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Found 59 results

  1. Hi guys time to look at getting a new fan have changed up the space a good bit and now using half a room rather than a tent. Room is seperated by a large blackout curtain and black and white panda. And sealed to the walls except for a small intake. I currently run a 200mm rhino pro fan. With a str stepped controller. Serves me well but i do get a buzz from the controller had a sparky look at it and he says nothing to worry about he says if you want quiet to look at an ec fan. been online and to local grow shop and both have recommended a few different options. My fan currently sits in a box filled with noise and fire foam. And the only noise is from the controller and ducting . New fan will sit veeticall on top of the filter and have a straight line into loft with phonic ducting. can you guys help with a few fans . so far seen the hyper fan v2 and ac infinity t8 both stocked at local shop
  2. Hey up lads, I have seen quite a few people on here use the eco technics fan controller and I am in desperate need of help. basically I have been using it with out any problems with a system air rvk. Working perfectly great piece of equipment. anyway got some cash so thought I would treat me and the ladies to a new silenced fan which has more power than the rvk and obviously is quite as hell. anyway did the set up on the fans and I though it was working perfectly, so here’s the problem it runs well on the min fan speed but when it changes to full power (80% in this case) and corrects the temps/humidity and switches back to min, the fan still runs at full power even tho it’s suppose to be on minimum. it’s driving me crazy as if I’m out one day and it does this and I’m not there to correct it, it could mess shit up. any help or insights are much appreciated. I also reset the controller back to default to see if this corrects but it hasn’t
  3. Hello again everyone, I have a small issue once again . My grow tent started smelling a bit "damp" in the last few weeks ( 2-3 weeks, 1 week after flowering started ). I removed my humidifier, had another defoliation session and the smell has decreased decently. This made me think that is should change my airflow in the tent. I will send links as to how my oscillating fan is placed. I have it facing the right corner of my grow tent as i had some mild wind burn on some leaves during the veg period. Should i turn my fan in order for it to blow towards my stems and lower plant in general? I read online that another fan should be placed and blowing air over the top of the canopy. Is this true? Thanks! https://ibb.co/Fw5d9ws https://ibb.co/WKx5P8V
  4. Hi All, My first post so please bear with me as I’m not too sure if this is in the correct place. I have a 1.2mx1.2m.2m green qube tent and I’m struggling on which size extraction fan and filter I need. I’m wanting to go with rhino filter and rvk fan as this combo looks popular on this site. any suggestions please? Thank you
  5. I am brand new to this growing game. My seedlings will be 7 days tomorrow. I have a clip-on fan running, however it can be plainly heard downstairs and I’m thinking this is because it is on the tent frame (vibration?) Would a floor standing “computer” USB tower fan or similar be quieter if I stand it on something on the tent base? All suggestions welcomed. Thank you!
  6. I hope someone will advise me please! My seedlings are on day two above soil in a tent. Tent is 60 x 60 x 140. Just 2 seedlings. Temp holding steady at 24.8C and RH at 46% Cotyledons have fallen this morning from one seedling and look due to fall on the other. Question is - when should I switch my circulation fan on for air movement?
  7. Hi Chaps, I've seen many questions regarding filters and fans but have not managed to make sense enough to answer a question i have regarding the sizes. If I have a fan with 800m3/hr, what are the effects of oversizing the filter (eg 1200m3.hr)? I assume that it would offer less resistance, and therefore more efficient airflow through the system, but my question is whether the carbon filter, in order to filter odours properly, would need air to flow over them at the rated speed or is it just a max flow figure? eg is it safe (odour wise) to run air at less than the rated figure as specified for the filter? Cheers as always!
