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Found 29 results

  1. From the album Various Pics

    Essential for comfortable trimming
  2. Pot noodle bubblicious cola

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Bubblicious cut

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. Pot noodle grow Bubblicious (2)

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. Bubblicious and chillies

    From the album Summer 2019

  6. Pot noodle grow Bubblicious

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. Bubblicious cutting

    From the album Summer 2019

  8. Hi, I have four cuttings of Elvis - very robust and problem free grow - and all four are showing yellowing new growth. Problem in more detail: - Yellowing from the stem, outward to the tips - New nodes growing tight together (stunting) - Central leaf viens and stems sowing purple - Some leaf tip burn Background: - The cuttings were held small for around 8weeks. - Potted up into 3lt pots 10 days ago - problems showed in the last 2 days. - Feed is ec1.2 - 10ml Ionic grow and 1ml calmag (mum was on ec2). - Pots are 22.4c at base lights on and no less than 20c lights off - I have not been able to probe into the middle of the medium. Ambient temps are nice. - Water ph is a little alkaline, but Elvis mum showed no issues at all - perhaps the water supply has changed?? I have some ideas - nute lockout causing iron def - or possibly mag def (doesn't really look like mag def to me though) - but hope someone can confirm or shed light on the problem... Their mum grew out in an 11lt pot (so better resistance to temp shifts) and had no issues whatsoever throughout the whole grow - water and feed are the same for the mum as for the cuttings. I lieu of a better one, my plan is to flush tomorrow and start them back on a 0.7ec feed... Many thanks for any thoughts!
  9. Long time no post, hello folks.... Quick question, I've got a palm sized block of pressed kief/pollen and just wanted to be reminded of the best way to cut this into smaller manageable bits to mix in with my joints.....ta muchly
  10. 0001 Skunk #1

    From the album Hippy A's Skunk #1

    Yesterday, Thursday 29th December 2016 after probably the worst Christmas ever, I met a Hippy called 'A' A smoker, dedicated grower and talks like hell after he's had a smoke....... I remember coming away with this little cutting, An old school Skunk #1 which I have big plans for as a mother, She is going to be something else and make people very happy, Currently in an Air pot in coco been fed Canna A & B.

    © The Stoned Hippy & UK420

  11. howdy all, had a look at some cuts today and they have some browning roots looking in the tank (aeroponic) i noticed a few lil dead flies :/ which im guessing is the cause for this, however i have also started using white sponges (cheaper) rather than the black neoprene ones, on these i had noticed that the bottoms of the sponges is also browning blasting it with my water spray seems to clear it a little. they were fine up until now secondly how should i treat this? i've taken them out and blasted them with water which has cleared a bit of the brown stuff off refilled tank and put extra cannazym in