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Found 28 results

  1. Hi guys, Unsure if posting correctly, so hope ok l got a lil grow for personal use. First time with autoflower (i failed with other kind - photoperiod? - just got puffy low grade plant-like buds) Going better this time, actually looks like bud! It's firm in places, and smells good (not as strong as I thought tho) - but it just looks bit off to me Some cabbage kinda like things also, or loose buds maybe idk, in places. And also loads of new white pistes still.. I cut back some big fan leaves as they yellowed and wilted (but apparently I shouldn't trim autos much/at all?) And I've given up trying to remove the crispy dead leaves (most tips seem afflicted now, maybe heat/lights or nute or wind burn?) Its been months since popped seed. I have to be honest I haven't kept track (I tried properly with diary etc on first attempt. But it was so draining and got no reward so was hoping autos just 8 to 10 weeks!) But I just found a pic dated 5th Feb of me holding seed, so would have popped and planted soon after That's over 4 months now. So basically. Is that normal? Am I doing something wrong, or on right track? Also, I found one section of worrying growth Maybe it's just underdeveloped or something. Should I pull it off? (is it hermie?! Also, if I chop off, is it usable for anything?) - or is the bottom of the plant less mature, and just needs more time to grow, and maybe an eventual part crop, top down? I started using just water to flush it - and have also started giving it prolonged periods of darkness (started 15 - 18 hours on, then last months 24 on, but since its hotter weather now, and struggling to keep below 29 degrees, I turn off in day so back to 16 ish on), but worrying if it's too soon now, as tricrhomes look clear or cloudy to me, altho it looks more Amber from afar I'll try attach a few pics (do I have to remove geo tags etc?) Apologies, I'm high, taking photos and typing and trying work this out! haha Be great to hear your thoughts.. Also, any pointers or tips generally? (auto sour diesel from ice seed bank. Ph within normal levels for soil - mixed with coco and perite and vermiculite... I even added some of those "wonder fungus" type root enhancer things, and put worm casing soil all around seedling root plug.. I usually give 3 or 4x 5ltr bottles of nute water, followed by 1x 5ltr plain water to avoid buildup, but just plain water last 2 or 3 weeks, and darkness 10 or even 12 hours a day now for last week or so.. All water is ph'd, but I'm likely an over waterer tho, with my impatience!)
  2. Hey guys 6th week now with Og Kush by Fastbuds, was having a look round the girl and noticed this... is she a hermie? This isThir only one looking like this and not seen anywhere else on her, dont know if its gone hermie on me or if its normal Any advise appreciated Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, i'm having problems with a plant, ascertaining what sex it is. It's 1 plant out of 6, so I don't want to affect the other plants (as i have in the past). I'm sure I've killed some perfectly good Females wrongly in the past, and vice-versa, sadly. I've taken some pictures, but i'm not sure if i'm a little premature - the plant is about 10 days since flip. Compared to the others, it does look a little different. But what do I know ... Any help / thoughts / comments appreciated. atb
  4. Just been to check on my little ladies and noticed these on my Sweet Skunk plant... It's the only one I'm growing so have no others to compare with of this strain - but wasn't sure if this is a male or turning? It's the worst of my four plants, is very floppy and while the others seem to be doing ok this seems rather lifeless. AHP
  5. Hello all, Getting myself very worried here, thought everything was going too well and now I'm trimming I've spotted all the little sacks on the branches. I've opened some of them and theres a little seed in each sack. Is this normal or have all my plants hermied? Cheers.
