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Found 27 results

  1. Hi my fellow green fingered friends! I’m trying to plan ahead for the harvest...my ladies have recently gone out into the wild...admittedly harvest is still a few months off. I am estimating, should everything go to plan and they don’t get ripped or found ill have about somewhere in the region of 100oz. Surprisingly in the bounty of info that is this site I could find an estimate of how much bud I could dry successfully in a particular size tent. Currently I only own a 60x60x60 size tent (no fan or carbon filter) for starting off the ladies for a few weeks before going into the wild, so I can’t imagine that will be of much use. My question is whats the best setup for a dedicated drying tent? I’ll happily get a dedicated tent, fan and filter to avoid any smell and not put my liberty at risk, however if someone could advise me the size tent I’m likely to require and the size fan and filter please? As I’m running 6 different strains I’m aware they won’t all finish at the same time, but I’d rather err on the side of caution and have a big enough tent just in case. another thread suggested a 4inch fan for extraction into a carbon filter would be best - anything more may dry out the bud too quickly, however there were no specifics on the size of that harvest, so I can’t be sure that will apply. If anyone could recommend a particular brand of fan or filter and the appropriate size, I would be grateful. Hopefully I’ll have a bounty to last me years to come...hopefully! It’s all down to the green gods! Appreciate the help and advice
  2. 20190420-200646-2016x1512.jpg

    From the album Pre 99 big bud

    Day 7 of drying..
  3. Hi there, my question is over my last 3 harvests, each approx 3 days long, Everytime I have noticed by the third day, I do a clean up around the floor area of any bud that has fallen on the floor from day 1 or 2 for example, and I keep coming across some unbelievable smelling buds that are absolutely glistening and pretty dry and I can't work out how they have got like this as the ones on the rack are not as similar so to speak, as stated its happened everytime during the night on day 1 and 2 I am turning off all lights and temps dropping to around 16 any idea ????
  4. Hi there quick question hoping you can help, I recently harvested and during this time a few bits from the floor I have put onto the side in the grow room, we're back to them and they are nice and solid, but the rest of the harvest is drying at a different location it is drying lose and airy and not "pulling in" as such more just drying the shape as it is even the nugget kolas, and looks pretty bad tbh, obviously I am thinking the drying environment, can anyone give me and solutions to rectify for this problem or the causes for this the bud is not super super dence but it sure wasn't like this the drying tent temp is 17/18 and humidity is 60RH any replies is greatly appreciated
  5. My ladies have been hanging for 8 days now at a perfect 60/60 temp/humidity. It already seems crispy to the touch but yet a bit spongy. I only have the exhaust on at its lowest setting. Hanging in the same tent it was grown. Do I wait for the distinctive snap of stem or jar them a little before the actual snap? Also the air has quite a ‘hay’ smell in the tent. I thought the slow dry would help preserve the smell of the buds? Thanks 420
  6. Hey 420, I’m about to harvest in roughly 10 days. Ive been given great advice from the guys on here regarding the temps and humidity. I’m going to whole plant hang at 18C 60RH low and slow for 14 days or until stems snap. What I’d like to know is, when drying how do I have the tent set up... 1. Do I have the intake port completely closed off, or the fan just switched off, resulting in the outake fan pulling fresh air in through via intake ducting? 2. I’m expecting the humidity to be really high the first day or so, do I have dehumidifier on to get it down to 60% or will having it on dry it too fast? 3. If the humidity drops lower than 60% during the drying, do I use humidifier in the tent to maintain the 60%RH? 4. With the outake fan turned down to minimum, I guess that will keep air moving, do I also need a small fan pointed away from buds to help circulate air.. or is outtake enough? quite a few questions but if anyone can help out with any of them, that would be great. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I wondered if when drying bud, it smells less (during the process of drying) if it is dried slowly. I would guess that as more moisture is released into the air (by a fast dry), it will also introduce more of whatever makes the plant smell. Anyone know if this is the case? Cheers,
  8. Hi, Sorry for 2 questions in 1 day, but I keep seeing people drying the bud upside down and from a layman's point of view this seems counter productive. Assuming the plants nutrients ability to expire from the plant depends on the plant moisture, and assuming that moisture can travel in the plant, then I would have thought that the plant "Juices" that contain all the bad chems and nutes, will flow the way of gravity. Therefore for best flavor etc its best to hang (somehow) the buds the way they grew rather than upside down. Has anyone experimented with this? Cheers
  9. Line Up.jpg

