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Found 2 results

  1. What more does one need? Some found god it's true and some find god in weed, weed is god. Catalyser of Everything. A devotee may find it unnecessary to maintain or dabble with other substances, materials, drugs, vices, traditions. Where upon one comes to an understanding that there is no need for providing oneself with Booze alcohol, Tobacco, Pills n Powders, Coke n Opiates, all those habits and dependencies become null and void, pale into insignificance, along with the tradition and spirit of the Needy, gone like pissmist in dawns early light. Of course one must be a liberty to grow and use cannabis to ones own needs and requirements, having done so it is realised that there is room for no other, and in fact the Cannabis is doing a better job at that which the others are promoted for! Walk on with weed and you are never alone, you are the Stardust.
  2. Hi to all stealth cab builders. I've always like the idea of hidden grows and ordinary household cupboards are perfect for bonsai mum/mini nurseries. Most have issues with noise and light leaks, some build boxes to last a few grows, I wanted to build a grow box that would outlast me. Ideally, I'd just go out and use a secret garden dp90, which I've used in the past behind a wardrobe curtain (hidden), but the new house has no such space behind a curtain so I was forced to use the hidden in plain sight tactics. With a tent, it's pretty obvious what's going on, and I wanted my growing to be 100% hidden, so turning ordinary household furniture was a natural choice. The IKEA box worked well (and still does) but it's on its last legs, as with MDF and moisture, it's all bubbled and rotting from within. For the price of another new IKEA box, I bought a solid wooden sideboard 94cm x 40cm x 86cm (WxDxH) from Gumtree and went about installing reflective material, light baffles (can't have any light leaks), AC Infinity T4 with 150mm (short) 4" Phresh carbon filter, my original Scope 275 V1 (4x Samsung 3000k strips), and a 5w 8 inch USB fan that's only 1" thick- perfect for pushing air down onto the plants (hanging on bungee cords). All electricity is delivered using 1 discreet cable from behind, and I use a Meross 4 way smart switch inside the box with 'routines' created in an app for lighting and fan schedules. Here's the build. Almost silent, totally light and smell proof. As you can see, I included side lighting strips coz I was curious about the benefits, and 4 scope 275 strips would be overkill for the top. Secret Jardin light baffles-bug screens, you can see they were slightly too big for the duct ending, so I split the plastic and ended up taping them with silver tape. They 150mm. Possibly overkill for passive intakes but can always be blocked, and will pay off on hot days.. Spare Scope 275 V1's split into side/top lighting. This unit is turned down to the lowest setting in the driver - which I believe is 50%, or 137w draw, but that's only a guess.. Always solder the ends to keep them tidy. @DIYLEDUK were generous enough with bolting the strips to the iconic blue heatsinks, but I've found double sided thermal tape to be very strong to attach the strips back to the heatsinks. Tidy at the back, although it'll never be seen. Mylar all round.. Diagonal side lighting strips.. We all love a bit of filter porn (or maybe it's just me? ) And the ultra silent USB fan that I shoved at the top on bungees. It has a small battery, so if the power ever cuts, at least the plants still have a breeze! Not exactly stealth, but had the controller on a few days to make sure it was running ok. Controller is hidden inside now. And here's the finish. Nothing to see here, officers, it's just a TV stand, not a 'drug farm'... Few upgrades to come are a bespoke 3mm acrylic floor to be sealed in with silicone. A waterproof electric grommet for the main power cable out the back, and possibly add a drain in the floor for the runoff and easy watering.