  6. Need help and advice please. On day 33 flower my third grow and I’ve had fucking nanners on one of my amnesia lemon plants. It’s only on the very bottom branches none of the top colas or branches just the ones that haven’t grown tall enough to the canopy. They did excellent in veg no bad leafs at all and been thriving in flower too. Why do you think my plants are herming?? My last grow I had one plant completely herm on me so u chopped it then I had 3 remaining plants and one of them threw up a couple nanners but I picked them and finish the crop and the bud was superb. Temps: 72-80 throughout the whole time Light mix biobizz soil mix Barneys farm genetics Biobizz nutes Ph 6.2-6.6 I check for light leaks weekly and check for nanners every other day Let me know if you need anymore info I hope I can solve this problem cause it’s costing me more money than it’s saving at this point.. update ive moved the hermie into isolation I found about 8-10 nanners so far only on the first 6 inches of the plant but I found two on my purple punch plant but just picked them and ordered some optic hermie reverse
  7. Hello good people, I just find out that one of my plants has made seeds all over. they are gorilla girl f1 fast version from sweet seeds fem in biobizz light mix under two sp1000. The only thing that i might have messed up is the height of the lights but then again why wouldn’t all of them make seeds? i also found some naners (just one), no light leaks never opened the tent in dark period, maybe defolianting in week 5 stressed the plant too much? Also i panicked very hard and chopped off some bud sites and broke of one stem.. i hate myself. It’s the worst feeling as the plants are looking great and have a lot of frost on them and tomorrow is first day of week 6. What should i do?
  8. Hi guys, Hope someone can help I flipped some bag seed GG4 X GSC which have unfortunately put out a few seeds themselves. Nothing too bad, they're continuing to fatten up and are hella frosty, but i'm seeing a seed or so on every other cola they're at day 42 and maybe 2 weeks from chop, i've just started flushing them. I've got two GMO's ready to flip and I want to put them in with the glookies now whilst they're finishing. I don't forsee the GMO's to have really started flowering after 14 days and expect them to be just finishing stretching when i come to chop the hermies - so how unadvisable is this? I don't see any naners so i don't see why there should be any pollen? And if they did put out any pollen would it have already happened by now? Will attach some pics. Pretty long winded and thanks in advance
  9. Hello, Any chance someone with some more experience can tell me if this plant has hermied? I really hope not, I'm only seeing those male looking organs on the lower branches and only noticed them yesterday. Any help will be lovely and much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, my plants are all sprouting white pistils, apart from one. She's got a few little pistils but a few stems have started showing, what looks like the beginnings of sacks.. What are your opinions ? Should I chuck it take the hit ? The more I look the more I'm convinced it's growing male bits
  11. Hey this is my first grow and althought its been a big learning curve everythings been ok so far. Banana kush, Ive been taking the odd pic throughout the grow and was hoping to show off a little with a grow log when this was done lol. I'm about a week and a half into flowering and while watering this morning I noticed they looked a litttle different, almost as if the sites where the white hairs are are turning into balls. Seems to only be on the lower, defoliated part of the plant. Could someone please tell me if I should be concerned? If better pics are needed let me know. Thank you!
  12. Evening all, Switched the tent to 12/12 25 days ago. Two weeks ago i noticed the timer wasn't set as i set it - I think it's a dodgy timer. The little segments sometimes pop up by themselves so the plants are in darkness for 15mins during the light period. Corrected this. Came in today to find it's the same - the plants light is being interrupted. Gone to water my plants today and done some checks and found balls on nearly all of them. 3 weeks in - can i rip the balls off and carry on or bin them all. 4 out of 6 have balls as far as i can see...pulled one off and felt like a seed shell. Crushed it outside the room and it wasn't ripe enough yet. Best to bin them????
  13. Hey so I’ve just spotted a few of these balls on my plant. I’m around 2-3 weeks away from harvest and I’m literally freaking out now Here’s the balls ive seen and here’s my plant would it be better just to chop it down now before the pollen spreads ? Or should I just see it out for the next few weeks?
  14. From the album The White House