    From the album x4 Subbie Strains + Dinafem Dinamed CBD

    x6 Subbies, line drying.
  10. Hi, hope everyone is doing great. I live in a damp basement flat. Top tips for drying would be shiny.
  11. Hi guys, Just successfully completed my first indoor grow of 4 cheese cuts. Absolutely chuffed to bits with how it's gone considering the few hick ups I had along the way! I owe it all to my close friend and this forum for the knowledge, so thank you guys Anyway, as the title says... Drying times.. I keep reading people saying 10-14 days drying time, so when I chopped them last week I pulled the light, heater, humidifier out etc. Kept the filter fan on 35%. Turned the rad in the room off and opened the window and was getting daytime temps of around 15-19 degrees and night time temps as low as 9 degrees in the tent. Even still my bud felt crispy after five days and the stems snapped perfectly. At first I thought it even seemed a little too dry but after a couple days in the jars it's got just the right amount of ick back to it. I like my bud to have a little bit of 'life' to it still, I hate it when you get it bone dry. It seems to ruin the taste I find. So I was wondering how are you drying it so slowly? Or do most people seem to like it dried to to a crisp!? Aphat
  12. Hi there all. I don't know if there is anything I can do but I have made a monumental screw-up after just harvesting my buds (just one plant). I had just cut down and trimmed my first ever autoflowerer and was just finishing trimming when I had to drop everything and attend another family matter 300 miles away. So. I just threw all the trimings, buds, leaves in a cardboard box wrapped loosely in grease proof paper (I thought this maybe wouldn't absorb or adsorb any trichomes that I had worked so hard for these last 6 months. To cut a long story short, I was gone 4 days and have just opened the box to find my buds and trimmings all with a layer of mould on the underside that was against the paper. I'm not sure if I should bin the lot or wash them in a waterbath for 7 days then dry them. Any ideas out there? I don't plan to smoke them but to make tinctures or edibles, or at least that was my original idea. I would certainly appreciate any help I can get......many tanks for now, Cmoon..........Respect, as always.
  13. Hi all. I've just read about 'drying' your harvest underwaterfor 7 days minimum to flush out the crap and then quick dry after the 7 days. Has anyone tried this and does it work? It would suit me down to the ground because I don't really have anywhere to hang my plants but I do have a load of fishtanks big and small as that used to be my 'hobby'. I read that is was an old method but I don't care if it's old or not, just if it works...............Any idea guys? With respect.......Always Cmoon.
  14. Harvested a plant today and in a bit of a predicament. Took the best part of a year due to several long story issues. Luckily it made it, and I got a fairly good yield. Now I really don't want it to go tits up. Heres the problem. I've been using a grow room I built inside a garage/shed. I'm glad it was finally time to harvest as the outside temps just entered a bit of a cold snap here as we get closer to winter. Online showing my area as 5C outside tonight, but its only 8:30pm. Worried that tonight might drop to freezing outside - so inside the grow room will be too cold at night. I have no room inside my house anywhere to dry them, and certainly nowhere the smell wont be overpowering. Here is a solution I came to for now - as expensive as it may be :- I sectioned the plant out, and hung everything on a few lines of string inside a big cardboard box. I put the box in the grow room, off the floor on two woodblocks. Left the light on and will run it 24/7 for now. Its hanging about 3 - 4 feet above the box, and the box is not directly under it, but beside it. I've then covered the top opening of the box with more cardboard so that it is still as dark as I can make it inside. I've then perforated the side of the box at the bottom with a patch of small holes the size of a pencil. I've then placed a fan about 3 or 4 inches from said holes, allowing a small amount of air to flow into the cardboard box and encourage air circulation. I've also one small greenhouse tube heater left on beside the entrance of the grow room. Don't think it really has much affect. I put a temp/humidity meter inside the box for a few minutes and then opened it up to check out the readings. It seems less than ideal, wavering between 16 and 17C and the humidity is about 55%. Outside the cardboard box, it reads more like 24C. I reckon its a combination of both being in the dark, and the fan air blowing in. I also know direct fan air is bad, but it really is a barely detectable draught when I put my hand in the box. How long do you guys reckon I can get away with this set up before mould sets in ??? My entire first grow was ruined by mold so it terrifies me now. My second grow was a quick auto to tie me over and I managed to avert mould with it. Dried that one in the same box for about 4 weeks, then transferred it to brown bags for another week before jarring and it worked out good - but that was during the summer and the temps in the room were much better lights on or off. I was thinking if they hold out for a week in these conditions, and the smell dies down, I could then transfer the box to my bedroom to finish the drying there ??? Cheers!
  15. Welkommen... I swear to God I think about posting on here every other day but never really get around to the execution I know what you must be thinking - he's gotta be a lousy grower for sure! Yeah ... you're probably right there too! haha So basically I popped a few seeds back in January ended up with 4 plants in a garage (improvised) in the dead cold of the winter surrounded by spiders and stuff.. We are in Coco 600 120 tent feeding lightly and infrequently (every 2 days or so) heavy-ish watering in veg. Light waterings flower. None of the above details are by choice its just what happened. Like my birth probably! hah Right so off to the races I reckon i'm in for a chop today I will post pics very shortly! Lots of yellow leaves so beware. constructive critics are welcome though! Who's out here?!
  16. I have just harvested my first grow. I am using a drying net. I am growing shark shock to produce oil or paste to try and save my mother in law from a rare brain tumour. If I am producing oil do I need to cure the buds and sugar leaves? I have only watched vids that show buds only curing in jars, are the sugar leaves treated differently or can they also go in jars? Some of the pistils are really thick, should I leave them longer to dry as they also have sugar leaves on. Are they likely to grow mould? When I harvested two of the pistils had mould on them. I removed them straight away but will they have affected the rest of my growth? So far cannot see any other mould. Sorry for so many questions, just need to get it right
  17. Hi everyone, I am a first time grower and joined your site in February. I am growing two shark shock plants to try and save my mother in law from a rare brain tumour. I have read loads of info from this site and numerous web pages and watched countless youtube vids. I am not a smoker or even a drinker so had no clue about cannabis until a few months ago. I am also dyslexic so please forgive my poor writing skills. My mother in law gets called Grandma Watson. She is much loved by everyone. The best cook I have ever known. She sings all the time is full of fun and loves her family dearly. My husband is her oldest child and we will do all we can to save her. She was given 2-3 months to live in January untreated and with radiotherapy this could be extended to 9 months. The tumour is a butterfly shape with the center part being over her frontal lobe, it has feelers that spread through out her brain. The feelers have been getting treated with steroids and they have shrunk back a little. See is in good spirits and says whatever happens, happens. They have asked the consultant about taking cannabis oil or paste and he is fine with it as long as they let him know when they start. He warned of side effects. I need some advice as the plants are ready to harvest and I don't want to get things wrong at this stage. Within the family we have decided to go with cannabis paste. Does anyone have experience with treating cancer with paste? Not a lot of info available in general for producing paste or results. As I am going to use the bud and sugar leaves do I need to trim them off before drying? Do I dry and cure the bud as normal for making the paste? Is it best to dry the bud in a dark place. I bought a drying net so should it be done in a dark room? How long would you recommend for curing? I have read two methods to produce the paste. one is cooking the bud and trim for hours in coconut oil. The other is decarboxilating the bud first then mixing it with the coconut oil. What method would be best? I plan to use capsules, I have bought a small cap filling machine. Is there any tips for filling the capsules with paste so that it does not go everywhere. Any other tips would be gratefully received.
  18. IMG 20150508 181505

