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Found 12 results

  1. ok so ive finished showing the sexbud in the other diary and now i can crack on and try out some other female seeds strains ..the ones ive gone for are grapefruit ,iced grapefruit and lemon kush ,the sexbud will also no doubt show up along side them ..im currently just finishing two of them and have just put a revegged one back into flower ..its that nice .. this diary wont be like the other one ..itll be mainly pictiure heavy ..food for the plants will for the most part be either concentrated seaweed extract or maxicrop seaweed extract with tomato food added(organic ) so off we go with some pics ..
  2. @Female Seeds Team and Uk420. Sorry to MrB for the delay in getting this diary going but its here now So for some reason im not quite sure of i had a few less Grapefruit germ than the Sexbud and i have one that im not sure will make it but man these are Vigorous plants and i love the shape and structure already,very similar to the Sexbud obviously cos of the parentage..anyway enough waffle heres a few pics to kick off this diary.. You can see the odd one bottom right but im a very happy hippy with these and i cant wait to try some fruity strains Thanks again MrB the Female seeds team Peace
  3. Hello All and Happy 420, I am happy to be running a pack of Female Seeds Outdoor Grapefruit as a tester this season. Outdoors at Lat51 Bit of info on them here https://www.femaleseeds.nl/en/p/outdoor-grapefruit-311 i did ok with FMS SexBud outdoors last year(especially the fast grapefuity pheno), so i was quite interested in this strain. My understanding is that the same 'white grapefruit' is used in both these lines and the ODgrapefuit is better suited to OD...i prob would have bought a pack for a gamble so more than happy to put a few out and see what happens Got a few friends to keep them company, i have keen to try the Blueberry Cheesecake so might run this. Dunno have to see how i do for plot space This will be my 3rd time outdoors so still learning as i go, i will be aiming for a mix of plots, strains and finish dates. Started some prep but still loads to do, adding FBB and chicken poo & opened up plot for maximum sunshine. another plot... I will be starting seedlings inside under 24/0 CFL lighting and aim to plant out when they are a couple of weeks old, sometime in May probably. I hope to juggle maturity/plant out/daylight hours so that they don't flower on plant out...Fingers crossed GLHF
  4. Mate's Alien EasyFeed Hydroponic System

    From the album Alien EasyFeed System

    this is a snap of my mates room that I saw with the EasyFeed System I liked the look of it so gonna try it out :-)
  5. Sexbud

    From the album Sexbud

    This is 4 weeks after setting the light 12/12.

    © KingzSHABABA - cannaweed.com

  6. Sexbud by KingzSHABABA on cannaweed.com

    From the album Sexbud

    This new enhanced strain of a fruity white sativa is great for losing inhibitions, maintaining a high energy level and getting creative with a willing partner! 
The effect works best when used in moderation and can bring the sexual experiences to new heights, men and women will both feel new levels of juiciness and sensuality. For those interested in exploring their connection to further heights we would recommend looking into Taoist Love Making teachings.
 Sex Bud flowers in 7 - 8 weeks; on top of that the buds are quite sugared; it matures in 4 weeks from seed, but we promise that is the only thing that will be done faster than expected! 

    © KingzSHABABA cannaweed.com

  7. Day 28ish

    From the album Grows

  8. Grapefruit

    From the album Grows

  9. Drying

    From the album Super iced grapefruit

  10. Grapefruit

    From the album Super iced grapefruit

  11. Hi Everyone, just thought i would introduce my self, i have been about a two year user of (dont tell me off for swearing) Grass City, its helped me allot but im finding allot on there are up there own arse, most the guys from uk are brilliant. Im currently growing 23 (was 24 but one died) Lemon Kush cuttings, they are nearly 2 months in. also have a super iced grapefruit in too that my friend gave me after he decided he didnt want it anymore. Just Germinated a Critical Mass seed and popped it into some soil. Currently (on the big grow) using a HPS Lamp and MH lamp in the same big tent on 20/4, as they are growing at different rates, im going to put the 'bigger ones' in flower with the HPS soonishh in the smaller tent and leave the stunted ones under the MH to grow a bit more in the smaller tent. im actually after info on CFL grows. can anyone point me in the right direction.... links to threads..... links to decent guides using cfl, i have just bought a 300W dual spectrum CFL for £25 and im going to use it to grow my CM. Any input please! Alsoo im gonna get involved so get ready to see more of otto mann on here!
  12. Grapefruit day47

    From the album Super iced grapefruit