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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone , I am a first time grower i thought would start a journal and update weekly hopefully till harvest. Heres some info on my setup SPACE - walk in closet thing. Floor space 4 ft x 1.5 feet height is around 4 foot total then theres a shelf lighting is on underside, filter on shelf itself . SUBSTRATE - plant magic supreme NUTES - plant magic , grow , bloom , root granuals ( 20g per pot ) , bio silicone and , mag if needed. FILTRATION - 6" rhino hobby vented into loft space . LIGHTING - 2 x mars 300 led light units well will be as of tomorrow ( plus birthday end of week hopefully order my 3rd ) so will be 280w actual draw and 420w if i get the 3rd panel over the comin week 4 x cfl 125w daylight bulbs ( not all running because of heat issues but are there if needed ) i will probably run what cfl i can heat permitting along side the panels. AIR MOVEMENT - 2 x 6" clip on fans WATER- gassed of for 24 hrs with airpump tap water PLANTS - planted straight from seed strains are incredible bulk and rhino ryder from gorilla seeds both start 3 rd week veg tomorrow rhino just hitting pre flower now , no sign on the bulk as yet but its growing well ! Royal queen seeds bluematic and royal dwarf these are starting second week veg tomorrow ( note i start my veg count from first small group of leaves not the initial pop of them ) Here is a pic although having trouble putting on this thread? So heres a link http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=350735 Royal dwarf on the far left then the rhino then the bulk (noticibly bigger ) then the bluematic. As already stated this is my first ever grow thought maybe start a journal so members can follow to check out strains maybe, or maybe just help me out as and when i may need it . Am not expecting miracles from this first grow but if i grow enough to justify my running costs and initial setup costs i be happy . Hopefully get enough to tie me over until my next harvest and i can dump the dealer. I have 4 plants and aiming for 4 oz , time will tell i suppose either way am pretty sure am at the best place to be any suggestions etc good or bad will be takin on board and hopefully we can have a laugh along the way .
  2. Hi am after some advice from experienced growers , its a first indoor grow but first some information. Media / nutes - plant magic supreme , and oldtimers veg / bloom , root granuals and silicone . Strains - incredible bulk auto , rhino ryder auto , royal bluematic auto , royal dwarf auto Grow space 4ft by 1 and half foot closet grow . ( 6 square feet ) floor space, total height is 4 foot thats were lights are situated 6" rhino hobby carbon filtration exhaust into loft space . Lighting mars hyro 300 = around 140 true watt 2 x 50w warm led floodlights 4 x 125w cfl daylights ----------- So my question is mainly about lighting have i got enough? I know the l.e.d floodlights are not ideal/ recommended but they were only bought as a cheap substitute / suplimmental lighting ... i figured they cost 17 pound ( less than a bag of weed ).....the cfls i had knocking about anyway . Now the mars lighting - is this enough for the space i am using on its own ? Would i be better buying 1-2 more same size or a mars 600 ( just under 300w actual draw ) or would 450 true watt alltogether be overkill on a 6ft square space ???? Has anyone used warm 2000 odd K white l.e.d floodlights for supplimental lighting? on bottom closet shining up on a angle for the lower buds??? I know cfl are meant be daylight for veg then swapped to a 2000 odd k bulb but can i flower well using the daylight bulbs alongside the flowering spectrum led units without it making airy buds etc ? The reason i think this is because you can mix flower and veg cfls through flowering surely a flower spectrum led and veg cfl would give simmilar effects?? Now please take it easy on me i am a beginner and i am posting for advice any comments will be took on board 👍