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Found 37 results

  1. Hi guys, After a bit of advice! Currently running a 6" system air rvk and it's a bit too noisey for my liking. Even turned down on a controller. After a bit of googling I've come across the Phresh Hyper fan stealth. Watched a YouTube review and looks pretty impressive. Any users on here that can shed any light on these fans or if there's better available I'd love to hear your suggestions please! Also been looking at the filter silencers for extra stealth. Would this be compatable and again any users out there? Are they worth using? And finally do you think it would be worth upgrading all my 6" to 8" so I could run it even lower therefore reducing the sound even more.. Would this work? Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. I guys I’m planning on buying some sort of controller to help maintain the temp in my tent. I’ve got a 600w hps. A 150w extraction fan in 6 inch duct. And a 2kw heater outside the tent. Any suggestions on best set up to maintain temp? Thanks
  3. Hello again all. I scrapped my tent and decided to go for a small closet grow. The room is 2ft x 5ft x 8ft, with a 12 gallon pot under a 300w cfl. My carbon filter is suspended directly above the light and I've run insulated ducting through the wall, into another closet in another room and up into the loft, where I have my DIY box fan, then approx 4m run to a wall vent. The loft was the only place I could have the fan due to the vibrations and sound, I tried everything from wrapping it in insulation, acoustic ducting, suspending from rail etc but still too loud. My question is - would I be better venting into the loft space itself and letting the stale air naturally disperse (its a large loft with room to stand up and walk round in some places), or as is - directly to outside? I know my little light wont be putting out much heat but I was thinking with a copper chopper flyover on a cold day hot air gushing from my eves may be noticable? I've got some pictures but still unsure how to upload them? Thanks anybody who reads
  4. IMG-0056.JPG

    From the album MMM Sick plant

    Affected fan leaf on the plant
  5. May I bend the ears of you guys that have the knowledge, 2 of my seeds popped, put them in soil and we have new life, got them in soil, in plastic cups, 1. how long under the lights for, is it 24 hrs or is it 18-6? 2. should I be watering every few days with just water? 3. do I need the fan on at this stage? 4. do I need extractor fan on too? I'll load up a photo later for your advice, thanks in advance you guys defo know your stuff.
  6. DSCF1219.JPG

    From the album Sweet Seeds Diary Competition 2016/7 entry

    the 'far side' of the tent
  7. Hi guys. I need some help so I have a couple of questions. I’m going to build a small grow room (scrog) 55 cm x 55 cm x 120 cm (height). This is the calculations I did for the fan: 55 cm x 55 cm x 120 cm = 1.80 x 1.80 x 3,93 (feet) x 3-4 = 38,19 - 50,93 CFM = 86 m3/hour I guess my fan needs to have a higher cm/m/hour than that. I have been looking at this fan: I am going to be using a variac speed controller. I think I want to use the fan at 40 % of its max speed, in order to make it more quiet. http://www.onestopgrowshop.co.uk/fans-filters-and-air-control/duct-fans/systemair-rvk-5-inch-125mm-l1-in-line-duct-fan-341m3-hr.html : 323m3/h or 190 cfm. 40 % speed = 129 m3/h or 76 cfm. I have also been looking at the Ruck (can fan) and rhino fan. My first questions is, how powerful should my fan be for this grow room? Is this okay: 129 m3/h or 76 cfm? How much higher can a fans m3/h/CFM rating be than what the grow room needs as a minimum? My grow room is not that big, but I think I would be able to fit that fan inside of the grow room. I am going to put it in a box like this: https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=229614 (of course not as big) and then use oversized insulated ducting. The lights I’m going to use will be something like this: http://timbergrowlights.com/200-watt-cree-cxb3590-4-cob-grow-light-kit/ (DIY by following a guide) What size of carbon filter should I use for this grow room? My grow room is not that big, so I hope I will be able to fit everything in it. Should the carbon filters cfm/m3/hr rating be higher or lower than the fans cfm/m3/hr rating? I hope you are able to understand my English J Stiggy123, Denmark
  8. How can I silence my extraction fan it is a 4" extractor fan running at 185m3/hour air movement in a 1.2x0.6x0.6 tent. It sounds like a boeing jet engine and the missus wont have i on when shes trying to go to sleep in the bedroom. Thanks Here is a pic
  9. I have posted a similar question before but was hoping it may been seen by more people who can help in this catagory. Going against the correct advice given here not to buy a complete set up, I did buy a complete set up. I wish now I had listened to the advice and not bought it. The equipment is all very well made but the 250w with 250w ballast HPS light is too hot for a tiny 50x50x100cm tent where I will be growing one plant. After setting it all up and leaving a thermometer inside I left the light and outlet fan on for an hour or so and the temperature rose to 35c/95f. I think this is too hot for what I need. After reading about how to cool things down I bought a 6 inch desk fan which has done nothing to cool the tent down. The ballast is on a shelf outside and above the tent and I have a 5" extraction fan. I thought of buying a lesser wattage bulb (maybe 150w) but it will not be compatible with the 250w ballast. It is strange as it's been very cold and the room/cupboard where the tent is kept has a temperature of 15c/60f. I am at a loss especially as the people where I bought the kit from are very unhelpful. Should I sell everything and start afresh listening to the advice i've been given on this forum or does anyone know other ways to cool the tent down?
  10. Tent Setup - Day 9

