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Found 4 results

  1. Seen a few of these and been meaning to share for a while. Was going to include in my megabed thread but figured it'd be useful as a standalone. Dalotia or Atheta coriaria are Rove beetles. Look like storm bugs you see in the summer or miniature devil's coach horse beetles. About 4mm long as an adult and 2mm as a juvenile. They mostly live in the top 2 inches of subsoil and will eat most larval stage bugs but love thrips and fungus gnats. They are voracious and aggressive and breed well if fed. Commercially they are available as staphyline and are expensive. To breed your own: Shopping list: 2litre plus tupperware box Mesh/rosinbag/cheesecloth type material Layers crumb chicken feed (not pellets) Vermiculite Coco coir Duct tape 1. Cut a hole in the lid of the box around 20% of the lid size, stick a section of mesh on it with duct tape to prevent escapes and provide fresh air 2. Mix vermiculite and coir 50/50 with enough water to make it moist/damp but not wet 3. Add a layer to about 1/4 depth and then sprinkle with a couple teaspoons chicken crumb (not too much) this is necessary to get them feeding on it, not a long term supply, add a layer of coir/vermi mix to about 1/3 full 4. Then place another section of mesh on top of the substrate (around 1/3 of the surface) and cover with a pile of feed 5. Add 10 or so adult beetles 6. Every couple of days spray around the edges avoiding feed to give them some water 7. Remove and replace the feed every few days to a week by lifting out the mesh, it will have bugs in it and you will get a lot of mites and mould on it, don't worry. You can dump it on a saucer in the grow room and let them disperse if you want or put them back in the pot. 8. After about a month it'll be crawling with them. Empty half the tub into the grow, and replace with fresh substrate. Repeat monthly and cackle wildly as they destroy pests. Dressing as a witch and shouting 'fly my pretties' tends to help. Breeding boxes: I've made it sound a hassle but it's really not. This method is my own, the only other one involves mixing the food in the substrate. If you do that you'll get tons of mould and dead bugs. I've got an endless supply of these, so I can saturate my beds any time I like. No more fungus gnats or thrips, at all, ever. You can thank me later
  2. I grow NFT, and during the summer months, I always have root issues, but it could be because of gnats, for example, I saw three black larvea crawling, I killed them, and started using TILNAT or something like that, I always forget how its called, I use it once a week. And my roots just gets worse and worse. Is there anything to slow them down dying to help me finish the grow? The roots luck brownish and looks like one mass at some places, especially where the water is pouring down. The plants are drying down, the leaves on the upper side, and the other ones are getting lighter. Take a look at the images, let me know what would be my best thing to do.
  3. Does anybody know any cheaper alternatives to gnat off?
  4. Nasty little things those Fungus gnats, irritating and burrowing little beggars. Tried everything and just could not seem to eradicate the little nuisances, I Tried the sprays and suchlike, all the name brands and to absolutely no avail. Despite all my efforts it appeared I was stuck with them.. Until I tried Nematodes.. I can't recommend them enough, despite being hesitant myself at first I finally decided it was time to try.. they are so easy to use, simply add to water and spray affected areas and medium, BOOM in just a few days Nothing...Serenity, Peace at last. There was no unpleasantness and they were effective almost immediately. So If you're sat there reading this and wondering whether the nematodes may be beneficial to you, rest assured they will my friend