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Found 25 results

  1. Having never really been one for training of any type let alone SOG, SCROG etc I have decided that I want to give it a go, or at least dip a toe in some LST to get me going. I have read about all there is to read on the various methods and really like the look of the Nebula Haze methods of LST and SOG.... Having read and re-read only one question seems to remain fixed in my little brain and that is.... How much extra Veg time should be allowed when undertaking LST, SOG? I may be wrong but I am assuming that after topping and splitting you need to extend the veg time to allow for the extra growth required to make a decent low level canopy.... Happy to be guided if I am not thinking this through clearly or overthinking... Wouldn't be the first time!! Cheers
  2. I have a 60x60x90cm propagation tent which will soon be redundant. Is it possible to do a SOG with 16-20 autos with that height (I'm using blurple until diyled gets stock). What d'ya reckon? TIA
  3. This grow is for @HSO-Mark. This is a knew fast strain from Humboldt Seed Organization I will be growing the OGKZ first, and I plan on doing another new strain from HSO a fast-flowering Green Crack (this sounds interesting) next. The plan is to let her vegetate for about 3 to 4 weeks then flip her to 12/12. The veg tent is a DYI 2x2x3 with a LED Plant grow light that emits light between 449nm blue and 630 red. This light is only for vegging. The flowering tent is also DTI 2x3x6 with a Mars-hydro 300 led light in a DWC bubbler, with two separate air pumps. Well, I think I am ready to give it another go. Let the fun begin. Only one plant for now. (Keeping It Simple KISS) Indica/Sativa Hybrid - 80/20 Indica dominant strain, OGKZ has a THC is in the range of 24%. Effects are Cerebral, Long-lasting, Powerful Method: DWC 5-gal bucket. RO water. Medium: coco cord/perlite, root wool and Hydroton clay pebbles. Light Marshydro 300 LED. Flower DIY Tent: 2’x3’x6’ (expandable) with Panda wrap. Looking to buying a tent down the road. 5-gallon bucket. I plan to elevate the bucket by 4” inches; to facilitate water changes. 6-inch Exactor with speed controller and carbon filter. Exhausted outside, passive air intake. 1 Air pumps 40 gallon and 1- 10 gallon (flower tent), and 1 - 10 gallon for veg. 2- 6” clip fans, 1 - 10” stationary. Only using the clip fans at this time. I will be doing an LST with SOG net to maximize yield; but more so to learn how to do it better. Only one plant for now. (Keeping It Simple KISS) Nutrient: I decided to give GH Flora Duo part A and B a try; because I don’t think I will have enough HP Flora Grow series for the complete grow. Cal-Mag Silica Orca Hydro-guard PH up and down Epson salt if needed PH and TDS/EC meters. 3 temp./ humidity monitors – low, middle, and the third one will be for the veg. tent. Tent Temperature c / Humidity: ( ) I water November 25th, transferred to paper towel on the 26th tap root appeared 8 hours later - transferred to rockwool or maybe coco/perlite TBD, maybe tomorrow. Germination occurred at temp 21.5 and 49% RH in sealable sandwich bag. I know this may not be the norm, but it is what my readings are. Current bucket: RO water Bucket temp. Initial readings: PH EC TDS Temperature: c Humidity % If I left something out, I will update accordingly; but feel free to ask questions. Keep on smiling, BB
  4. As the title says has anyone grown from clone to harvest in 4 inch rockwool cubes ?. 6 inch are too big from testing. Now the plan: @diyleduk and anyone else for that matter this may well be something to chew over, it's happening either way as I have been lazy about this for too long now. Lets max this bitch ass flower cab to the limit. Im exploring the idea yet again of converting my flower cabinet from a two level grow space to a three level. Max height per level will be just over 2ft high. Yeah it's going to be tight for sure but should prove to be a fun way to grow. 12inch top colas only is the aim. I have enough led strips to cover it and am building the extra new light this week when the heatsinks arrive to try this out. I don't think the old rule of 30-40 watts per square foot will be relevant in such low height spaces considering the amount of reflected light etc and should allow me to run everything very efficient. Any input here on cube sizes or lighting would be appreciated I no it's certainly not what many people will have experience with if any but more heads having a think is better than one. Toke...
  5. I have 4 plants all the same strain (ZK) but one has outgrown the others to a point where I’ve raised the light for her but am concerned the others will be starved of light as a result. I haven’t read up on SOG or SCROG and I’ve only lightly trimmed the lower leaves recently. I’m 4 weeks in to flower so what can I do? Is bending the tall girl over an option? its my first grow and I’m enjoying it despite all the stuff I’ve yet to learn.
  6. Kush SOG in 3.8L pots of coco