    From the album 2nd Grow

  11. Hello grow chums. I decided that my 5"ruck was very loud and decided to put a sock in it quite literally. After looking around the forum I found that many people had exactly the same complaint and it seem to be popularly known as "WHOOSHING". There are many how to's on the DIY section addressing noisy fans however none are quite like mine. First you'll need some of this, it's that foam exercise mat stuff You'll also need this, it's the cover from your fan, and some tape preferably the stuff that doesn't come unstuck in humid conditions. Plastic netting, chicken wire would very probably also do. Wrap the mat in the netting ,making sure that it will fit easily around the filter cover then cable tie it shut. Make 3x these, and place one at either end and in the middle to prevent a collapse of the filter cover lining. As it nearing Christmas I've decided to cover the whole thing in bacofoil thus! Now, I was fortunate to have a 5-6" reducer lying around however, all you need to do is pull the ducting attached to your fan inside the unit and tape it up vigorously and generously. For very little spent you'll be amazed at how quiet it is with the whooshing minimised, hope this helps someone ,or anybody!
  12. Hi everyone & Seasons greetings ... Just a random question that I wanted to get some advice on ... First time grower here .. grow cabinet set up ... plants in early veg stage and everything is looking great. Im using a 6"Hyper fan for air extraction with a speed controller ...im running the fan 24 hours a day , 7 days a week ... ? Im just wondering if this is a good idea ... or is it advisable to switch it off for a few hours a day just to let it cool down / take a rest. I know obviously there would be issues with not creating negative pressure etc It doesnt over heat and runs very smoothly .. im just a bit paranoid the following ... a) breaking it. b) over heating - a risk of burn out - and starting a fire in my flat .. when im not there. Just wanted to guage other peoples opionions and experiences Cheers Bigbird
  13. Could an owner of a Phresh hyper fan or the Phresh HyperFan Hyper Climate Controller please open the controller and take some detail photos of what is inside please. I am interested to find out if the controller is just a potentiometer or if it is sending a pwm signal to the fan motor drivers. If anyone has one of the Climate Controllers please could you do a review as I have not seen one before and info is difficult to come by. Many thanks
  14. Good evening, I have a question that I could do with some help answering. I have a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m tent, currently running a 6" extraction (500 cubic meter an hour I think) I have one of the passive intake pannels off. Temps are stable. Tomorrow I will be getting a second light 600w, givingme a ppossible 1000w to play with, 1 x 400, 1 x 600. I have a 6/inch can fan for the extraction upgrade and this will move about 720 cubic meters an hour. My question is should I remove the second vent pannels on the tent,so having 2/passives. Or could i use my 5" vk fan turned down to 50%, allowing me to close the passive intakes off.although this would mean my extraction would be on max. As I only have one speed controller until I can get a twin. Thanks in advance.
  15. So this time I'm looking for advice on eliminating the fan hum/buzz from my RVK 4" and 5" fans. I've tried building a leepy box although to be honest it wasn't a very good job but still found the hum to loud for my liking, I'm going to give it another go and try out different fillings.. I've got some acoustic foam that I was using but was hoping it would be more effective than it was.. but like I said it wasn't the best attempt.. and I'm not happy with my ducting either but the acoustic's fibreglass is a f*cking pain to work with although it does eliminate the "whooshing" sounds.. Someone has suggested using a "variac fan speed controller" although the ones I've found seem a bit steep in price and complicated to wire up.. I'd ideally like the fans to be moving enough air yet as near to silent as possible.. I only recieved my fans yesterday so not really looking to go swapping them and looking to not spend too much more on my grow but can't compromise security either obviously. also need to order some 4" ducting for my intake so can only improve my 5" for now but any suggestions for aiding in soundproofing my grow are welcomed! edit: ..attempting to solve it myself but It looks as if I'll be spending 100+ on a decent fan controller, can anyone confirm if these will definitely help? I'm seeing lots of different types but I don't want to go and buy something expensive and not very good.. Greens have "SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller 4.5A" which seem like they might do the job whilst still being plug and play but I've seen "hybrid" versions which look even better but cost a bomb. this does your head in
  16. Just need some advice/opinions on single fan filter and hood set up's, currently I have a 4" filter and and fan (wolfnado) twin speed. So currently have the filter connected to one end of the hood, the other end of the hood connected to the fan the fan is sucking air out! Some air is sucked through the not so air tight hood, so some smells do escape! A fellow grower has suggested that instead of sucking that blowing through the hood might be better? Any opinions on that? I know I should probably run a separate fan for the hood but I'm trying to minimise the amount of equipment etc...
  17. Hello everyone, I'm starting to look into making a new wardrobe and I'm stuck on the fan choice. I really need a much silent solution as possible, I've read that it's better to get a 6" and running it at slower speed then a 4" one, can you confirm? Is it worthy to buy a silencer? any recommendation? Is it worthy to spend extra money for the Tornado MDF Acoustic fan? Any other solution or recommendation? thanks
  18. fan