  8. Hello, I’m just wondering in the ‘Ecotechnics Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller’ works with the new EC fans or not? If so does it work with pretty much all fans? Cheers
  9. Can anyone recommend a 6” fan that’s reasonably quiet but not too expensive? For a 1m x 1m tent, I currently have a 5” kaisen in-line which is too loud even with a speed controller. I have a max budget of £150 but would like to stay well within this if possible. The Cloudline ones on @diyleduk look mint. How quiet are they? Can anyone recommend a cheaper option? Cheers wreck-heads
  10. Hey all! First time back on here in a number of years. Im looking to power 2 pc fans for a small enclosure. Each one is 12v DC 0.18amp. i have purchased a dc adapter that is 12v and capable of 1amp. it is to my understanding i should be able to just unsheath the cables, twist them together, seal with some electrical tape and then i should be able to run both fans off of the one power outlet... providing my research serves me well. Im happy to go down this route if someone can confirm this will work, but if anyone can recommend anything i can plug the 2 pc fan connectors in and connect to the mains without having to splice up cables that would also be cool to know! i usually research this stuff on my own as to not bother people with stupid questions and as i say, i think ive found the answer, but not being very electrically minded i wanted to check with people who might have a better idea. thanks in advance anyone who knows more about getting power to a couple of fans when they arent in a PC!
  11. Hello everyone I have bought a ruck eta line 3 speed fan. model EL250 E2M 01 I really need help with how it must be wired. I'm hoping its an easy connection but I don't fully understand the diagram The fan has 5 wires coming out. I think 3 of them are the different speeds. plus one neutral and earth. can you tell me is it correct to wire 1 of the speed wires to live. terminate the extras and connect neutral and ground to too ? Or is there more to it ? I have noticed @Joint hogger knows about this stuff here are some photos ... Thanks
  12. 3.jpg

    From the album yyy

  13. Does anyone use an intake filter in there set up? Personally would like to know for a 4ft x 4ft Tent. If so would you recommend it as essential for every set up?
  14. Good morning everyone, Ive started greenhouse growing this year and was just wondering what the other greenhouse growers use to bring temps down and increase airflow. I dont have an electrical outlet for the greenhouse so it would have to be battery operated and preferably not take up a lot of room as ive just started a charlottes angel in an auto pot system in there yesterday.
  15. Hello all, first post on here so please be gentle. First of all, I'd like to say thanks to all the regular contributors that take time to answer questions and make this site the wealth of information that it is. I've been scouring the site since I joined, trying to get as much info as I can as I have decided the time has come to try and become self-sufficient. I will be growing in a tent in a spare room. I thought a 1.2 x 1.2 tent should be more than sufficient for my needs (4 plants max) but I'm not sure about fan and filter placement within the tent. I am looking at the 6" Silenced Vector EC Fan, which is 708mm long, with the CarboAir 60 150 660, which is 660mm long. Obviously, that makes 1368mm, so too big for my 1200mm tent. My question is this: is it possible to have the filter along the wall of the tent, with a right angle duct and then the fan along the back? As that is the only way I am going to get both in the tent. I could get the standard Vector EC fan, which I think is 425mm, but even then that would be tight, would it not? 425 + 660 = 1085mm. if I could put the filter along a side wall, with a right angle duct then fan along the back, it would solve my problems. I know angles aren't ideal, but surely that fan is powerful enough for that space for it to be ok. I hope this makes sense to those reading Thanks
  16. Hi chaps, Looking for any advice/opinions on which is best? The Phresh seems to have a speed controller dial built in to it, whilst the silenced revolution EC fan needs something called a G.A.S EC Fan Controller (extra £120!) just to control it. Then i also seen a GAS controller for the Phresh Hyper Fan Stealth. Im confused! :S I thought the whole point of EC fans is that they are cheaper to run, and I wouldn't need an extra speed controller (eg smscom hybrid). Apparently the Silence Rev EC fan MUST be used with the GAS controller, but what benefit would one obtain by using a GAS fan controller for the Phresh Hyper Fan because it seems to already have one built in? Cheers fellas!
