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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all, first Diary in a few years I think... And its an Auto one. I've just finished my new loft groom and I wanted to have some fresh buds for the holidays so I knew it was gona be an auto grow. I dont do Autos, I think I could count on my hands the amout of times I've grown them, but I'm actually looking forward to this. Ive got some Strawberry Gorilla from Fastbuds. I've done a few strains from them before and was happy with the results and these sounded nice so.... At about 8-9 days since they popped up now. They are in 12L pots, I got some Allmix soil and was slightly concerned it may be too hot in the early stages, so I added a 30/70 perlite coco mix to the soil hoping it would soften it a little and so far so good. Feeding them on light silicone and full PM root stim atm. I have them under two 942 CMH for now and in about two weeks when I see some signs of bloom I'll switch them over to the 930's. I have 8 CMH ready in case they need them but I may get away with 6 if I can. Read that autos aren't as light greedy as photos but I'll play that by ear too. No idea what feed I'm gona give them yeat as I havent brought it, but being autos I dont think it'll be anything too fancy, maybe PM grow or BioBizz grow. Thanks for poppin in. Take it easy.
  2. lsd-25

    From the album Chapter 2

  3. StarDawg Automatic by FastBuds Seeds

    From the album GrowNumber2

  4. Hey! I'm just wondering has anyone else grown Fastbuds autos? had some gorilla glue and stardawg(5 of each in 12l pots) on the go in coco 2x600watt hps 18/6. It's kind of hard to believe there are only two strains in the tent, some of the plants are humongous and others are short and fat they have all that the same feed etc but 2 of the stardawg especially seem to have vegged for 6/7 weeks and the others are almost ready, needless to say those two are like trees it's just made everything difficult because we don't know what to feed them as we are flushing some and feeding others. Have other people encountered this or could it be something we've done?
  5. How's everybody doing on my favourite forum on the Internet ?! I just can't stay away! After I harvested my last run at the end of June (Check it out), I said I'd put everything into storage and enjoy my work. Lo and behold, much to the disappointment of the missus. I'm back for more, setting up the groom as we speak.. Now, I'm sure this diary will likely receive less attention than the last, so it will probably be a little less hands on, weekly posts, maybe. The Fast and The Sweet Seeds Sweet Seeds - Black Devil (Should I tag an SS rep ?) Fastbuds - Gelato Zkittles Purple Lemonade They're all autos as I can't guarantee a stable, dark environment yet but I got some great photo freebies from Attitude as well.. The time shall come, my pretties.. I'm 'upgrading' extraction by cutting a circle in some plasterboard and taping the ducting 'through', the board has some old lace curtain over the window-side and the board shall be fastened to the window void. Very much a bodge job, but more stealthy than last time and hopefully will stop the weather outside from affecting the enviro too much. (Will post pics if people want them). For now, I'll be washing out pots, sandwiching seeds between damp kitchen roll and taping up pinholes in the tent. Stay tuned for more updates later on in the week! (If I get my head down). PEACE AND LOVE Flav
  6. So I have 7 cream cookies from 420 fast buds my first time trying out autos but with it being nearly half way to supposed harvest time and it being low budget grow are they going slow ? I had already expected some problems either over watering or nitrogen toxicity but was told it looked like problem was fan blowing directly over young plants so still not sure if I should keep them going or cut my losses and start again with a bit more prep ect
  7. c4

    From the album upload

    © HydrogenWater

  8. Hello everyone Second grow on the go now and have decided to give some autoflowering seeds a go. Everything seems to have gone OK so far until the plants started to look how you can see in the photos below. At first I thought it may have been nute splash burn as I knew I had splashed the leaves when watering, however, it seems to be getting a bit worse and is affecting some newer growth which makes me think it is more likely to be something else. They're 2 and a half weeks old from seed and are currently on 2.5ml/l of Growers Ark a+b (hard water), 2.5ml/l extra traces and 2.5ml/l of root tonic. Temperatures have been fine, got a tube heater on the go and an oil radiator coming on every now and then to keep everything nice and warm, temps are between 24-28. Humidity has been quite low, usually about 30% sometimes a bit higher, been giving them a mist with some water to try and make up for it and have got a large bowl of water by the passive intake to try and help bring it up a bit. I've got some calmag on hand just want to get your opinions before I potentially give the plants something they don't need. Cheers.
  9. GG