    From the album Various Grows

    A 28 Kush plant SOG in 1.5m2 grown using a RTW dripper system on Medusa Trays under a 1000w DE MH & HPS.
  7. Hey everybody! I got a SoG journal for you today. Planted 8 Fem Harakiri by Holy Seeds Bank and about to plant lets say 6 Reg Super Silver Hashplant by Bodhi Seeds. These are going into a 2 x 4 foot tent. Coco coir. Greenleaf Megacrop nutes, with Roots xcellurator and some other house and garden additives i got from thier sample pack. Probably veg 5 weeks and then trim up a bit and flip. We'll see. Last time I had 18 plants and vegged too long and they stretched like fuck fighting for light. So gonna keep this one a little tighter. Dont know the sativa/indica % of the SSHP but the Harakiri is 70/30. Ive done a couple other journals that didn't pan out so great, but I think I got this figured out now, and you are welcome to stick around to the bitter or not so bitter end. Pix soon. Even though the early pix are meaningless imo, i'll post when something interesting pops up.
  8. Morning all, I’m planning on my first grow and after doing a bit of reading i want to give SOG a go. I also want a hydro set up to make watering and feeding a bit easier. My tent will be a 1.2 square budbox and after reading a few threads this weekend, I was going to fill it with between 9 and 12 pots. I’m not averse to coir as I already use it in my garden, and if I went that route, I’d set up a Dripper system from an outside res. However, I saw the Oxypot veg DWC 9 pot system over the weekend and wondered if it would perform well for a SOG grow in a 1.2 tent? It’s about 82.5cm square, so leaves room around the edges of the tent for a radiator and dehumidifier. I’m planning on a 600w digital ballast. Thanks in advance, Al.
  9. Ok folks here we go I'm doing another grow with Dinafem's Gorilla strain. I should have had a Dinafem for seeds diary on the go last year but other things took preference, and I feel it's time to put my guilty mind to rest. I'm not even finished my current grow with them but I just love growing this beast of a strain. Photo below: a Dinafem Gorilla sog plant in current grow. So we will start here with a plan, but subject to change without notice. I am currently in the process of taking some clones from the Gorilla mother plant that I started to grow when the strain first went on sale. This girl lives under the stairs with a 50 watt led cob for light and in a 8l fabric root pouch packet with roots and some coco. She gets starved then fed then roots chopped then put back in the pot, gets whacked with the strimmer and chainsaw etc you get the idea. Clones from the Mother, the clones sit in water with a touch of seaweed extract for a couple of days then move on to the rooting stage straight into tiny pots of canna coco professional, no gels, rooting powder etc. They then get set in a little container with a lid. The temps in the container normally sit at 25c and humidity at 100% for a few days, then I let some air in and give them a little spray of water if needed and leave an air vent open. Normally I have the nubs of roots in 7 days and day 8-10 they should have roots about 10-20mm long, at that stage I remove them from the propagator and usually just put them straight into their final 2l pots of coco to root out for a week or so or as longs as need be. My plan is to have 8 good clones every 3 weeks being put into the flower cabinet. Rinse and repeat until I have one of the levels in the cab full. That should keep me from running out of smokes. They will get flowered under Samsung Led Strips custom built for my cabinet by Diyleduk who was kind enough to let me test the units and see what results we could achieve with max 285 watts of power at the wall. Which I'm sure those who look at my diaries can see what can be done even when I near kill the plants in the process. So here is a photo of clones sitting in a plastic cup that I posted before but feel they should be shown again in this thread. I have about 3 weeks left in my current grow and then I will start feeding in the clones. I'm never in a rush so it is what it is. Dinafem - Gorilla sog girls The diary will be update on a weekly basis and is most likely to be photo heavy rather than my ramblings, lets face it we all like pictures and the plants can do the talking. If you see me making any mistakes which I do a lot off or would just like to chime in, offer some tips / advice or follow along for the ride, please do, feedback is always appreciated. Lighting will be Samsung Strips as mentioned above and will range from 200-285 watts until we add another couple a strips and a new driver then we can hit 350 watts max and see how it goes. Grow space roughly 4.8ft long X 2.5ft Depth and 100cm in height. Lights currently being used and in testing, thanks Diyleduk Photo below of the cabinet. Lower level will be for this grow. Should be a simple grow using straight forward basic feeding Medium will be: Canna Coco Professional Nutrients: Canna Coco A/B Additives: Canna PK13/14 Calmag only if needed, some days my tap water reads 0.3 EC -0.5 EC no idea why. Well that's a wrap for tonight. Toke...
  10. Hi everyone, happy Friday! Usually use the rule of thumb for whatever height you have in veg, expect twice the height when finishing flower. But can someone give me some guidance on recommended heights or ratio's for how high they would setup their netting please, even if only an estimate. I turned mine into flower and the net took about 2 weeks to really get to, what stage do people bend under the tops. 2 Weeks feels a bit late, maybe I should have the net lower? I have a 2.2m tent. Top of my 25L pots stand around 0.5m off the floor. I setup my net 75cm from the top of the pot. My next tent is going to be 2m high. I know there will be variation from strain, lighting etc. But any basic guidance would be great even if its estimation.
  11. G'day all, My apologies if this has been covered, but I've spent the last week going backwards and forwards over which strain to buy for a small SOG grow and I've yet to find any info as to whether my preferred stains are well suited. I'm looking for a indy dom/100% indy and my shortlist is Critical Kush, Purps #1, or a cheese strain (although I'm very suggestible). I very rarely grow SOGs these days but I need to cram a quick one in before the weather warms up and, whilst I know most strains will SOG, some get touchy. So, I'm rather hoping that someone in the know can point me in the right direction. Will the three above be happy in a SOG or are there other Dinafem strains more suited? I'll be growing from seed and will probably flip when they're about 6 inches or so. I prefer to stick to a single strain. Many thanks.
  12. 5c3b9c35dbdbe-2mpday6.jpg