    From the album grow2015

    This is shoreline tops hanging to dry had the first stage of trimming will get the second once a bit crispy and properally tidy it up then jar it up I will get some dry nug shoots once ready
  19. hi all.not been on here for a while .just a week away from harvest and i was wondering the best way to dry my buds properly.i have a 60x60 growlab tent,4in rhino fan with a 4 in carbon filter.any help would be apprteciated.
  20. Dusty - trimmed, drying, hanging buds

    From the album Dusty

  21. Ay up pals..... Well, just about to harvest my first crop....all good so far.....thanks for the help. I'm primarily going to make oil with the whole crop and so wondered how careful and thorough I need to be with the trimming...? I understand that it needs to be done right, and hung in the right environment (I'm gonna to hang it in the tent cos I can)...... .....so how much can I leave on the plant without it affecting the oil..?.?.?. All thoughts happily received... Thanks.. J45
  22. ey up, got a quick question for anyone who has tried guerrilla drying before. done all my research for growing outdoors this year, wanna take my first crack at it. there's pretty limited info about on drying outdoors, and what there is makes it sound impossible. has anyone got anywhere with this? there is no way I can do this in my house/outhouse, I have a shed perfect for this but it backs onto a well used public pathway (loads of noses less than a meter away). was thinking of going down the trim n tarp route in the shade. its way above recommended drying humidity here (Lat 53), and my riverside grow site will probably get a lot of low lying mist on a morning - bud rot heaven right? in the past i've dried lavender hung up over a paper bag (not touching the sides) without any mould, but this was in an outhouse. my fam don't mind the stench of lavender though! i'd have to try this outdoors w/ weed if it works better than hanging under tarp. any advice would be great,feel as if theres no point putting any work/dollar into this if i know from the off i wont get to finished product stage. cheers
  23. Hi all, had mixed results before so Im hoping this time will turn out good. Room temps range from 16-20c it goes up when the dehumidifier is on Humidity currently at 55% with dehumidifier on and creeps up to 70-80% if left off for a while. I have high humidity here more so when it's been raining as is the case now Got the xtraction on and a small fan oscillating at the bottom of the tent Am 5 days into drying now and the lovely haze smell has been replaced with that minging grass smell, this has happened every time and so far only twice has it turned to gold so fingers crossed and praying to all gods that this one comes out nice. will try and upload some pics
  24. Drying

    From the album Super iced grapefruit