    From the album random grow pics

    79 days

    © HydrogenWater

  10. gsc.jpg

    From the album Winter auto grow 2018

    © HydrogenWater

  11. Hi guys, so im doing some fastbuds auto flowers and everything seemed to be running completely fine. I did a foliar spray with 1ltr warm water to 2ml neem oil 1 teaspoon of dish soap. stupidly enough i did the spray whilst the lights was still on without thinking about the leafs maybe dehydrating or burning under the lights. The following next morning i came back to my girls looking like they're on deaths door. can anyone clarify what i did here.. whether i burnt them or its a deficiency which im not picking up as a first time grower. Im running, just normal compost soil with a 400w hps light, biobizz grom and bloom. 60/40 soil to perlite. I thought maybe over watering as my leafs are really drooping. just any advice would be lovely! they've been like this for about 2-3 days now. they've carried on growing in height but doesnt look like the leafs are repairing also struggling to upload my photos -.-
  12. Hello everyone, I've lurked here for a while, joined a couple of months ago, lurked some more before posting now. As a first time grower, I did my research but still ended up making the odd mistake, though nothing major as I have a low-expectations attitude about the maiden voyage. I feel on the verge of a potential major mistake by completely failing to identify when I should be harvesting. This is a case of a) being aware of the beginner error of seeing buds, getting excited and pulling b) reading information about pistils which suggests the majority of them turning to colour/curling in is an indicator it's ready, c) only recently getting a loupe and not really having a point of comparison for determining if the trichomes have gone cloudy or still appear clear (it might be pretty stupid that I struggle to differentiate regardless) and d) being just 56 days in on a strain which seems to average about a 70 days grow. It is a Fastbuds Mexican Airlines auto, in case that matters, 45cm tall and grown under a Mars hydro reflector 480 positioned 30cm above on a 19/5 on-off cycle. Here are some pictures. If you can let me know what you think, I'd be grateful. The last 4 waterings (1 every 3 days) have been plain water. Owed more to too many nutrients in earlier weeks than starting a pre-harvest flush. Hopefully I've got all relevant information here.
  13. GSC autoflower by Fastbuds

    From the album Bits and bobs

  14. good evening all....... ive decided id like to try a run of auto flowers soon, after lots of reading and searching i now understand the theory and have decided on the beans i want but i still have a few questions that i cant find a solid answer to.... now, the beans ive decided on: now my set up will be...... 1.2 x 1.2 600w hps 6 inch ramair exhaust 4 inch rvk intake with a pre filter sms fan speed / temp controller 1 0r two small fans oil filled heater with thermostat for night time period ( maybe depending on lighting cycle ) does anyone have experience with seeds from " fastbuds " good or bad ? good yielders? im thinking 5 x 10ltr pots? with a coco / pebble / perlite mix? and cannab a/b coco base nutes? and how much to feed etc? apart from that i think im good
  15. Well im back for another log after loging GSC from fastbuds and grown it 3 times its time for a change , so im growing west coast OG from fastbuds. A little about the set up normaly start in small pots and pot up at about day 10 but this grow im starting in finals of 6.5 will be using canna professional with added perlite to help with drainage nutes will be biobizz grow and biobizz bloom so today they were put in soil after 2 days in cup of water to germ seeds. They now under 125w cfl for first 10-14 days then hoping to get under 250 hps in i can get temps down in veg room before they go in to an 80x80 with 400w aircooled hood till finish will get some photos up soon as they break soil hopefully in 2-3 days 👍 Barneybush
  16. Seeds germing in cup of water

    From the album West coast og fastbuds

    All 4 popped