    Hello, I have some limited space with lighting and I wonder if I can place the fan like this. [/size] If I use ducting to place it on the floor it will be too far away. What do you think? Can it cause problem to the top of the tent ?[/size]
  19. Hi guys, I,'m a newbie, so this is my first post. Your forum is really amazing with lots of useful information from the pros. Im about to set-up my own grow room, and I've ordered 2 SL-400 LED lights. Now I'm trying to set-up the ventilation system, so I decided to go for system air for its performance and durability. So my grow room is a master bedroom with an attached bathroom, and the bathroom has a little window with an extractor fan. I was thinking about taking advantage of the bathroom fan by taking it out and install a wall-mounted system air fan with a carbon filter and extracting the air directly outside without worrying about ducting. However, I'm not able to find the KV 150 XL Circular duct fan or any similar unit anywhere online. Could you please help? Your input is highly appreciated.
  20. So the pixie tents gunna be 60x 60x140, well 60x50x140 when I've shortened it a bit to fit the space I got, and will be using 300 wattx 5 watt diode led, not a 3 bar fire in there. I bin speakin to other micro joes on this site and they say that a 4" make too much noise. Last 1x1m grow I did I used a 4" on half power most the time,but it did have fresh air intake where as this time I will have bedroom air for intake prob using a pc fan to encourage air flow It seems to me folk maybe goin for overkill on this site, that said noise is an issue this time round so it's goin in the attic. My thoughts at the mo are 5" on half power or less gotta be better un running a 4" at full pelt eh, or maybe even a 4" on .75 power it aint like I'm extracting the gladsto dance tent, thorts please folks.
  21. High again, I'm soon going to be setting up my growdrobe and thought I'd get some insight on making my fan as quiet as possible, I've seen other threads using similar methods so hopefully it will all work out! I've ordered my fans from Greens - so hopefully the box the fans are supplied in will be ideal size for the d.i.y silencing.. I plan to put the fan in a box.. 2 side of the box will have holes for attaching my ducting to be connected to the fans inside the box / all round the fan I plan to pack with acoustic foam (lots of offcuts not expanding foam) Seal up the box and hope it works! I'll repeat the process for both my intake/exhaust fans depending how noisy they are once they arrive etc. also would the boxes on the floor be okay or should I attempt to hang them too? I'll update my post once trying out my idea but any tips on reducing noise are welcomed!
  22. Drobe Idea

    From the album Plans

    Grow cupboard plans: 1 x 250w HPS 3 x soil based plants 1 x 5" Ruck fan - high power - extraction 1 x 5" Ruck fan - low power - intake 1 x 5" Rhino carbon filter 1 x desk fan acoustic ducting..

    © ©

  23. Sorry probably been done to death, but done a search and couldnt find much What is the best way to attach filters to fans? and fans to duct? as mine came with 2 clips, for the duct I assumed, or is it for the fan and filter, or do you just use tape? Reading alot of contradicting opinions Also, when attaching fans and filters is it quieter to attach them straight to each other or put a meter of duct between them? or does it make no odds Fans are ruck and filter is rhino pro
  24. After botching a leepy box, the fan (a spare, luckily) is making lot of noise as I think some of the foam has made it into the centre of the fan (not accessible from outside) so I have to take it apart - clean it - then put it back together again. I have been searching and searching but can't find a thread someone had mentioned Does anyone know the location of this tutorial? I can probably take it apart and put it back together again without instructions, but it would be nice to know what I have to do in certain ways/orders. Anyone done this or know where there might be a tute?