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Found 1 result

  1. Got a few autoflowers on the go in my new setup and have run into an issue it seems. Nothing major, looks like the plants are doing well and will recover no problem. Just hoping to get some of your opinions to determine the problem and discuss any fixes. Background 80x80x180 (Homebox) Soil: Biocanna Bio Terra Plus Enhancers: Worm Castings (around 20%) Nutrients: Guanokalong Organic Dry Amendments: Vegetal Fertiliser (5-4-5) + Complete organics (2-5-3) Mixed 5 tablespoons of the 5-4-5 and 3 tablespoons of the 2-5-3 into soil before planting. (considerably less than the recommended feed) Can amend by top-dressing and/or compost teas. Attis 300w (currently set to 180w and 63cm from the plants) 125mm TT strapped to a carbon for exhaust Strains: 2 x Strawberry Banana (Fast Buds) , 1 x Wedding Cake (Barneys Farm) Day 16 since seed Temps: 25-26 Celcius on average Humidity: 55% average Watering has been on a good wet/dry cycle of every 5 days. Started LST and some leaf tucking just yesterday hence their wonkiness. Generally growth has been good, new growth has exploded since yesterday and their on the right track. The leaf discolouration has gradually gotten a little worse, take a look: 2 x Strawnannas on the left. 1 x WC on the right Strawnnanna #1 #2 Yellowing leaves on strawnanna same here WC general colour is a lighter green than the Strawnnanas: And has a similar yellowing issue. Thanks for dropping in LD