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Found 235 results

  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-58892160 Ouch. But to say they have the same visions and values as you, when they clearly dont is a bit silly.
  2. Hey all has anyone grown any high CBD strains that are little to no THC % ? at least less than 1% THC ('Charlottes Dream' for example, a cross of Charlottes Web and Blue Dream') Ive seen many seeds and the genetics claiming to end up around 10 - 15% CBD and 0.5% thc or 1% thc at the most, Im wondering if these plants smell as strong as all the other strains ? Also last question has anyone ever sent off some bud for THC/CBD testing? is it expensive ? I know this is a THC lovers haven and that THC can be good for pain etc (helps me sleep at night) , this is more the case im looking for a Sativa dominant CBD strain i can vape every day to help regulate mood and anxiety without feeling heavy and tired. Ive Tried a fair few CBD flower vendors and some of them i have tried have gave me this exact functional level headedness, but it can be inconsistent Thanks in advance
  3. Myself and my partner haven't really smoked in about a year, after almost daily smoking for 2 years. Im planning to do another grow and im thinking about what strain I want to do. After such a long stint of not smoking im a bit iffy about the paranoia and anxiety from high thc strains. Whereas my partner absolutely loves the couch lock effect from conventional indicas and is wary that the cbd strains won't give a similar effect. I started thinking about CBD strains with a 1:1 ratio or things with lets say, 15% thc and maybe 10% cbd. I've read that some of those new cbd strains that the likes of Dinafem, Royal queen and Sweet Seeds now sell give you a high with no anxiousness or paranoia due to the cbd content. This really interests me but I don't want to commit to a 3 month grow of something that we may both end up not liking. Have any of you guys grown out any of these CBD strains before and what are your thoughts on them?
  4. Hi everyone just a thread to gather fellow growers experiences. I've been looking for a low THC Cheese strain worth trying. So if you have any recommendations please let me know. And say what was the % and what it was like. Thanks P.S I have tried Exodus Cheese CBD Auto already. I only grew one out of a pack of 5. Was OK but had hope for a better taste. Might run them again at some point to find a better phenotype.
  5. Hi all, So I joined this forum ages ago, had a break from weed for a few years but i recently enjoy it again now that im more settled. Anyway, i was just going to say that i notice a lot more CBD strain diaries and smoke reports, and i wanted to ask a few questions to those who grow and use it. - Do you use the CBD flower on its own or do you mix it with higher THC strains? - Has anyone here used CBD flower and found it improved their mental health overall - Has anyone here experimented with different ratios? so Anything from Very low THC (1-2%) to equal ratios of 1:1 CBD:THC and what effects did you find? and what was you using less for? Currently i mix some regular smelly strong stuff with some CBD flower and i find it to be the most enjoyable experience and more functional but obviously if i have nout to do or its evening i will add more THC. Thanks
  6. herb.png

    From the album My album

    cbd + regular
  7. HI So. I started growing because my partner has massive benefits from an under the counter oil/tincture where the over the counter CBD did little or nothing. Nor had my Dad (RIP) any benefit from the stuff he got prescribed back in NL My first grow is an auto kalashnikov and I hope to harvest in 3 weeks.... and I am planning my next grow Auto Royal Jack and Auto Fat Banana The first strain because it is a nice CBD THC mixture , I thought] The Second because I like the buds , is stronger than WW or Kalashnikov, and am curious how that one will pan out The current tincture we have is based on white widow and tmy current plants are accidentally in the same range of canabidoids Strange thing is that CBD is supposed to help for pain (but see above m did nothing much) but WW is high in THC (ok was high back in my time now tere is GG4 ) But I am thinking/wondering What if you would tincturise a GG4 and a Harlequin .... Would that work? Has anyone tried it
  8. Queen CBD by MMG

    From the album QuessadillaTom’s 1.2 x 1.2

    Queen CBD by MMG
