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Found 3 results

  1. Bought a new Zeus 465w Pro LED and though why not add some co2 to make use of that extra light so purchased a new RAM co2 controller. Currently growing in a 1x2x2 tent, the zeus is one side and I have a 400w metal halide the other. Im finding if i seal the tent then my temps will rise to as far as I've let them so far.... 34.8 degrees. I'm running around 1500ppm co2 atm. Very new to co2. So I've tinkered and rigged up my extractor to my inkbird 308 dual heat/cooling controller and set the temp at 32 with cooling difference at 2 degrees so as it hits 34, it will reduce down to 32. What I'm conscious of though is all the co2 im extracting out and then having to replenish.Currently my 5 inch hood is an aircooled with the glass removed and no cooling. I have thought about rigging up the air cooling to remove some of the excess heat. Most of the heat is being generated by my dehumidifier as in a sealed tent, I'm trying to keep my humidity around 55 atm. Any ideas and advice Im welcome... Here are some pics of my setup currently. I shall probably rig up the glass and a 5" inline to the hood to extract some of the lamp heat and see where that puts me. I'd rather keep the tent sealed and not extract if I have to. Scared if I leave it over night without any extraction what the temps will hit!!???!!
  2. First time growing like this, here is my setup then questions: White widow fem week three of flower Spiderfarmer sf-4000 at the right heights Just plain coco 25 liter pot 1x1x2 tent stable temps 27 ish and humidity but over the last three days the humidity did get up-to 78% but it's under control now coco a&b nutrifield and half of their pk heavy they advise calmag 1ml for every liter ph is good Currently 9 liters 20% run off So these are my four newbie questions: Are these pistils? What do they do? or do they just let you know the sex? Should these be turning brown already? in the start of week three? Are these to white? Is this bleaching or is it normal? To early to tell? Is there such a thing as to many buds? Should I feed them more? I think I'm pretty much on the limit the leaf tips have always had that little speck of yellow on them. (Ignore the red arrows on this one.) I think I have gone just a little over the top with the trim. Is there any other advice? Things I should look into? Look at? I would have liked a more even canopy but it's my first time. I'll have a better, more rigid screen next time. Stay safe.
  3. Just. Brought this light but does not come with much information of what brightness i start the seeds on i can have mono red light mono blue light of red and blue light together and starts from 20% brightness to 100% but I do not know what brightness to start with or when to change it any help appreciated