvest dry out of a 1.2 meter tent scrog. This time though, due to rushing, I was a bit lax on the rinse and a bit of old root was left in the pebbles. Me being me assumed "meh it can't be that bad, probably just add to nute content, i'll just stick some cannazym/multizyme/'whatever I can get my hands on to the same effect' in there and it'll all be good. Completely forgot to do that sooo... yeah here I am with mould forming on the wet clay... however, at this stage (around 3 weeks into potting) after 2 to 3 weeks of being rooted in soil plugs then 4.5inch rockwool cubes, having been taken from a mother that is now around 4 weeks into flower, they look relatively healthy bar the clear signs of genetic issues (leaf mutation) What I'm trying to say (forgive me, it's late and I work hard in a shit job 8 hours a day 5 days a week) is, HOW can I save these and get rid of this mould? It's definitely mould not salt deposits, I'm hoping the pictures I've taken are clear enough about that! I did ask a VERY patient member in the chat room when I first logged in for the first time in several years, and they were VERY helpful! Not gonna name names as they may not wish to be mentioned, I dunno, but yeah just throwing it out there for everyone else. This person has given me a good start which I shall be getting on with tomorrow! Just wondering if anyone has anything to add to the pot? Haa hahha haha "pot" haha First ever post so please be kind, or don't, I'm a grown up, I can take it!
  23. Hi all, Total noob here to uk420 and autoflower grow. (Have done a couple of photo grows years ago but nothing to serious). I have a couple of questions I hope uk420 members could help me with? Firstly I will tell you my set up, Soil grow,led lights,grow tent,hand watering,autoflowers. Kitbag shop 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m grow tent in spare bedroom. 900w VIPARSPECTRA LED dual spectrum light. Pro rhino 5inch thermostatic/speed control fan with pro rhino carbon filter. No intake fan purchased as of yet. 15 Litre pots with bio-bizz all mix(with added extra perlite). Digital ph meter with vitalink ph down and ph up easy,7inch clip on fan,temp/humidity meter,pipelets,measuring spoons,30Litre water butt. Nutrients purchased so far,Advanced Nutrients voodoo juice,plant magic Bio-silicon,plant magic Evolution spray. 1,which brand/flower would you attempt for first grow(including a scrog),Bomb seed banks-thc the bomb or dinafem-cheese XXL.?? 2,how many of these brands/flowers would most of you attempt in my space with a scrog?(I was thinking 3 max but most likely 2 being I am a noob? 3.nutients for veg/bloom,I am only planning on useing quarter of recommended doeses on first grow. Also I have not set tent up yet so any further advise/recommendations/guidance will be massively appreciated. Thanks
  24. Hi, Could you recommend a size fan/filter for a 1.2m x1.2m x 2m grow tent indoors in spear bedroom with 1 VIPARSPECTRA 900W LED light in tent? Soil grow,hand watering,autoflower,easy access to tent at all times. Was thinking maybe 5" would do it as LED light is half the heat of conventional grow lighting? Was also looking at purchasing the 600mm carbon filter but don't want to jeopardise noise? Noise and odours are unwanted so your recommendations/guidance would be greatly appreciated👍 Thank you
  25. Hey all. Just a quick post out of boredom really. (work sucks so may as well talk about Mary Jane...) I'm currently on my first grow. using coco and growing Warlock in air pots under 600w hps with a scrog. Now ive spent the last week researching hydroponics and came across something about modified water farms. These seem to be really popular over in the US and i wondered if there was anyone on the forum that regularly uses this method who could just have a chat about his/her experiences? I've been looking at some grows with this set up that create absolute monsters. I mean these people are getting 10/16oz off one plant with only 4/5 weeks veg consistently. The way i look at it is if i can grow one plant and crop a years supply of weed then that is the way forward! So who's tried this? all its cracked up to be? And more random but any recommendations on what strain to go for? I want something that will yield well but doesnt compromise on potency. I really like a cerebral high but i love a bit of couch lock as well so all recommendations are welcome. preferably indica dominant though cuz i dont think i have the patience for the long ass sativa flowering times . Anyway over to you, spark a joint and come join me in a chat about a first foray into the intimidating world of hydroponics. Redeye