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Found 20 results

  1. SWEET SEEDS GROW DIARY COMPETITION 2020-2021 • CHOICE OF STRAIN: Tropicana Poison F1 Fast Version (Sweet seeds). • GROW ENVIRONMENT : 60cm x 60cm x 140cm Tent. • GROW LIGHT : 150w Maxibright digital ballast, 150w Sunmaster “Dual spectrum, Grow+ Photonic” Bulb. • VENTILATION : Standard 4” exhaust fan with standard carbon filter, 6” clip on fan. • HOW MANY PLANTS? : 4 plants. • LIGHT SCHEDULE : 12-12 from seed. • HOW MANY WEEKS?: I expect this to take approx 9.5-11 weeks, “seed to harvest”. • GROW MEDIUM : Biobizz All mix soil. “5L Pots”. • NUTRIENTS : Biobizz organic nutrients. • CURRENT STATUS: Seeds ordered, preparing Grow room. • ADDITIONAL COMMENTS : This is my first official Grow diary start to finish and I am buzzing for it. I was about to pop some of crocketts “tangieland” beans which I had only just ordered but when I seen Sweet seeds were running the 7th annual competition I had to give it a try. I have always fancied trying some of Sweet seeds genetics and now here we are. Absolutely buzzing for it. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ENTERING I WILL BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL OF YOUR DIARIES DURING THE COURSE OF THIS COMPETITION. NOT TO FORGET “A MASSIVE BIG UP TO SWEET SEEDS FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE” (Entering has gave me the motivation I need to bring joy and passion back to my garden). Thanks. Stay tuned for updates to come and happy growing to everyone.
  2. A massive thank you to everyone who's taken part in our diary competition - @TheGreenShabeenReturns, @HEAVY_SMOKER, @Notorious B.U.D, @Mischief-Crew, @Shumroom, @growinggold, @SYZYGY, @lildaveham, @vince noir rock n roll star, @Moju, @Lazy Dayz, @Dan t, @Ranec, @Văru', @Larry Badgeley, @Sid the sloth, @Geoff, @iShouldCoCo, @Dirk-Diggler There have been way more entrants worthy of the shortlist than I could reasonably list for voting. Me and Adam really felt ruthless not including so many of these but we had to narrow it down as much as possible. With that being said, we couldn't bring ourselves to nominate any less than 8 of you guys. And big shout out to @InTheSystem who has very selflessly bowed out to allow someone else to make the shortlist. Please take a look through each person's amazing diary (link to each below in no particular order) and drop a vote for whoever you think is worthy of winning the £1000 prize, out of the 8 we've shortlisted. Sorry to everyone who didn't make it, it was very close.
  3. Hello everyone, It is now officially on, and our Dinafem QC+ seeds are germinating as we speak. We've spent the last six weeks buying everything we need (final total was around £350 as we had trouble finding a tent). Now everything is good to go for our first ever grow. Here's what we have: 1m x 1m x 2m grow tent (our ceiling is exactly 2m high - it was a tight fit!) 250 -600w dimmable HPS 4" extractor fan and carbon filter 6" Fan Fabric pots at 3.8l and 10l B&Q Verve compost (the only thing we didn't get online) Perlite Biobizz Bloom and Grow Thermometer/hygrometer/Ph tester A few other bits and bobs Thanks to everyone who helped on kit selection and advice, and a big thanks to Attitude seeds. We ordered 5 QC+, and got 6 freebies pretty much next day for £40. The plan is to soak the seeds in water until they pop then put them in tissue until they're ready to go in .5 litre plastic pots. I'll try and update every day, and hopefully we can keep on top of any issues that crop up. If you see any problems before we do, please feel free to jump in with any pointers. Thanks for reading! PS, there will be plenty of photos just as soon as I can figure out how to post them - I don't think I'm at the required number of post to post photos?
  4. Hi all, As you will know from previous posts I'm researching to start using a dwc system some time in the future. I'm looking to understand all requirements, or as much as possible, before I start, to ensure success. One thing I've been looking for and can't seem to find is many experienced grower's diaries using dwc? Struggling to find many dwc diaries at all tbf. Are there any experienced dwc growers that have their diaries on here that I could take a look at please? Thanks
  5. First of all, big thanks to HSO Mark (sorry won't let me tag) for providing me with these awesome seeds. I've never grow anything from HSO, so I'm excited to experience their genetics. I've heard great things about the Blue Dream, but after spending some time reading up on and drooling over a few of their strains, I decided to go with these interesting sounding ladies. Arrived in the post on Wednesday. So into the rapid rooters they go! I'm going to be growing them in my 4 bucket (with 5th control) RDWC, under a dimmable 600w hps, in a 1.2mx1.2m tent, with scrog. For now they're staying in their dome in a warm cupboard until I see those first signs of life. Wish me luck guys!
