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Found 18 results

  1. Alrighty guys, I'm just writing about a potential concern with the Ice Cool strain. I hope that it's just genetic but i was looking through my tent and i noticed that a lot of the pistils on one of the Ice Cool's had turned brown. In no way am i trying to discredit the strain or anything I'm just wondering if some of the seeds can brown up a bit early? I've looked for nut sacks but cant find any. Ill have another look but not sure. If anyone has experienced this then id love to hear about it. Cheers
  2. So here we go again a big thanks to sweet seeds for holding this amazing comp and and a massive thanks to tommy and jay for being such great hosts! the time is flying so I thought I better get started before it’s to late! at least posting will make me get my sausage finger out my ass and get things rolling Il be growing cream mandarine, ice cool,gorilla girl grown mandarine and ice cool before but gg a new one on me I’m sure she’ll be lush like every other sweet strain I’ve grown I’m in the usual dirty old cupboard under a 400 hps. good luck to everybody will try and get through some diary’s that are already running just been so busy I’ve already won anyway so not to bothered about your lots content
  3. OK I'm going to kick it off with my ice cool..... then i'll bring the guerilla girl into shot...... bigfoot loving life......started at diff time......the big ones are 2 wks older.... ... all up n running here guys.....
  4. In the night garden... Welcome to the night garden my fellow tokers of this most wonderfull herb and first off before any ado, the acknowledgments and my gratitude extends to Sweet Seeds for not only running this fantastically awsome compo but for putting up the beans for us peeps to run in it too! A given it is also that my thanks are also reach out to Sweet Seeds Tommy and Jaypp for their input to these boards, setting up this competition and their work and efforts in assisting peeps get the most from their Sweet Seeds plants Some folks may have followed my diaries before and some will be new, but first up I like to keep a tidy affair around the place (so wipe your feet when you come in), it's an open house and all are welcome but I ask that folks move up and let peeps share the bean bags if it gets busy (hope so ) and I'm sorry the jars are a bit non existent at the moment, however they will be getting topped up soon ...in the meantime there's water in the kettle, biscuits in the tins and you're welcome to help yourselves, good to have you in here The Plan & Equipment Well the plan is as always with my grows, (it goes outta window, when things change ) 1) 0.5 L Starter Pots - Start life under CFL (4500K 75W) for the first 14 days in my little starter cloner box. 2) Pot up into 2 L and place in the new vegging cabinet (to be constructed) under my CFL reflector I DIY'd with total 200W mixed spectrum CFL's (4500K & 2700K), and veg until phase 3 3) Pot up into 5 L pots and veg out for a further 14 days, introduce training etc (this all depends oin the structure of the plants and I will determine when the time comes as to what methods etc) 4) Transfer to the bloom cab and put under 250W Metal Halide (Sunmaster Cool Deluxe) for 21 days and stretch period. 5) After 21 days, switch the lamp over to Sodium (Sylvania Grolux) and run at 400W 6) 10 days before the harvest switch back to the halide to up the trichomes' psychoactivity. In the beginning So today is pre germination day and earlier on I filled the 0.5L starters with Westland MP compost, settled it in with a liquid seaweed solution at 2ml/L, used my dibber for the holes, place some RHS Rootgrow Miccos in the holes, placed the seed in said holes, covered them up and put them all into the propagtor with the lid on and put under a CFL in my starter box to keep them warm in order to germinate. Initially I had thought about running two diaries in order to run all 9 beans (the night garden is only capable of running 6 in my 5 L finals) however I've decided that it's best to keep all three in the one diary so I'll only be running 2 of each in here, I know this will hinder my chances of winning prizes but well I think it's better all done in the one diary as it keeps it all tigether and tidy Today's photo show then and not much, just the beans and packaging and the newly planted starters. And so that's it for today folks, when the beans are up, I'll update accordingly and thanks for watching
  5. Whats happening dudes and dudettes, Quick question, I've got a Jack-47 and Ice Cool by Sweet Seeds and PAK by Dinafem in a very small and restricted space/tent. I'm 2nd day into flower and the plants have stretched more than any other grow i've had so far, all looking VERY healthy as in too healthy never had them look this good, but now they are taking over all the headspace.. Is there anything I can do 2/3 days / week into flower to stop the stretch even more? I have already got an MH in there and will keep it as MH for 3 weeks before switching to HPS and I'm planning on feeding 2 weeks of grow nutes before moving on to bloom ( Using oldtimer ). I really don't want to fuck this up as the Jack-47 is from the 2012 seed batch (Same batch that I got to try my first ever Jack47 out of and last seed) and the plants are looking absolutely super so I don't want to lose fuck all.. I'm doing all i can with LST and trying to pull them about, but is there any other tips you lot can help me with? Hope everyone's been well