  9. Britain could make millions from cannabis (CBD) oil as ministers consider ditching EU laws Britain is one of the biggest consumer markets for CBD at £300 million, and it is projected to increase to £1 billion by 2025 Britain could make millions from medicinal cannabis oil (CBD) as ministers consider ditching EU laws which require valuable hemp leaves to be destroyed. Pre-Brexit EU rules prevent farmers from harvesting the leaves and flowers of hemp, which they are required to destroy even though they are the source of cannabidiol, the key component in a £300 billion global CBD oil market, according to a major report. It means that a typical UK farmer will net £20,000 from the stalks and seeds, but have to burn the leaves and flowers that could be sold for £100,000 for use in the legal CBD oil business, according to the report backed by lawyers, Tory MPs, farmers and coordinated by the drug reform group Volteface. Instead of using home-grown hemp oil, Britain is importing tens of millions of pounds of CBD products from other countries who are cashing in on the growing demand for medicinal cannabis fuelled by its success in treating childhood epilepsy. One of the biggest producers is Switzerland, which has exploited its position outside the EEA/EU to harvest the leaves and flowers to produce the oil. Both the US and Australia have also introduced laws to boost hemp farming in the past four years. Farmers are currently required to destroy the leaves and flowers of hemp plants. Now it is understood EU ministers are considering similar changes to allow farmers to harvest the entire plant rather than the seeds and stalks which are used for hemp seed oil, textiles and building materials. Environment minister Victoria Prentis said: "Defra will be commissioning a project on the potential use of under-utilised, underdeveloped or novel crops, including hemp. We are also considering the role of hemp in the bioeconomy and the opportunities this presents for UK farmers." Despite the fact they are not psychoactive, the leaves and flowers of hemp are "controlled" under the Misuse of Drugs Act. For this reason, hemp leaves can only be cultivated and harvested under a Home Office controlled drugs licence, which makes it uneconomic. The calls for a change in the law are backed by senior Tory MPs Iain Duncan Smith, a former Conservative leader, former Transport Minister George Freeman and former Justice Minister Crispin Blunt. Mr Freeman said: "(We have) a situation where we are in danger of missing out on a potentially enormous global industry. "If we can get the regulatory framework right… where there is huge demand for medical cannabis and medical cannabinoid products, then we could start to grow more of that and supply that product here in the UK. "We could have an industrial hemp industry that would be good for British farming and agriculture, we would not rely on imports so much to develop these products and that would be good for the balance of trade." Hemp Britain is one of the biggest consumer markets for CBD, at £300 million, and it is projected to increase to £1 billion by 2025 which campaigners say will be served by imports without a change in the rules. The report said Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, could easily amend the current guidance without the need for primary or secondary legislation simply by writing to her drug advisers to request a change. Farmer Fred Fellowes, the heir to the title Baron de Ramsey, is campaigning to be the first producer of CBD oil in the UK, arguing that it is also one of the "greenest" crops. "In a time that farmers are being told that carbon emissions and soil health are paramount it is perverse that the one crop that excels in correcting both of these is still criminalised by our Government," he said. "Every month and every year this situation continues we are losing the chance of having any position in this emerging, global industry and with that the jobs and benefit to the rural economy and environment that would result." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/04/23/britain-could-make-millions-cannabis-oil-ministers-consider/
  10. Helloooooooo ! Here comes the 420 week and of course Paradise enjoys to celebrate , especially with the 420ers' !!!!!!!! A complete week of promo, each day a new one ! Great ! and here come the presents ! Take a Spin! 7 days of unique 420 daily promotions! And today it's 25 off on all the CBD Strains !!!!!! Good afternoon and see you tomorrow for the new promo ! PS: The promo of the day ends at 23:59, so don't miss it if you want it.... Ciao ciao !
  11. Looking forward to the new Real Gorilla seeds strains coming soon. I should imagine most outdoor growers in the UK especially guerilla growers are waiting for this to drop too. If like me, the suspence is killing you. This thread is for you. If not, then why not. Every grower should have least a couple of RGS in there collection. I was hoping for some pure indicas, and maybe something with a bit of cbd in it for 2021. What you looking for?
