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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, I am having some real issues with my plants! I got white skunk feminised from sensi seeds. I'm growing indoors and have went onto a 12/12 cycle with a 600w lamp. The plants are now pretty tall, well filled out but I can't get the buds to grow! One of the plants has grew right up to the lamp (burnt the top) so I've moved it past the lamp. They've been growing just fine, the leaves look pretty healthy. I don't know how to get the buds to start growing! I am ready to give up. Any advice would be great! (I am a pretty inexperienced growing as you may be able to tell) Thanks
  2. I've got a 3 plant system on a NFT 40X60 system budmaster 2 light standard beginning system. I've got my PH at 5.8 and my nutrients at 0.9. Last night was the start. From clones; grapefruit, Can anyone advise me on times for veg/flower/crop and cure Also I'm struggling to find out what yield I should be expecting? Beginner and its slightly causing me some stress. Will try to obtain photos and upload if i can work out how too on this thread. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a flowering tent and a vegging tent. I took clones from my plants at week 4 of veg as they transitioned into flower and put them in a propagator, thy rooted in 12 days and are now half way through week 2 of vegging but the way it will work for me to transplant them into my flower tent is going to be 5 weeks, would this be okay, my current crop was 4 week veg and they are doing just fine. First grow so any advice on this is appreciated. Cheers
  4. Yo everyone Just curious on my first grow, got 5 plants (critical) in a 1m tent they are looking super healthy and bushy. Do I need to trim anything up to help light to the bottom. Few signs of yellowing from leaves right at the bottom or leave them alone. I'm in week 2 of flower
  5. Yo everyone, first time grower just after a bit of advice on pk boosters I have vitalink pk13/14 just wondering when to introduce it and take it out. Plants are healthy entering week 2 of flowing. I vegged them for 4 weeks previous. Cheers in advance Silv