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Found 6 results

  1. Im growing in a soil based mix in large breathable fabric pots in a poly tunnel outdoors. The plants are growing fine but I'm struggling with the water consumption. 2 of the pots are already filled pretty much to the top so I will only mulch them a couple of inches. The other pot was only ever roughly half filled. I would like to be able to give this a much deeper mulch closer to 6". Im worried that burying the main stem by 6" may cause problems, will it root in to the medium or would it cause rot in the stem? There is lots of airflow around the base of the plant and it has a very healthy thick stem. Any ideas or help would be great.
  2. living coco euforia auto

    From the album Passionate dutch girls

    © bluntz27

  3. Bit of a sciency question here. I'd like to make use of my canna leaves as a mulch for my next grow, and possibly some fragments of twigs and other leaves from the garden. What concerns me is inviting unwelcome pathogens along for the ride. My current grow has suffered a quick Pythium attack (which was steralised using H202) and I'm not sure what I'd be bringing in from the garden plants. I had the idea of gathering all the mulch material I'd require and giving it a good soak in an H202 solution and then letting it dry out completely prior to applying it as a mulch but I'm no scientist, therefore do not know if this is a safe practice, whether it will totally kill of harmful bacteria and if it will be of any use at all as a mulch once sterilised. If anyone can has any better ideas for mulches that cost very little (preferably free) then I'd love to hear about them. This will be an indoor grow using living soil.
  4. Mulch is recommended but am not clear on what would be best medium to get. I have clay pebbles but am not sure whether these are good for mulch. I fancied using pumice but at £17 for just over a litre that's crazy expensive. What are you using to top your pots? Outdoor grow naturally. cheers
  5. Hi All. This is my first grow and first post. I've been loving what I've been reading so far, there is clearly a massive amount of time, love and expertise all over this forum. I've currently got 4 plants on the go in NW Scotland, 3 mexican sativa's and 1 auto dwarf. I started them all under the clear panels of my barn during the very warm late spring we had and carefully potted up as the roots poked out the bottom. I'll admit that I put the horse in front of the cart when I ordered seeds on a whim. I really should have read more about what strains suit Scotland best but I'm here now, so may as well persevere and gain some experience. I moved one sativa outside in a builders bucket filled with compost, soil and perlite around 2 weeks ago and kept the others inside. The guy I moved outside has grown much slower (understandable given he's colder, wetter and had to get used to new soil mix) but he's catching up The other guys that have been indoor are much lankier and large of leaf and look great! I want to get these guys outside pretty soon. I guess I have a few focused questions for anyone that has perhaps sailed these particular waters before! The outside area I'm growing is awash with bracken, willow and all manner of weeds so it's pot growth for sure. Will the pots in the above picture be big enough or should I risk potting up these fairly big fellows into a builders bucket? Should they be staked to protect against wind? It's obvioiusly fairly wet in bonny Scotland. If overwatering of the soil can be a bad thing, is is worth putting some cardboard on the soil to act as a mulch but also to deflect the water? I can then water when needed? When the plant itself is rained on, is this a bad thing or just the soil getting soaked? These are already quite leggy, should I be pruning the top middle shoots from now? Thanks in advance! Tallestman