  12. Hi all Somewhat new around here. I was active back in 2013 but there was zero chance of me retrieving my old email address, password etc. I exclusively smoke CBD bud. Years of abusing THC caught up with me and unfortunately I can no longer tolerate it without it causing bouts of long lasting anxiety (months if used for a few weeks and weeks if used for a few days). Unfortunately I believe it is just how I am wired and of course not everyone will experience the same after prolonged use. Anyway, I am back GG'ing after a seven year hiatus and I have 6x Seedsman Pink Kush Auto, 2x Seedsman Sweet Pure Auto and a random CBD 'Skittles' bag seed. From what I have discovered through research Pink Kush does well outdoors whereas Sweet Pure is so-so. I have never grown CBD strains before so was wondering whether anyone out there has any experience of doing so and whether you have any useful tips or advice. I know that ultimately the plant is the same and the only difference is the engineering to produce high CBD and low THC but knowledge is power and I am keen to learn more so if anyone has any experience if this area I'd love to hear more. Thanks
  13. Hi to everyone on this much-cooler-than-me forum, I used to smoke the odd baccy/resin rollup in my twenties/thirties and always enjoyed the experience - also used to smoke it neat sucking on a pin-pricked coke tin which I preferred. I smoked regular baccy back then, too, but gave it up in my early thirties. Now in my fifties I'm having a shitty time with my health and am looking to find an occasional pick-me-up when life is busy serving me turdburgers. I get that life is probably pissing everyone off right now, but it's more my health issues that are fucking with my head. Three years ago I had a stent fitted and I currently take the usual meds to counter high cholesterol/bunged up arteries etc... In the last two years my digestive system started playing up and I wake up in the middle of the night with chest pains associated with silent reflux/hiatus hernia. I take PPIs for this, plus anti-acids, plus ginger root, plus probiotics, plus ... you name it. So enough of the whining, everyones got problems, right? The upshot of my health issues means that alcohol and/or good food has become a vengeful indulgence. A couple of drinks or a tub of Ben & Jerry's, and I can forget about getting more than 2 hours restless sleep - and boy, the payback after! What I'm looking for is something to take the edge off before I go to bed but is also somewhat pleasurable. A replacement for alcohol and nice food that also helps me chill before bedtime. I thought about a high CBD/Low THC cannabis solution and immediately found this forum and read all the heart-related threads. Great stuff and some useful opinions! It seems that smoking neat/edibles or vaping is best for someone with heart concerns. That's as far as I got. I'm so out of touch with the world of cannabis - you can probably tell by all my uncool references - that I don't know where to start, or even if I should. What I need your thoughts on - please - is: What should I try - and in what form - for a relaxing/not too high, high? - don't want anything giving me heebie-jeebies or sending my heart palpitating into shutdown. Best way to ingest it given my health issues? Do I grow it myself/use a website or what? Thirty years ago, it seemed so much easier - like everything does when you're young! Any advice will be received with mountains of gratitude. I've got to get some peace back into my life and - even after a whole morning of online searching on Saturday - I'm still close to clueless.
  14. Legendary OG CBD bagseed 1

    From the album Lockdown Adventures 2021

    First out of the gate for me in 2021
  15. Legendary OG CBD bagseed 1

    From the album Lockdown Adventures 2021

    First out of the gate for me in 2021
  16. Just adding this out of interest. Full article here: http://tokesignals.com/parents-thca-tincture-works-just-as-well-as-cbd-for-pediatric-seizures-heres-how-to-make-it/ There Is An Effective, Non-CBD, Non-Psychoactive Way To Control Seizures With Cannabis. Most of us have heard, in the past few months, about the wave of “medical marijuana refugees” descending upon cannabis-friendly destinations like Colorado. Many of these refugees are families who have children suffering from Dravet syndrome and other severe forms of epilepsy and pediatric seizures, and ever since CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary, “Weed,” more and more of these parents are willing for their kids to try cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Demand for the particular high-CBD strain, Charlotte’s Web, has gone particularly crazy since Dr. Gupta’s show aired, because it was the one mentioned by name. What many panicked parents don’t realize, upon first entering the initially bewildering world of medical cannabis, is that there are a number of other high-CBD strains as well, some with reported numbers higher than those of Charlotte’s Web. Several state Legislatures, particularly in more conservative states such as Alabama, are also considering “CBD-only” legislation which would legalize CBD oil but leave THC illegal. This is particularly unfortunate for a number of reasons. Two of the major ones are (1) research has shown the cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, work most