  6. Hi all, might be in the wrong place, sorry if it is. I'm moving all of my growing ebooks, diaries, notes etc onto a USB drive rather than on my laptop, feeling a bit paranoid lately but rather safe than sorry. I've been doing a bit of browsing, and I'm aware that most encryption requires admin privileges on any device you plug it into in order to work/de-encrypt it. So far it seems my best guess is BitLocker or PGP.. but find myself reminded the main reason or the encryption is so that our lovely police force can't decrypt it. I am aware that some sort of KillDisk loaded onto the USB as a backup would be a better idea, so I'm open to advice. Cheers
  7. Welcome to my diary guys i have actually started over at different forums but im now over on UK420 also. They are around different day times but i will explain in full. The strains are as follows: 2x Sweet Seeds +SPEED 1x Sweet Seeds SWEET CHEESE 3x Sweet Seeds FAST BUD #2 SETUP: DR 90 400/600w dual spectrum 5" RVK and carbon filter John innes seedling compost Canna Vega and Flores 10L Pots UPDATE AS OF 15/11/14: DAY 12 / DAY 8 TEMPS: 28c / 17c HUMIDITY: 42% / 70% Ok guys heres an update for you all i couldnt resist feeling fresh having not had a drink last night.. I have just introduced rhizotonic from canna only have a little bit left but this should be ok for them starting off to try keep little root problems at bay. I have been giving them 2ml/L. Soil seems to be holding the water good and im not making the same mistake of over feeding as i did last time. I was thinking about starting small dose on the +SPEED next week some time 1.5ml - 1ml/L. I have a SWEET CHEESE in there also which is growing strange heres the pictures but everything should be fine im guessing? +SPEED FAST BUD #2 THANKS FOR LOOKING GUYS... NEXT UPDATE SOON...
  8. Hi guys So I'm growing Fast n Vasts, four of them in 10l pots in a 1x1x2 tent in FF's ocean forest soil, planted five days ago. I have a 4" intake and a 5" extractor with an 8" carbon filter (because in my excitement I didn't read the size when I ordered it, but the more the merrier I suppose?), and a standing oscillator and one of those co2 bags. For lights I have two 600w HPSs, which I now know is overkill but again I'm hoping more is better here. The temperature still gets too high after an hour or so, which I'm hoping another passive intake will see to, and which I needed anyway because the air pressure was wrong (the walls were getting sucked in). If it doesn't do enough, I'm also crafting a cheap air con a la this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehRVF3sjl9w which I'm also hoping will stop humidity getting too low. Replacing the ice every day is a bother but it's a small price, though if it doesn't work short of losing a light I don't know what else I can do. I planted them into dry soil then watered afterwards, which I have since read in the sticky here that you must never do, luckily I used a fine rose and generally watered around the centre so I'm hoping the seeds are where I left them. I also read about them being planted a quarter or half inch down, but only after planting, so mine are about two inches down since that's what I'm used to planting other stuff outdoors, I also hope this won't make too much difference. Also, I've just today realised that the bottled water I used was a tad acidic and lacking trace elements, so am swapping to tap, which I'm having to ph down with solution because it's alkaline, and again, just hoping they're alright. I did loads of reading but still made so many mistakes, which is what has motivated me to start a diary here, I need all the help I can get. I'm new to the forum as well, so hello again, and really any advice from experienced auto growers would be greatly appreciated, I'm paranoid about a million things going wrong. I have FF nutes as well, but I want to grow organic so I'm only going to use the big bloom, might try grow big and tiger bloom on one out of the four to see the yield/taste difference, but I'm not sure of that yet. A question about feeding times: when going by the 12-week chart, do I follow the first or the last eight weeks? Also, how much air do germinating seeds need, because they're just in there with only the passives at the moment. Temps and humidity are stable, luckily, but that's only with the lights off. As I say they're still germinating (I hope), so I won't post pics yet, but I'll be putting some of those up the second they show, also with updates on how my temp lowering strats go. Thanks for reading guys, hopefully I'll have lots of good news over the next couple of months.
  9. Hi everyone thanks for looking in. My beans have been in a glass of water since this morning. Ive chosen to crack : StarRyder- x2 AutoXtreme x2 Im only in a 60x60x140 tent. 4 plants is gunna be a bit packed I know! They will be going in 6-7ltr pots tomorrow. Temps in the tent hovering at about 28c Any input will be gratefully recieved I am new to this so im expecting a few hiccups. I will post a few pics when they poke above soil. Ah yes the soil. I cracked a few photo seeds before these. Didnt go well. Nute burned to hell from day 1. This time round i filled the bottom half up with john innes no1 and then the rest with john innes seed. The only questions i really have is when to start feeding? Any tips on keeping an even canopy with these 2 strains? Frankie
  10. 18 to 12