  6. ok folks stand back make way for mr billy big bollocks and his book of billy bullshit ..now then lets get a few things out of the way from the off ,ive seen the quality of the other competition entrants ,coys ,sweets4my sweets ,blackpool bouncer yes ive seen them ..you perfectionists you ..and i have to say this diary is in no way in competition with you guys ...theres no way your going to be able to yield as much as me ,itll never happen im a kilo per branch minimum kinda guy ..and im prepared to use every tactic known to jorge cervantes to try and get that yield down into the region you guys will be at ,otherwise it just wouldnt be fair would it ..ive also decided to nip in a bit earlier than hip hip ..simply cos he got a much nicer camera and a steadier hand ..right next thing ..i fully expect a one star rating from a couple of people ..fire away when ready chaps .. thirdly but mainly ...sweet seeds ...you guys fuckin rock ..cant believe how many seeds over the years you guys have offered up for us grower folk ,top work fellas and its an honour to do another grow competition ..just remember im no good at flying and i dont have a passport so dont worry bout first prize ..nice ,cheers .. ok the pleasantries have been dispensed with ..now let me explain the title of the diary that is about to commence ... i dont have space ,but i have a plan and this plan will unfold in unusual ways .. first up the grow will be in three waves ,each wave different in some way the first wave will be one seed of ice cool auto ,one of cream caramel and one of cream mandarine they will be grown at first in 4inch mesh pots with wicks using miracle grow enriched coco ..fire away if you want to bitch about miracle grow but i wont listen ive made me mind up on this ,being as its enriched with enough food for 6 months all ill have to do is add a little bloom when required ,i dont plan on using cal/mg or anything else ..just the coco and growers ark bloom .. they are started in a flooded small tiny tiny tent with a 34watt cfl in ,the first wave once at the required size will then be repotted into 3litre pots with wicks and placed under 12/12 in the main tent ,the reason for 12/12 cos theres other stuff flowering in there , the second wave will then be started using the same mesh pots and repeat for a third ,thus ensuring a staggered harvest and hopefully the simplest and easiest grow diary in the competition ,which then allows me more time to take photos and practise new voodooo ..so for now game on chaps ..game on ...fuckwittery fully allowed as always .. if i have to show testicle i will be warned . [/url] [/url] [/url] current thumb temperature is residing at [/url] up to temp and were off chaps .
  7. Thank you Sweet Seeds for giving me the opportunity to enter this superb competition and a chance to win some wicked prizes. I have chosen to grow two Ice Cool, two Cream Caramel and two Cream 47. I hope I can fully do them justice. This is not my first grow but it is my first diary on UK420...and this is the first time using Growers Ark nutrients, so I am interested to see how they work out using them. I am using Canna pro+ coco. Growers Ark nutrients will be Root Tonic, A+B Grow, A+B Bloom and maybe Universal Traces if needed. The seeds have been placed lovingly with the up most care and diligence in pre-soaked coco @ ph 6 the water used was tepid with no feed added. For now they are in a DR 60 under a 200 w Cfl in a heated prop without the lid to keep them warm. When they have vegged and are ready they will be in a 2m square tent, lit by a Gavita 750, which I may get the wide reflector for. I will also add 2 x 315 w ceramic lights I am not sure which type I will be getting. Extraction at the moment is a 6" RVK matched to 6" Mountain Air filter this fan is controlled by a 5 step Variac. I will be up-grading to the Stealth Hyper fan when I flip as I would rather have too much extraction than just enough. Anyway enough of the chat and lets get on with the show.... Growers Ark Nutrients . The seeds chosen . Plant 1 Ice Cool. Plant 2 Ice Cool. Plant 2 Ice Cool. Plant 1 Cream Caramel. Plant 2 Cream Caramel. Plant 1 Cream 47. Plant 2 Cream 47. Just watch out for the Elephant's, i hear they like good quality Cannabis .
  8. here is my entry for the sweet seeds 2016 / 2017 growing competition.. grow style ..... tent in the attic , tent is hydrolabs GL150 grow medium ... erins multi purpose compost nutes ..... bio bizz fix mix , bio bizz bloom , pm root stim light / electrics .... 1 meter parabolic shade , 600w dual spectrum sunmaster bulb , maxibright digi ballast , 6" can fan L1 , 6" rhino pro carbon filter , 2 x 80 w tube heaters , 1 x 600 w bambino oil filled rad , lots of extension cables , soft start system , STR fan controller.. etc etc 6 seeds hit the damp compost 9 january.. all 6 popped within 5 days.. they lived in the germination until 21 january. now they live in the warm tent :).. light is on 24 hours a day.. they will be going into final pots in a few days.. thank you for reading .. more to come very soon
  9. P1010789.JPG