  17. Sorry probably been done to death, but done a search and couldnt find much What is the best way to attach filters to fans? and fans to duct? as mine came with 2 clips, for the duct I assumed, or is it for the fan and filter, or do you just use tape? Reading alot of contradicting opinions Also, when attaching fans and filters is it quieter to attach them straight to each other or put a meter of duct between them? or does it make no odds Fans are ruck and filter is rhino pro
  18. Hi currently buying bits and bobs for my first grow il be using the dr60 (60x60x170cm) made my mind up on the light il be using the diyled scope-150. Just really stuck on what fan and filter to use want the best one to get rid of all smell and a fan thats not that noisy if possible moneys not really an issue just want the best one for the area im growing in. thanks
  19. Hi everyone got an 8inch fan and filter from rhino so has the plug wired to it. Need a fan controller that wont hum i tried the smscom but hum was terrible. Could someone recommend one that i can plug my fab into rather than wire. Thanks in advance
  20. I am setting up a grow tent (50 x 100 x 200), which is relatively small, and have some questions about the exhaust and intake fans. 1. Does it make any difference if I place the exhaust fan inside the tent, or outside the tent with ducting running inside? 2. Does it make any difference if I place the carbon filter at the 'blow' end of the duct system, outside of the tent, so the fan is sucking air directly from the volume inside the tent? 3. How noticeable is it to aim the exhaust duct at an open window (with no direct line of sight)? Will it create a noticeable, strange noise that would get attention?
  21. Hi everyone, If any gardeners have opinions on the following I'd be grateful for your input I'm getting the kit together for a small grow ... so far have bought a DS60 (60 x 60 x 150) and a HLG 135 w 3000k from diyled so now concentrating on getting the right exhaust and filter ... I've looked at rvk kits and variac controllers ... thermostatic rhino fans... and td silent fans .. but have 99% settled on getting the following fan ... Phresh 6-Inch HyperFan (535 m3/hr) The size seems good (150mm by 300mm) for fitting into my DS60 and hopefully is powerful enough to be run on a low setting.. it also comes with a controller ..I read somewhere that there is a slight high frequency sound associated with the fan but hopefully i can live with that . I'm thinking I could wrap it in acoustic material when it's in place (I'd like everything inside the tent ideally) The filter i'm considering (PHRESH SKINNY LOW PRO FILTER 150 mm x 300 mm (300m3/hr)) is same make and same diameter. I've read that it can be good to go up a size with the filter compared to the fan to reduce noise however this fan is rated with more flow than the filter ... but I intend to have the fan set quite low . and Hoping it will work with passive intake . tent will be in an unheated garage for a period ... maybe a year .. then in the future will be moved into an old water tank cupboard upstairs . in the garage i'll just be recycling air in the garage , although fresh air does circulated to some extent because of gaps in doors etc . then when the tent is in the cupboard ill run acoustic ducting up into the loft (less than a metre straight up) thanks
  22. I have a 4" carbon filter which still has plenty of use in it. I'm thinking of upgrading my fan though as temperatures got dicey when I added more light in bloom last time and don't really want to fork out for another filter. Will a 6" fan (Can max-fan pro) make my 4" Rhino hobby filter die extremely quickly? Thanks all.
  23. Hello! I have recently purchased this Variac: https://www.sentera.eu/Product/Details/eng/108450/230-VAC-transformer-fan-speed-controller-15-A and this extraction fan: https://www.amazon.co.uk/XFLO100S-Inline-Bathroom-Extractor-Standard/dp/B01GCG35RA Despite reading the mounting instruction, I have literally no idea on what to do to connect the Variac to my fan. I have tried searching on the forum but I am not able to find a step-by-step guide for newbies like me. This is the last problem I need to solve before starting my grow, so I would really appreciate if someone who's got a similar setup could help me out. There's nothing on Youtube and can't seem to find anything that explains the mounting for a complete electricity illiterate. Thanks in advance guys.
  24. Hi guys, After a bit of advice! Currently running a 6" system air rvk and it's a bit too noisey for my liking. Even turned down on a controller. After a bit of googling I've come across the Phresh Hyper fan stealth. Watched a YouTube review and looks pretty impressive. Any users on here that can shed any light on these fans or if there's better available I'd love to hear your suggestions please! Also been looking at the filter silencers for extra stealth. Would this be compatable and again any users out there? Are they worth using? And finally do you think it would be worth upgrading all my 6" to 8" so I could run it even lower therefore reducing the sound even more.. Would this work? Any help would be much appreciated!
  25. I guys I’m planning on buying some sort of controller to help maintain the temp in my tent. I’ve got a 600w hps. A 150w extraction fan in 6 inch duct. And a 2kw heater outside the tent. Any suggestions on best set up to maintain temp? Thanks