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Found 2 results

  1. Good evening all Welcome to Magiks attempt at a first grow. I have just tried to pop my beans using the wet kitchen roll method in Tupperware - as the title says I am going to be attempting to grow OG Kush and Bubba Kush. Both of these are autos and will be grown in a DR60. just getting together all the equipment and working out the timing logistics to ensure I'll be here for the during has been difficult, so I am quite concerned about all of this really and fucking it up! Thank you to all the folks on this forum who helped me with my set up. It is much appreciated. I still have some final touches to complete tomorrow on my tent but I should be ok (ducting). Product list: QB 135w (driver attached) KSA acoustic fan 125mm Rhino pro 125mm CF sms pro 4 amp 1l pot and transfer to 11l - might drop this to 7l if needs be. Biobizz lightmix for 2-3 weeks. Biobizz all mix Biobizz Bloom and Grow I will get more nutes when needed. I think I will also wire a DIY pc intake fan and run it off the controller if needs be. Tbc.....
  2. Sorry if I've already posted this somewhere else this morning, I thought I had but I now can't find it, wake and bake has really thrown me off today haha but anyway . . . I was going to get a whole new set up but circumstances say that I have to stick with what I've got.. I'm using a DR60 and have a little cabinet that I'm going to turn into a home for a few mothers of my go-to strains under T5's. So, what I wanted to know is, whats the best way of picking a mother plant in such a small space? My thoughts were; Plant all 10 regs in 1L pots. Root out, trans to 3.5L's. Wait for sex, kill any males, let the 4 strongest plants survive and take cuttings from them. Trans to 6.5L's, lst/scrog, flower asap. Test smoke, pick a favourite, flower the other 3 clones. I've heard you should wait for the plants to reach a certain level of maturity before you clone/flower, but I've seen people flower plants after 2-4 weeks veg with no issues. . . . Does anyone think that this will work, or have any other ideas/methods that they use? Sorry if this has already been asked and thanks in advance!