    Dinafem - Orange Juice - Day 66 - Flower - Bananas - 23/11/2019
  15. Evening everyone, Im gutted right now, i noticed a few nanas last week and now the whole grow is covered in seeds. Im 35 days into flower and i know its the crappy tent i have causing light leaks. what a f***ing waste of time. I even had the tent in a dark room with only minimal light coming through the curtains plus i stood in the tent light off and i thought i got all the leaks but it was the zips i couldnt cover well What would you do in my position right now? I can see full grown seeds on nearly every one of 14 plants apart from a couple on the other side of the tent, some have more than others the culprit plants nearest the light leaks are covered in them but on the others theres only a few. Any help would be greatly appreciated, on my last grow i found loads of seeds but some of the smoke was okay ( i know what i doughnut having this happen again) Cheers for reading Blaze1
  16. Hermie seed originating from super Skunk which was pollinated by master kush
  17. Sensi Skunk/ Master Kush Hermie seed

    20 days from germination
  18. Hi all,im 4 weeks into flowering 7 Big Budda cheese Feminized , im struggling to upload pics to this site so can anyone help me and show me pics of a hermied plant in flower,ive removed it from growroom to save the rest which seem to be doing fine ,running a 600 hps,and a 250 ,with a beast of an extractor ,Just hope the rest are ok. They are sticky so hopefully they r ok.
  19. so,im starting 3rd week of flower and my big narcotic kush has started herming i believe i have seen a few male flowers and nanas in a few locations,i could only pop off a couple today before lights went off,going to need to go over it later and pick any i find off which will be a pita but meh. now,i have no choice but to run with this plant killing it isnt an option as i have spent too much time and effort in it and that would seriously affect my goal of self sufficiency. im wondering what are the chances of it pollinating the cookies kush in there?,hopefully will be able to keep on top of it by picking them off and keeping an eye on it? should i try and get some pollen from it for giggles and experiment? so far ive moved around the other plants to the opposite side and put 2 plants between them although they are clones of the narcotic kush they look better than their mother and i have a high hope they wont hermie but time will tell. any advice or tips appreciated as this was a big unexpected surprise for me and im wondering if its purely negative or if something good can come of it. e2a:i wasnt sure what section to post in so if this is wrong please move it for me,thanks. H4rdc0r3.
  20. Hi I'm a long time lurker of these boards I have a few grows under my belt but as I was watering the girls last night I came across what looks like sacs. I'm not sure if it's a male part as I have never come across this before. Just to give a little background i had 9 clones which were brought in from outside. As it was later in the year they started to flower so when i got them i had to reveg them, which went fine. 2 1/2 weeks ago I flipped them, 2 weeks ago they went about a week with nothing and began drooping as I couldn't get out to the hydro store to restock on bloom mutes. Long story short any chance someone can take a look and hopefully tell me I'm seeing things
  21. So in the first 3 days of flower my timer was set in 24/7 and caught it after 3 hours so first times were; 7:30pm on-7:30 am off, caught it at 10:38ish something like that anyway I changed it to 11-11 and Everything is going fine it's just its abit of a chore doing things so late at stupid times and what not plus it's cheaper electric for me 12:30-7:30 on economy 7 anyway my question is; Can I just turn them off at 7:30am today give that would have give them a 8 1/2 hour day and would revert my times but would it cause any drastic harm 3 weeks into flower? A quick reply would be lovely if not I could do it tommorow but the sooner the better imo Many thanks james
  22. Hermie

    From the album Hermie?

    Is this hermie?
  23. So I have eight fem sensiseed white widows coming up to week eight, fattening up nicely and white as anything and then I have the four unruly kids at the bottom of the tent on week seven, which are barneys fem pineapple chunk. It's my first grow and these lot have been an absolute nightmare in terms of stretching and I have found it really difficult to manage them, which mainly centred around cropping and topping. Badly I think. I shall be doing Dutch Passion Think Different Autos next time. Anyhow, as part of regular inspections for mould, I'm getting a bit concerned that three of them could be hermies and given the chop should hopefully be a couple of weeks away, I would hate to ruin months worth of effort, especially those fat white widow colas. Fecking late I know as well. I can't decide whether there are any balls, though any ball like shapes seem to have pistils coming out them. The other thing is plant 1 had a bad case of light bun, not to mentioning cropping/plant abuse and so I've probabably have stressed the poor thing, which is making me think its gone herme and spread perhaps to the others. I've taken some pics and I would really welcome some advice, as it's driving me nuts. Chop or not to chop?
  24. Is this about to Hermie?

    From the album UK420 DIY Cree 3070 Test Grow

    Is this about to hermie I'm flushing atm 1 week to go.
  25. Hombre Nana

    From the album Quick Groom

    Hombre Nana, male parts. Day 49 flower, Sour Blueberry, HSO.