effectively in combination with each other, through syngergistic effects; and (2) the passage of “CBD-only” legislation serves to increase and emphasize the “scariness” and “otherness” of THC. Demonizing THC is just silly, because it’s one of the best, most non-toxic of anti-inflammatories, anti-tumor agents, antioxidants, and neuroprotectants known. And beyond that, almost none of these parents and other patients realize they could fight seizures just as effectively with uncarboxylated THC — that is, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, THC acid or THCA — as they could with CBD. Furthermore, THCA is no more psychoactive than is CBD, thus allaying parental concerns about getting their children high. No psychoactive effects are experienced from THCA that hasn’t been carboxylated to THC. THCA is one of the cannabinoids primarily found in fresh cannabis, although in variable amounts, according to CannLabs. Once the marijuana plant is exposed to heat — such as when smoking or vaporizing cannabis — THCA decarboxylates to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the form that gets you high. What happens on a molecular level is that the carbon dioxide in the cannabis is released, as a carbon atom in the acid gets lost, converting THCA to psychoactive THC. THCA, found in the flowers, leaves, and stems of young cannabis plants, is biosynthesized by the trichomes. It plays a critical role in protecting the trichomes, and thus the plants themselves, from insects and other predators. Although THCA has no psychoactive effects of its own, it acts as a cannabinoid receptor agonist, and in so doing helps in its neuroprotective (brain protection) effects. THCA has also been shown to be an anti-inflammatory agent. It has anti-proliferative qualities that help inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, as well as anti-spasmodic abilities that are useful among epileptic patients. Since THCA works just as well as CBD for seizure control, and THCA is cheaper and more accessible than CBD (especially in the speculative environment created by CBD’s recently skyrocketing popularity), THCA means patient empowerment. In contrast to the specialized, low-THC/high CBD plants needed to make CBD extracts, any high-THC cannabis strain can be used to make THCA tincture. “Any high THC strain can be used,” prominent Australian cannabis breeder/researcher Mark Heinrich told Toke Signals on Monday. “As it is THCA, there is no issue of the high, so that makes strain choice less selective. “Truly, this is universally (read globally) available to even the poorest people,” Heinrich told us. “I have sent the simple method to doctors in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China, with more countries coming. Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.05.23 PM“This is HUGE, and it is so simple,” Heinrich told Toke Signals. “There is no need to spend huge money on CBD if THCA is just as good. “We are getting good results with CBDA, CBD, THCA, and CBN,” Heinrich said. “We are doing great things in Oz, and now being with Dave Mapes has broadened our reach. “Right now, the predators and the sharks are making a killing off CBD, but make no mistake — THCA works just as well and we have proof it does,” Heinrich said. “We want everyone to have access to the tutorials to empower them to be able to make their own and not be reliant on CBD merchants.” What’s even better, the info is FREE, Heinrich told us. “How cool is that, mate? And think how many folks can now get help — empowerment of parents!”
  17. Has anyone got any experience using CBD oil to help with anxiety? I've not used CBD before but I saw on an infographic that it can be used to help anxiety with little or no side effects.
  18. After the release of our first pure CBD strain, Dinamed CBD, our team of breeders had no choice but to go one stage further. We all wondered whether it was possible to boost her cannabinoid content even more so as to create a strain with super-high CBD levels. The result is Dinamed CBD Plus, an incredible plant boasting an impressive 20 % CBD content and less than 1 % THC. Dinamed CBD Plus was created not only to meet the therapeutic needs of medical users but also to offer the best quality ever to pure CBD consumers who, rather than the THC-triggered psychoactive high, wish to enjoy the relaxing effect produced by CBD. Apart from an amazing stability resulting from a rigorous selection and breeding process, Dinamed CBD Plus showcases higher cannabinoid levels than her sister, Dinamed CBD. Exactly like her predecessor, she is part of an extraordinary lineage of CBD-rich genetics and has her origins in a self-cross. Dinamed CBD Plus essentially derives from the self-pollination of an extraordinary plant known as Dinamed CBD 5. The purpose of our using this technique was to narrow her gene pool so that both her stability and homogeneity were significantly boosted. The therapeutic properties of CBD have brought in their wake a deluge of information and scientific research on this cannabinoid. After decades overshadowed by its distant relative, the CBD is no more in the background but at the forefront. