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Found 1 result

  1. here is a method for training auto flowering plants ive used it on auto's that go from seed to flower in 8, 9, 10 weeks 12L fabric pots and coco, if that matters. its really easy - there's only 3 stages and it works. massive growth, but everything keeps really low. its ideal for anyone struggling with height. how low? well most plants are in the 300-500mm (from top of pot) and ive had 1 that was 600mm but that was a big-genetic type tools and stuff you'll need are some soft rubber w/wire. I use the thick soft stuff you see everywhere, make sure its got the wire in the core though first stage, being stage 1, is at 10 days from when the seedling has come out of the coco and showed its first true leaves get the main stem down/over only. nothing else and most if not all of the time it just ends up being pulled to one side, but thats ok a lot of people might say that 10 days is too young to be pulling on the stem, however I mean really gently. the reason that I do it now and not at 2 weeks/5 nodes is that even at 2 weeks ive found some stems to be too stiff and I end up manhandling them more than id like to bend them over. I just find its easier at 10 days when the stems are still bendable, and ive found no issues with doing it this way. at all. next is step 2, done at 21 days/3 weeks here is before and again get the main stem down again then, working around the pot from one side of the main stem, bend 5 of the best branches spread out like fingers on a hand, spread out around the pot you should have 6 now including the main this is where you'll need some ties and here's a different plant also at this point ill remove most if not all of the leaves and other stems that are inside of the pot all the leaves are growing into each other not to mention down into the coco how to get the main stem down? slowly. and carefully, supporting all the bend point with as much fingers as you can then what I do is if you look at the tie on the main stem, I get most of the tension, as much as I dare so its nice and tight, in the first tie thats closest to the pot, get that secured, and newest growth is easier then to bend down and fix in place with the second tie at this point, most of the branches may not reach the sides of the pot, but thats ok - we're just pointing them in the direction, and at the height, you want them to be keep the middle well clear - you'll thank me later 6 stems including the main seems to be optimum - ive tried more but it gets packed enough as it is last bit is step 3, at 28 days/4 weeks before get the main stem down again going round the other branches, bend the ends down to make them longer. they should have reached the sides of the pot but even now dont worry if some haven't bend everything down and out again I trim up a couple of nodes again on each branch and the main stem like so here's another and this is a shot of the next day, 4 ladies done. there nothing else you need to do now like I said growth is massive. but managable a bit like this the reason ive put the tutorial up now instead of when the plants ive shown being trained are in full flower, is because im impatient. and someone asked for it. ill be back in a couple of weeks to show you how they are in flower mode mystic