    From the album freedom

    6 days into 14 day veg
  13. Hi all, I'm going to screen of green my 9 plants in my 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.0. I usually lollypop from early stages of veg, and leave the last week or two into new pots then basic scrog method for even distribution. However, I think I haven't been creating the best method for yield. I think I need to utilize the scrog method better. I have the plants in small pots currently. My plan was to create 4 cola, then use each of the 9 segments (500 x 500) to then position a cola equally. Then moving whichever tallest cola into the available location. My trouble is to predict at which point I should be moving them into the larger tent, re-potting etc. I don't want to trim any nodes either too late, as I know that limits growth. Does anyone have any guidance on when to time creating the screen etc, so I don't leave them too long or change the flower cycle too early.
  14. From the album The White House

    Dinafem - Gorilla Day 31 Top Shelf - Day 27 Bottom Shelf
  15. Dinafem - Gorilla Sog .jpg

    From the album The White House

    Dinafem - Gorilla Sog Day 8 of 12/12 Batch 1 = Bigger Plants Batch 2 = Smaller Plants
  16. Hey all, assuming clones from a soil based mother, lets say ... 20cm sprout length, that will be put into root riot blocks, expected to be in immediate flower period (Is this optimal?) what is the perfect distance between each plant? I am currently using ... 175mm but would love a pro input
  17. Flowering

    From the album Flower Room

    Trial SOG grow in flood and drain hydroton on the right. Female Seeds Iced Grapefruit. Rooted clones at 4 inches tall put straight into flower finish height 14 inches. Front left Female Seeds Iced Grapefruit mother plant put into flower. Clones took from it to be used as mothers for next run in the SOG table. Back left Humboldt Seed Organisation - 707 TruthBand mother plant put into flower. Clones took from it to be used as mothers for next run in the SOG table, if structure is suitable. lighting 11 on 13 off ​
  18. Iced Grapefruit Day 40 of 12/12

    From the album Flower Room

    SOG grow test 14" bud sticks lighting 11 on 13 off
  19. Iced Grapefruit Day 40 of 12/12

    From the album Flower Room

    SOG grow test 14" bud sticks lighting 11 on 13 off
  20. Hi, getting good yield and effects, but simply failing to get any smell from the buds. Have grown NL, ruderalis indica, ak48 and power africa, got a strawberry blue half way in flower now and hoping to get some smell from the cured bud this time. Growing as SOG under 150w of cfl in 3gal of soil, temps between 20 and 25, humidity I can't get lower than 63% and harvesting after 20% amber trichromes, flushed 10 days or so. Drying for 4 days in 70% humidity then paper bag for a day and curing in jars. Any ideas? Cheers.
  21. 20140619 130853

    From the album bb cheese

    Jiffy 7 peat in pots and progator

    © SilveRizla

  22. 20140619 131106

    From the album bb cheese

    My bb cheese

    © SilveRizla

  23. 20140619 132029

    From the album bb cheese

    Waiting for seedling to hatch

    © SilveRizla

  24. Hi all, Am thinking of using a 3ft x 3ft flood tray to raise maybe 4-6 plants in a scrog fashion. My question is - If i have loose media such as clay pellets in the tray will the roots for these plants compete for nutes and height? Would I be better off growing in pots and without the ebb and flow system (i just really like the idea of that style because its simple) I will have a seperate are for mothers and clones... or thinking of just running an autoflowering strain for my first grow to keep things simpler. (gives me time to raise proper mums from seed to clone to clone) Any thoughts appreciated and will be taken into consideration. also isnt there more chance of bud rot / mould in scrog with the plants being held so closely together?
  25. 'Stars'.

    From the album cannybuzz's cannabis's

    left to right: 1 'Green Love Potion',1 Lemon Skunk' n' 2 Pineapple Chunk'.+ base of 1 'Nightqueen'.