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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, so my girls are now roughly 26 days old. Some more than others but they are showing pistols already? They have only had 2 feeds, one root juice diluted about a week ago and had their first grow nutes today, also quite weak. Iv only just started to Lst which is going well. Is this normal with autos?
  2. Pandora - Autoflowering - Paradise Seeds Gift Giver… In Greek legend, Pandora was the first woman on earth, endowed with a special gift from each of the Gods that sat on top of Mount Olympus. This was the inspiration for the name of this sweet and spicy indica. Pandora is another one of our autoflowering varieties which has been bred with the medical user in mind. When it first came out, she earned the reputation for being one of the most powerful autoflower plant strains in the world. We have used the ruderalis genes to give her the characteristic quick flowering time and short stature, but the rest of Pandora’s personality is pure indica, in the tradition of our famed varieties Sensi Star and Spoetnik #1. Read More.
  3. This is my first time growing auto flowering seeds. I’ve grown feminine seeds for several years quite successfully. They germinated okay and when they got to a couple of sets of proper leaves I pinched out the new growth as I would normally to create more branches = more flowering heads. Should I have done this or not? They are producing lots of pistols and dense leaves where I pinched out and I’m worried I’ve destroyed my crop potential?
  4. Hi all, had these amnesia autos growing for just under 3 weeks now but pretty much since the beginning this plant has had this slight curling effect to the edges of the leaves, whereas an identical plant next door under the same light and temperature etc isn't suffering with the same problem, just wondering if this is anything to worry about? Cheers.
  5. about to start my first grow! just put a bag seed in some soil and it sprouted so thought id have a go at growing some plants properly. I bought 3 feminized autoflowering diesel kush seeds which sounded like a easy grower, and got two free auto OG blueberry seeds, but wandering what the best balance equipment to yield would be? I dont necessarily want to grow all 5 at first, maybe just 2 or 3, and don't mind not getting the biggest yields but yeh would love to be able to get at least a decent yield. I dont mind spending a bit, but dont want to want to spend loads. i do have a south east facing kitchen with big glass sliding doors which probably get about 5 or 6 hours direct sunlight everyday, but i also have a loft/cupboard under the stairs and would be willing to set up something basic if that amount of natural lights not gunna cut it. Also id rather not be using huge amounts of electricity which is why ideally any light set up would be minimal. any advice hugely appreciated! Thanks in advance
  6. Yo EVERYONE, Just after a bit of advice, Ive just harvest a 1.2m2 crop and got 18oz on my first grow, Im pretty happy with that. Ive got some stardawg seeds, my last grow was from cutting. Im new to seeds and the autoflowering thing. Can anyone give me any tips or advice on how to go about getting them healthy and started. This forum helped me massively with my first grow. Thanks in advance. SilverbackGrower
  7. Today when I was breaking up a bit of bud from one of my autos, I randomly came across a lone, stray seed. This is the first seed I have had this year and I am thinking it was due to the plant being harvested too late, which stressed it and made it produce a seed. It was from my Girl Scout Cookies auto which, at the very least, was left a week too long, maybe 2 weeks too long as I arrived on the day of harvest to find it completely overcooked, all the leaves had dropped off and 95% of the trichomes were amber. Still, the Girl Scout Cookies auto was a knockout smoke! I reckon that is why it produced a seed, not because of male pollen as I have not had any other seeds or seen any other male/hermophrodite signs amongst the autos... So what I want to know is whether this seed will still be viable? And will it still carry the auto flowering gene from the plant that produced it? Cheers
  8. Ok, so I am going to run some autos with this years grow just to experiment, but also because I don't want to wait until Sep/Oct to get me some smoke! I will germinate the seeds as usual and then place them into the smallest pots I can find for a period of 3-5 days, just to protect them and make it easier for the shoots to emerge and the roots to become established before planting directly into the ground. I will transplant the seedlings early on, way before they become root-bound as I know this can fuck autos up. I will also use scissors to carefully cut the pot open so I don't damage any of the roots when removing it and reducing any transplant shock. Hopefully once in the ground my autos will grow as they would inside pots, as I cannot see how the biological process would be any different by putting them in the ground...? Despite the logic of this, I have heard from many people (American) that you cannot plant autos in the ground and that you must use pots to make them 'auto'. This just doesn't make sense to me however, so here is my plan of action below... Day 1 - Germinate auto seeds Day 3 - Plant seed(s) in small pot Day 6 - Remove seedling(s) from pot and plant in ground with protective cloche Day 14 - Remove protective cloche Day 17 - Give nitrogen/veg nutes Day 40 - Give flowering/bloom nutes Day 70 - Harvest (The other option would be to skip the small pot & place the germinated auto seed(s) directly into the soil and cover them over with a protective cloche. I may do this with a couple to compare). QUESTIONS... - Will growing them in the ground as opposed to in pots cause them to NOT auto flower? - Will growing them in the ground as opposed to in pots cause them to take longer? - Should I expect bigger yields from this method? - Are there any other drawbacks to doing this? Cheers, guys
  9. big bang auto day 11

    From the album big bang auto flowering

  10. big bang auto day 11

    From the album big bang auto flowering

    plant 1 day 11
  11. just germinated 3 seeds big bang auto using paper towel method then planted the germinated seeds in bio bizz light mix 2 of them pooped through soil yesterday. 3rd one today and i noticed something strange has 3 seedling leafs, never seen this before anyone had this ? (don't have a clue how to upload pics to keep people updated on it )
  12. Dinafem white widow auto

    From the album 1st ever grow

    Getting bigger.
  13. Dinafem white widow auto

    From the album 1st ever grow

    This is what she looked like when I was given her, the runt of the litter.
  14. Hey Guys, Quick questions, i was wondering how autos would grow under 12//12 light ? i was thinking it might be cool to put some of those wall mounted plant pots on the wall and putting low ryders in them while my "normal" plants are flowering ? I just dont wanna waste money, so i thought id ask youlott :-D I have a separate veg room but (clone station) but it's not vented or filtered...