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, a fantastic feature that, together with its multiple therapeutic properties and its ability to fight the side effects of tetrahydrocannabinol, places great value on this interesting cannabinoid. Several research studies have proved CBD to have muscle-relaxing, anticonvulsant, neuroprotective, anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory effects. For all these reasons, Dinamed CBD Plus is a powerful tool for treating neurodegenerative diseases, some serious forms of epilepsy such as Dravet Syndrome, multiple sclerosis and even mental disorders like schizophrenia. Morphology Dinamed CBD Plus is a sativa-dominant hybrid with abundant lateral branching and medium distance between nodes. Her hybrid-shaped leaves with jagged and mid-sized leaflets could acquire purple hues during the last phase of the flowering when the temperature drops by 10°C at night. A beautiful mid-sized/large plant on which to feast your eyes. Yield Dinamed CBD Plus produces heavier yields than her predecessor, with more cannabinoids and stronger scents. Her resin is also different from what we’re used to. It’s less gooey, and this is down to her low THC content (lower than 1 %) that causes plants to produce less glandular trichomes and more basal trichomes. In short, incredibly bountiful crops of sativa-looking cone-shaped buds with a great calyx-to-leaf ratio. Aromas and flavours Dinamed CBD Plus boasts delicious sweet and zesty tastes. Ideal for lovers of fruity flavours with very special and familiar notes. Effects Thanks to her super-high CBD content of up to 20 %, Dinamed CBD Plus is the perfect anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and pain reliever. And, with such low THC levels, you’ll be able to enjoy all her properties without being hit by the typical psychoactivity felt when consuming cannabis. However, this doesn’t mean that Dinamed CBD Plus doesn’t produce an immediate effect. In fact, her high will quickly take you to a state of total relaxation that, without being too narcotic, will help you soothe away your stresses and even fall into a deep sleep. All these features, together with the anti-epileptic, anti-psychotic, anti-oxidant and antidepressant properties of CBD, make Dinamed CBD Plus a therapeutic strain of great interest. Cultivation Dinamed CBD Plus grows vigorously due to her sativa heritage and, although it shouldn’t be a problem, it must be borne in mind when growing indoors. In fact, she’s so easy to grow that a standard diet should be enough. No need for great inputs of nutrients. After a flowering of just 60 days, she’ll be ready for harvest by late September/early October in the northern hemisphere, and at the end of March in the southern hemisphere. Characteristics of Dinamed CBD Plus cannabis seeds Sex Feminised Genotype 40% Indica / 60% Sativa Cross Dinamed CBD 5 x Dinamed CBD 5 Suitable for Indoors and outdoors Indoor flowering 55-60 days Indoor yield 500 g/m2 Outdoor harvest time Late September / Early October Outdoor yield 1000 g/plant Outdoor height 3 m THC 0.5-1% CBD 15-20% THC/CBD ratio 1:30 Enjoy All the best Mark..
  19. Hi all So i tried some of this cbd herb. It cost a fair bit but the quality was fairly impressive, the smell and the taste it gave in a vape. Here are my noticed effects from it: 1. My aches and pains in my arms and legs went from overexertion the day before (for around 2 hours then came back) 2. My eyesight improved a bit shortly after, vision was clear 3. I felt an overall sense of calm and wellbeing 4. It made me feel 'different' but i was definitely not high Said herb was supposedly 22% CBD and only 0.3% thc I was wondering if any of you guys/girls had ordered and planted some very high cbd and low thc strains? How did they grow? how did they make you feel Seen many online I will attach a couple of pics of this cbd bud i got (thumbnails click to expand) (2 strains)
  20. Wondered how long these shops would stay open, it turned out a lot longer than I expected tbh. Go past one of them quite regularly and it always surprised me. Especially coupled with the ad outside for whipped cream chargers. Fortunately the police waited until they'd got a grip on the violent crime, robberies, burglaries and sex assaults in the area. Oh whoops my mistake no they done fuck all about that. Six men arrested for drug offences following CBD shop warrants in Croydon News • Aug 19, 2020 17:24 BST A large amount of cannabis was seized after several warrants were carried out at shops in Croydon Officers have made a number of arrests after carrying out warrants at several shops in south London that are suspected of illegally selling cannabis. Three warrants were executed at Cannabidiol (CBD) shops in High Street, Croydon, Beulah Hill in West Norwood and High Street, in Thornton Heath, this morning, Wednesday, 19 August. As a result, four people aged 37 [A], 64 , 42 [C] and 39 [D] were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of a class B drug (cannabis) and importation of a class B drug (cannabis). [C] was also arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a psychoactive substances They have all been taken to a south London police station where they remain in custody. As part of the warrants, officers recovered items including about £20,000 in cash, a large amount of cannabis, 63,000 nitrous oxide canisters, suspected ‘magic’ mushrooms, which is a class A drug, and drug paraphernalia. A Bitcoin ATM machine was also found in one of the shops. The machines are sometimes used as a method