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Found 37 results

  1. @Claude cheers these came within a week , many thanks .. Cheers Simon, not often an owner writes the packages . As agreed I will germinate when my current grow is around week five or six so at moment start of week 3. I look forward to running these . That’s it for now till next time take it easy..
  2. Strawberry A-Keil

    From the album Misc.

  3. Strawberry A-Keil

    From the album Misc.

  4. Strawberry A-Keil

    From the album Misc.

  5. Strawberry A-Keil

    From the album Misc.

  6. StrawberryAKeil

    From the album Misc.

  7. Welcome to my 2017 bubble Gum test grow, first I would like to thank Claude and Simon for the seeds and I apologise for the delay in getting them started. sorry guys! Glad your feeling better Simon that was a nasty accident you had, all the best I started 6 seeds in a glass of water overnight then into jiffy pots, 6 out of 6 germinated, they will be getting moved into mini dwc buckets in a few days, not sure if I got any grodan blocks to put them in first but it don't matter how I get them started as long as I get some roots in the buckets I'm looking forward to this grow I'll let you see how they are doing next week, thanks for looking in
  8. Some great news on Serious Kush; Last friday the Serious Kush was chosen as "European plant of the year 2018” in indica category by soft secrets magazine. The public could vote on their website which strain they like best. You already knew that in Spannabis 2017 we had a bud of Ser.Kush tested and it had almost 28 % THC. Just under, 27,.. I forgot how much exactly. So now this is our strongest strain and one of the strongest on earth. Simon
  9. Ak47_serious_seeds.jpg

    From the album Nug Nerd

    Ak-47 from Serious Seeds
  10. @@Claude Many thanks to the Serious Team - Claude and Simon -that boy Thomas deserves a payrise You've put a beaming smile on my grumpy face. Well, this is my second crack at writing this! I had just finished and thought I'd posted but it vannished into the ether! I've been lurking on UK420 since about 2007/08 but until the last year I've not posted. The reason I've not posted is a number of reasons - because I was always far too paranoid about securtiy risks, about the amount of keyboard warriors on all forums who talk loud and say nothing and lastly because my grows never look as tasty as the numerous diaries I've read. Anyway I'd seen that Simon or Claude from Serous were asking for volunteers to test the reworked bubblegum line and thought "nothing ventured nothing gained". To my complete shock and delight I was notified that I had been selected to be a tester so thought I'd better get over my shyness and get started. A wee bit about me - this is my second incarnation of growing the first was when I first joined the site. I grew Serious Seeds White Russian (a couple of runs) CrazyX Lemon Stinky and was about to try Serious Bubblegum but had to shut down partly due to security but more realistically to do with my paranoia. So last year came about and I got to thinking about how much I was wasting on wet crap weed and that I knew that even if the stuff I produced was crap it would still be a huge improvement over the crap I'd been getting so went about setting up a micro grow in a cupboard. This grew arms and legs and although my space hasn't really grown any, the equipment has and beginning to think my environment is slowly but surely getting there. Area = 50cm deep x 80 cm long x 220 ish high lined with floorsafe then mylar type stuff spray glued on top Lighting = Sunmaster FX 250-660W dimmable digital ballast, 150W + 2 x 24W T5 Fish tank luminaire, Various CFLs, 250W MH250W HPS (not dual) + 400W dual spectrum lamps Fans = 4 x 125 mm pc fans, TD 125/350 + 150 Hyper fan (not using yet) Filter = Rhino Pro 200/800 Reflector = 125 mm/ 5" Silver Star air cooled hood Medium = Plant Magic Soil Supreme (seeds), Biobizz all mix for potting on, Plagron Batmix for finals Nutes = Hesi soil - about to run out of a few bottles so currently pondering Biobizz Fish Mix, Bloom and Topmax although the guy in the shop recommended Bio Nova saying they're cleaner than Biobizz whatever that means - just to add hesi have been superb up to now so might just stay with them. Also have in the medicine chest - Vitax Q4 myro fungi, PM Biosilicon, Maxicrop green top, Vitax Rootzone (feebie) The plan is to pop four beans into 500 ml water 0.5ml maxicrop for a 24 hour soak (bathing as we speak), pop them onto paper towels until the tap roots show then put into first tiny pot of compost (used root riots before but prefer them for clones not seeds). Then pot them up going 0.5L - 1.5L - 3.5L - 6L then not sure if I will stick 5 6L pots in the space of go up to 2 x 10L as finals - we'll see how well they take off. So that's it from me for now, go easy folks as although I talk loud I'm a sensitive soul who does over think stuff. That's not to say I don't enjoy a giggle so all kinds of nonsense and good fun most welcome however if you're a xenophone, a homophobe, a bigot or generally just a narrow minded person maybe go find somewhere like minded cause it's no here. As for the rest of us then let the craic commence. I will no doubt make a shed load of mistakes and really do appreciate any advice/constructive criticism and even a bit of banter as well. All the best folks stay safe.
  11. serious kush

    From the album my own crosses of seeds

  12. So iv bought Serious Happiness and White Russian seeds from Serious Seeds and am surprised to see there is very little in terms of grow diaries surrounding these strains. I am just trying to gather some information on these strains so am prepared for growing them. I will be keeping a diary on here too so hopefully it will help future growers So basically it would be nice to know if anyone has grown this before, any tips you have, anything i should watch out for and what yield/potency to expect. From what iv found online White Russian is meant to be a very powerful smoke but thats as about as much reliable information iv found
  13. bubblegum01.jpg

    From the album Serious Seeds Bubblegum

    Started this bubblegum test grow

    © rabthegrower

  14. DSC00589

  15. Serious 6

    From the album Mostly growing

  16. Serious 6 in flower

    From the album Mostly growing

  17. Lanky S6

    From the album Mostly growing

  18. Serious 6

    From the album growing and extracting