    From the album 2017

  10. IC.png

    From the album Chaos theory

    Icy chilling in the tent
  11. Well here we go I've received a DHL Parcel this morning with the Sweet Seeds hardware Paper work included with zero cost how can this be this is truely awesome on it's own without all the other things that go along with a Comp of this magnitude As we can see I've opted for Jack 47 Black Jack and also Ice Cool but I'm hoping I've not made a slight rookie error not opting for the F versions being as I'm a late'ish entry but on the plus side I ran Jack 47 the last time I was able to grow a couple of years ago and she was a beauty and a pleasure to grow and smoke. A quick run down of the plan ahead... I'll be growing in Canna Coco hand watered. I might chuck a Mother tent together to Veg these ladies as my first big tent has some Ladies in final pots which are rooted out and itching to be flipped. I intend to Germ all 9 of these Seed Seeds offerings asap in straight Coco which I might precharge with a bit of this and that. So untill the next update and the point of no going back I wish everyone in this bad ass Comp all the good fortune possible and major props to the Sweet Seeds crew!! PS.. Hopefully I don't make a right hash of this on my post's as i'm getting familiar with the whole Diary concept but do know my way round a PC and my phone which will be used for all picture taking. Any pointers will be gratefully accepted.
  12. 2011/2012 ice cool joining the party late. all will be grown under hps and in soil with just water and bloom. select ice cool as i done it in the past and really enjoy her. also had a lot of seeds from sweet seeds so i just crack the lot. no messing about ... strait in nice warm and moist compost and a lot of them were out of the ground in less than 72h. but there is a few missing which i will give time as some off them seeds are more than 4yo. double white and a sweet cheese both single seeds. a no show so far sweet skunk auto sweet special auto sweet cheese auto photo of the day
  13. day 74

    From the album sweetest moment

  14. I thought I'd start a diary for these sweet Sweet Seeds. I've just started a few seeds for now, I might start some more later on but I need to make sure I don't run out of my very limited space. Here they all are - Wild Rosie Ice Cool Princess SADs1 Sharon SADs1 Samantha The plan is there is no plan , I'm going to grow them, chop them , dry them and then smoke them and eat them. At the moment they're under a 2ft 4 bar T5 in potting and seedling compost, I have some fishmix, some ot grow and bloom, some micro-fungi stuff and some seaweed. When it's time they'll go under some kind of HID setup. That's about it for now, keep it sweet.
  15. So I've decided to keep my automatics in my veg tent secret jardin DR60 with an evader 170w (drawn) LED. My flower tent is to be used for 12/12 only (this is posted under a separate, brand new diary, tba). Initially I thought I'd use a mixture different airpots; home made 4 litre, 5 litre net pot and 6 litre air pots. When potting up I realised how much of a pain in the arse the home made ones are. Also it instantly occured to me when looking at store bought air pots, that they have good air underneath the pots, which the other two types I tried don't. I am using plant magic soil supreme (love it) with granules, evolution, bio silicon (from first/final pot up, till about day 28), old timer bloom (from day 28), equilibrium and gifted plant booster (heavy in seaweed). Possibly a bit of PM root stimulant (just got). So what I ended up with is the following: StarRyder in 6 litre airpot. Ice cool in 6 litre airpot Sweet trainwreck 6 litre airpot Jack47 6 litre airpot Blue Cheese 3 litre airpot. Images to follow in a sec e2a Day 11 since germination
  16. Ice Cool Auto® 4th generation autoflowering strain. This hybrid is the result of a cross between an SWS06 (Ice Cool®) elite clone and a 3rd generation autoflowering genetic line of SWS23 (Fast Bud #2 Auto®). This is an autoflowering strain with an intense and exotic aroma, typical of the Diesel family. Very sweet and spicy, with fresh tones reminiscent of blue cypress aromas. A very powerful strain with a high bud production, covered with a remarkably aromatic resin that allows for a strong and exciting effect. Our autoflowering representative of the Diesel family. Data Sheet Variety SWS46 Autoflowering 100% Indoor Yield: 400-500 gr/m2 Outdoor Yield: 40-150 gr/plant Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8-9 weeks after germination Height: 50-110 cm 2º Prize - Categoría Auto - IV Copa Cannábica Expogrow - Irún - 2015