to launder money. Officers also searched residential properties linked to those arrested and recovered cash and evidence relating to the importation and sale of cannabis. As a result of these searches, officers arrested a 52-year-old man [E] at an address in Guildford, Surrey, on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of a class B drug (cannabis) and importation of a class B drug (cannabis). While the shop warrants were being executed, officers – supported by the Territorial Support Group – also carried out a warrant at a residential address in Freemasons Road, Croydon. A 38-year-old man [F] was arrested on suspicion concerned in the supply of supply of class B drug (cannabis) and importation of a class B drug (cannabis). He has been taken to a south London police station where he remains in custody. Officers searched his house and seized evidence to suggest the supply and importation of cannabis and money laundering offences. The warrants form part of an operation that was established after officers received intelligence that habitual cannabis users in the Croydon area were buying the class B drug from legal CBD shops. When these users were stopped by officers and found in possession of cannabis, they stated it was legal as they had bought it from a CBD shop. Cannabis contains both CBD, the medicinal part, and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the part that has the psychoactive effects and gives the high. Enquiries revealed that some CBD shops had been trying to exploit a loophole, where it is ‘legal’ to sell a Home Office approved product, which contains up to 0.2 per cent THC. THC is a controlled Class B drug under the Misuse of Drug Regulations 2001 - whether as a single drug, or as found within herbal cannabis or cannabis resin. However, the law states that 0.2 per cent THC can only be imported for medicinal purposes and can only be supplied by a specifically licensed pharmacy to someone with a prescription – making it illegal for a high street shop in Croydon to sell it no matter the THC percentage. Prior to the warrants, officers managed to procure several samples of the products from the shops. The samples were sent off for testing and all of them came back as having more than 0.2 per cent THC, making them illegal in any case. Some of the products even stated +0.5 per cent THC on the packaging. All the products seized in today’s warrants will also be sent off for testing. Police Constable Ross Bennett, the investigating officer from the South Area Basic Command Unit, said: “Today’s warrants have resulted in a large quantity of illegal drugs being taken off the streets of London as well as cash believed to have been gained through nefarious means. “Drugs blight communities and ruin lives, and the Met remains committed to robustly tackling those who peddle drugs, as we have done today. “Unless you are a specifically licensed pharmacy, you cannot legally sell or supply cannabis or THC products – no matter what percentage content it has. Likewise, it is also not a defence to tell officers that you thought your cannabis was legal because you bought it from a CBD shop – it is a class B drug and you will be dealt with in accordingly. “The evidence gathered during these warrants suggest that these shops are part of a larger organised crime network and are also being used for money laundering purposes. There is a perception that organised crime doesn’t impact the general public, when in reality it’s the origin of many crime types which fuel violence across London. This is why we are continuing to target and dismantle organised crime networks by carrying out operations such as the one in Croydon today.” No link obviously as it's straight off the police website.
  21. Hi I'm trying to figure out if I can open up a coffee shop in the uk selling cbd products does anybody have any advice on this matter do I need a licence to sell cbd ? what would I put it down as when I apply for the planning permission ? any advice or any links to information would be great thanks in advance #itslegalinmyheart
  22. Hey everyone, I've actually started finally ordering bits for my grow! I've settled on a northern lights, and a gorilla girl - but wanted to add a third in as it would be good to try a higher cbd strain I Think. Sweet seeds seem to be highly recommended here, so I thought I'd browser there range and saw the Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel CBD which looks pretty nice! Has anyone got any experience with this one? Does anyone have any recommendations for a good high cbd and high/medium thc strain? Thanks! Can't wait to order the rest of this stuff and get growing!
  23. Dinafems new fv cbd strain Quick Dinamed cbd Some info on the strain : Dinamed cbd plus x male Dinamed cbd auto. Shes a pure cbd photo strain 14% - 18% 5 seeds arrived and because of timings I was going to leave them until I start the next cycle but couldn't wait so Ive cracked one to squeeze in, the others can follow on next cycle. Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and @Dinafem Seeds for doing what you do
  24. Been having a peruse on the site and have come across two CBD strains. I saw that one is identified as Sativa and the other Indica. What is the difference for a CBD rich plant? Without the psychoactive properties, what are we looking for? Any guidance would be grand