    From the album Ice Cream Diary

    Plants have reached between 0.5M and 0.6M in height after approximately 18 days after potting and have now been switched from 18 hours light to 12 hours light.
  11. 18 to 12

    From the album Ice Cream Diary

    Plants have reached between 0.5M and 0.6M in height after approximately 18 days after potting and have now been switched from 18 hours light to 12 hours light.
  12. 18 to 12

    From the album Ice Cream Diary

    Plants have reached between 0.5M and 0.6M in height after approximately 18 days after potting and have now been switched from 18 hours light to 12 hours light.
  13. 18 to 12

    From the album Ice Cream Diary

    Plants have reached between 0.5M and 0.6M in height after approximately 18 days after potting and have now been switched from 18 hours light to 12 hours light.
  14. 18 to 12

    From the album Ice Cream Diary

    Plants have reached between 0.5M and 0.6M in height after approximately 18 days after potting and have now been switched from 18 hours light to 12 hours light.
  15. 6 Days In 3

    From the album Ice Cream Diary

    6 days after potting and already at a height of between 300 to 350mm in height. Last set of pictures until start of 12 hour cycle
  16. 6 Days In

    From the album Ice Cream Diary

    6 days after potting and already at a height of between 300 to 350mm in height. Last set of pictures until start of 12 hour cycle
  17. 6 days In

    From the album Ice Cream Diary

    6 days after potting and already at a height of between 300 to 350mm in height. Last set of pictures until start of 12 hour cycle
  18. Hi! A big thank you to Tony for the seeds for this diary, I have been impressed with some of the recent Dutch Passion grows on here so fancied a crack myself. I have cut out all the boring veg process and I am starting the diary from the end of week 1 flowering. PLANTS 3 x Blue Velvet 2 x The Ultimate 1 X Dark Delight SET UP Custom built insulated 1.1m x 1.1m x 2.4m grow drobe. 400 HPS for veg, switched to 600W hps for flower B & Q Multi, potted up from starter pots to 3L to 10L (6 weeks veg in total) Nuits: Bio Bizz Grow & Bloom + testing out some fish mix. Maybe Epsom salts if needed. THE RESULTS SO FAR I am stunned how fast and big these plants have got, they are some of the healthiest plants I have grown and seem to want to take over the whole grow room. I usually veg for 8 weeks but they had rooted out the 10L by 6 weeks and were ready for flowering. The Dark Delight has stayed very small but bushy, the blue velvets have grown up and out very well and The Ultimate seem to want to bush out and take over the whole room. One of The Ultimates is very interesting, even as a seedling it was very light green and a bit of a runt, it has now more than caught up the others in size is very healthy but still the lightest green I have even seen in a cannabis plant.....maybe a very interesting pheno??? For some reason I cant upload pics as it is saying I am out of space??? I will contact a mod and get this resolved ASAP and get some pics up.
  19. Hi guys... I am a long time lurker, first time contributor to these forums. I have grown 3x Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel Auto as my first grow and I was so pleased with the results I decided to choose Sweet Seeds again for my second grow. This time round I am growing 2x Dark Devil and 2x Jack 47 Auto. I am also growing a freebie seed I got from the seed bank, I won't really cover this plant on the diary as I am posting in the Sweet Seeds sub-forum but if you see it in the background of some pics it is basically a Great White Shark Auto. Here is my set up: Equipment 150W 6400K CFL (propagation) 400W Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp (veg & flower) Sunking 800mm parabolic reflector Secret Jardin DR90 90 x 90 x 160 Grow Tent 4x 15l & 1x 10l Super Roots Air Pots Honeywell Oscillating Tower Fan 5” Floor fan RVK 5” Extractor 5” Rhino Pro Filter Acoustic Ducting + Spare 4” TT Inline fan + ducting as intake if required Nutrients + Medium Plant Magic Old Timer Veg + Bloom Plant Magic Bio Silicon Plant Magic Root Stimulant John Innes No1 John Innes No2 Verve Perlite (10%) Epsom Salts (applied as necessary) Meridian Blackstrap Molasses I germinated them using the paper tower method, 100% success germination and sprout within 72 hours. Here are some pics: This was taken on Day 8: Potting up Day 12 Dark Devil #1 / Purpura Day 12 Dark Devil #2 / Angel Day 12 Jack 47 #1 / Dr AK Day 12 Jack 47 #2 / Steffy