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Found 4 results

  1. Quick question I’m about to upgrade my tent it was either a green cube or budbox pro. Budbox Pro seems to have better features with the doors being middle opening. so what finish would be the best? The white lining or the sliver Mylar finish I understand white will keep temps down abit but silver is more reflective if I’m correct what’s people opinions? many thanks
  2. Hi all, thought I would showcase how I have fit my RDWC in the new tent. I needed a new one and a few months back noticed BudBox Pro had made there inlet manifold "Hole" larger on the newer tents. After several phone calls and a very helpful growshop chap I decided they would actually be large enough for my RDWC Pro system. The pipework is 4" pipe similar to guttering so it was a bit of a gamble but late last week I finally had a clear enough tent to set it all up. The header pot (below) is tight, but it worked. It sits outside the grow tent meaning not only is ALL the grow tent just grow pots, I dont have to go into the tent to do my water changes. Meaning I don't need to disturb the light cycle with green headlamps in the warmer months. So the manifold comes of the header and through the purpose made hole already there..... And then it splits to the first two grow pots inside the tent. So atm I am waiting on some seeds and clones to decide which goes in. I have my own Dark Glue (GG4 BX3) X (DiscoBiscuit BX3 X DiscoBiscuit) clones in the Aero' Prop' and some of @panik 's Zkittzo in soak. I'm leaning towards the clones going in because although the Zkittzo are all one strain they are from seed and may require some different levels of feeding whereas the clones should be more similar in terms of EC needs. But I will take a punt if the Zkittzo look ready enough before the clones root out enough. Flip of the coin right now. I have some major changes going on in here over the next couple of weeks. I have a new CarboAir Filter going in which I already have. Its one of the CarboAir 100's so only 660mm in length and should fit nicely down the centre of the tent rather than central along the back. Got some rigid ducting for fan and filter connection as well. I also hope to have some new lighting going in. I've decided its time to go to LED and out the HID monsters, so fingers crossed @diyleduk can make me something nice, dude I will be in touch soon, just figuring this all out then I will drop u a PM etc. I also have a 2000L a day RO System ready to go in, I'm working on the logistics of this during this week but my plan is to have a collapsible 300L water butt I found on the net for £30 in the room and have the RO system attached to wall above it. Then the day I need to do a water change I switch it on first thing and by about 2PM it should have given me the 270L of filtered water I need, something I will have to measure and mark on the water butt during the week. Still working out how I get the waste back to the bathroom safely but I think I have a rough plan. Should then just be a case of mixing the nutrients etc to the correct EC and leave it for a night to settle before adjusting PH if needed and then empty old and add clean fresh.... I think... Need to Get a SCROG net in here and I have been looking at those elasticated ones that clip to the tent poles. If anyone uses them and reads this and dont mind dropping a little opinion on how they do I'd be really grateful as I'm on the fence with them from what I see pics of online. Well cheers for reading though if yo managed it. Will do another topic when its all done, hopefully Take it easy all. GV.
  3. Me Again Well after my last poor performance with the Mohan Ram grow (about 1oz) I've got straight back on the horse and cracked a couple of cream caramel F1's. I've grown this one before and it was my favourite smoke and best yield (over 2oz with a 125w CFL). It chucked out buds from every damn place! And started budding up really early (for a CFL grow). Now my grow-drobe has improved since then. Firstly i've replaced the box entirely by one twice the size. Secondly I've spoken with @Key4 about setting up an LED strip rig. This basically uses ten strips of 15.5w bridgelux LED's. Not only does this give me better temps (max 25c so far) but also gives me a perfect span of light. The penetration is phenomenal too. These kick out 22'000 lumens @ 700mA. My 150w HPS maxed at 17'000 . . . And this gives much better PAR too, compared with sodium. One of the pair is a week behind as one of my original two beans looked a little 'soft'. So i cracked an other one straight away. So one of these plants, obviously the smaller one, will always be a week behind. So firstly the new box! She is 1200 high x 850 wide x 600 deep. Basically a double wardrobe chopped from 6' to 4'. Still got the 4" extraction which seems to be doing the job just fine, and is quiet! I've also got 7 PC fans on two different circuits. The main circuit runs the extractor fan, an active intake, an active extract (sits behind the filter, which is horizontal and pulls warm away away from it) and another in the section at the top to cool the driver. The second circuit runs the four you can see inside. This will get used later one the plants are much bigger. So firstly here's the new box: And the new light rig : And finally my two new girls: This LED malarky is a new one on me too so shall we see what happens? P
  4. Hi, I am totally new to this and have done some research. I've decided on a BudBox Pro Grow Tent (75cm x 75cm x 160cm). Being a beginner, I was hoping to buy a complete set including the tent, lights, fan and filter but cannot find this online. Does anyone know where I can buy this or recommend a complete kit that has everything I need to get started that does the job well? I have found some complete sets online but with poor reviews. Any advice would be most welcome.