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Found 22 results

  1. micro grow

    Hello folks. I have been growing in a small cabinet for nearly a year now (85h x 70w x 60d - centimetres, not inches). LED lighting, growing in soil. Exclusively autoflowering strains to this point, mainly because they don't grow so tall and are slightly less complicated to bring to harvest. I have some feminised seeds from photoperiod strains, a couple of freebies and also some subbie seeds. I was thinking about trying to grow one later in the year. Given the lack of headroom in my cabinet (after taking into account the lights) I'll need some way of keeping the plant short, and I'll have to think about which strain might be best suited. Was mulling the option of doing a scrog grow, to try and keep the canopy low and away from the lights. I've done a bit of reading on the topic, but most spaces I see using this technique have a bit more headroom. So my question is really whether this is feasible in such a squat space? I mean I've seen pics of scrog grows in PC cases, but the plants were really tiny. I've got a bit more space than that (about 0.7 square metres) but not much more height. Also I suppose any tips about pot size, strain choice, etc. I read that for scrog with a single plant it's good to use a fairly big pot, say 20 or 30 litres. However I wonder if using a smaller pot will help to keep the plant stretch more manageable? My freebie seeds are Peyote Critical and Green Crack. I'll probably try one of these first, as they're single seed packs so no risk of others in the packet going off once opened. From what I've read elsewhere, Green Crack seems more difficult to train as it grows very tall. Maybe Peyote Critical might be a more appropriate choice for this space?
  2. Morning glorious People. After a couple of requests the refrigerator of stealth is here... please feel free to critique or comment on this thread, interestingly it would be an awesome rolling thread If other members growing in refrigerators could add content along the way. Unless I’m totally alone on this one.. After much consideration on how best to hide a grow box in plain sight and looking at different designs and ideas, I decided it was best for me not to hide one. I’m settled on the conclusion that it would be less stressful and easier to access if I didn’t need to hide things or take time accessing locked rooms. I would need to be sufficiently able to produce enough medical marijuana from my personal consumption. That’s the ideal. Very Low cost set up was important along with low cost to run the setup once up and running.
  3. Hi, here is a micro grow I finished up last month, A wonderful (Northern Lights) auto by Female Seeds. This grow ran around 10 weeks and finished flowing under 70watts, vegging around 30watts. The plant could of done with a couple of extra weeks as the buzz was not as heavy an Indica that I desire.
  4. Right well I’m just putting some final touches onto my little grow cupboard which will reside under a fish tank eventually. As you can Probally tell by the name I’ve not got a lot of space to work with, the cupboard is only LxWxH 54cm x 54cm x 50cm, so I’ve got myself a lumatek Attis 200w in there currently and I’m using a 6” Ruck ec fan controlled with a pwm speed controller at the minute, need to get a temp controlled on ideally but I’ve had the cupboard running and can maintain the temps quite consistently so may just see how I go. so I’m currently waiting on a seedling heat mat to arrive and then I can get that installed and get a seed popped. bear with me just working out about pics at the minute.
  5. Micro Group .jpeg

    From the album micro grown

    2021 Micro grow, Northern Lights.

    © Me

  6. I've been doing a fair bit of reading on lighting for cannabis, as I was concerned my plants were not getting sufficient light. There are a lot of resources out there, but most are dealing with photoperiod plants, very few cater to autoflowering varieties, which are not flipped but stay on 18/6, 20/4 or even 24/0 throughout. Also most information assumes a tent like setup of at least 4 sq. feet, with lights hung between 18 and 36 inches away from the canopy. I'm growing in a small cabinet, the floor area is approximately 3 sq. feet (0.28 sq. metres), and the distance from the top of the pots to the lights is only around 22 inches (55 to 56cm approx.). As a result I'm finding it tricky to estimate what the optimum PPFD for my plants should be. I've been using an Android app to take measurements, but depending upon which LED profile preset I use, I get different results. So I'm still not clear if I have the right light intensity for my small space. If anyone with more knowledge could advise, that would really help. Some data below. --- Autoflower plants, currently entering week 3 of flower. 20/4 light schedule. Main lights: 2 x 60w LED panels, "blurple" (percentage is 74/26 red/blue) with smaller numbers of white, orange, UV and IR LEDs also. PPFD readings at the canopy are 570 umol/s/m2 using the red/blue preset, 286 umol/s/m2 using red/blue/white preset. Lux reading is 5600 approx. at the canopy. Side lights: 2 x 18w daylight 6500K LED wall panels, with 36 white LEDs each. PPFD readings at the nearest plant are around 56 umol/s/m2 using Low CRI LED 6500K preset. They are rated at 1500 lumens each, and the lux readings are roughly in line with this close to the lights. Total wattage at the wall is 156w, which gives a an estimate of 52w per sq. foot, or 557w per square metre. As I'm using side lighting there might be some variation there. ---
  7. Hi guys.Im newbie here and im planing to grow in a pc case.Generally indicas are short and easy to grow for beginners.I learned bunch of things like lumens,cool air and etc.My case is about to 48cm height and i'll use 7cm pot with 6 liter soil.These are the items that i'll use in my grow box. 3*50W full spectrum cob led (with fans and alluminum block leds have to stay cool) 10 liter of biobizz light mix soil 48cm height pc case 2*120mm good fan with good rpm(one will be exhaust fan with active carbon filter the other one will inhale fresh air from outside) 1*white widow auto or something that mostly indica and dwarf And im gonna cover inside of the case with alluminum car sun visor. I checked real statistics of leds.They are real 50W. 1*120mm fan for the leaves can feel the wind At the growing stage i'll use biobizz nutrients like bio bloom-grow and all mix. Do you think is there any problem about my system?50W led can produce 80lm/watt and 3*50W can produce 12K lumens.I searched for the lumen thing and i saw for the 1 plant it has to be 10K lumens minimum.Do i have to change something or system will be ok with 1 plant? Btw i'll use 18/6 at veg stage,12/12 at flowering stage.And i'll try to use low stress techniques for control my yield in case. Is that all?Do you guys wanna help for the better result? If this system will success this topic can be the best for people who wanna grow in a pc case.So please dont hesitate to fix something if its wrong on this setup.
  8. Pot noodle bubblicious birds eye

    From the album Summer 2019

  9. Pot noodle bubblicious

    From the album Summer 2019

  10. iMac G4 stealth grow inside

    From the album Summer 2019

  11. Stealth iMac front

    From the album Summer 2019

  12. iMac G4 micro grow box

    From the album Summer 2019

  13. Bubblicious cutting

    From the album Summer 2019

  14. Pot noodle prep

    From the album Summer 2019

  15. Pot noodle drainage

    From the album Summer 2019

  16. From the album plants

    bottom left kripple shock, top left crtical haze, top right sleestack, bottom right g13/haze (runty) and a young/small amnesia.
  17. So the pixie tents gunna be 60x 60x140, well 60x50x140 when I've shortened it a bit to fit the space I got, and will be using 300 wattx 5 watt diode led, not a 3 bar fire in there. I bin speakin to other micro joes on this site and they say that a 4" make too much noise. Last 1x1m grow I did I used a 4" on half power most the time,but it did have fresh air intake where as this time I will have bedroom air for intake prob using a pc fan to encourage air flow It seems to me folk maybe goin for overkill on this site, that said noise is an issue this time round so it's goin in the attic. My thoughts at the mo are 5" on half power or less gotta be better un running a 4" at full pelt eh, or maybe even a 4" on .75 power it aint like I'm extracting the gladsto dance tent, thorts please folks.