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Found 9 results

  1. I will do some outdoor strains reviews. Seeds were germinated middle-second half of June, planted out in soil early July. Lat 56, harsh second half of september and survivalist october. Open windy location. Mind you the second half of the season saw below average temps to average yearly. Sorry no pics Auto GSC One of the best autos I have ever grown. Two major phenotypes indica and sativa. Finishes in 90-105 days to preferance. Indica phenotypes yield 2-5oz pp. With nice compact flowers, good leaf to but ratio. Mold resistance good. Sativa phenotypes get big and heavy yielders 7+ oz while staying short. More open flower structure, but very good leaf to bud ratio. Mold resistance even better. They are still curing, no smoke or taste reports yet. Smell while curing creamy gentle. My to go strain 100%. Auto yields close to a photo. Auto amnesia They stayed too long in peat pots so didin't get big. Looks pretty stable and homogenous. Flowers fast, 7 weeks from pistils and they are done. Can't comment on yield, but if they didin't get stunted probably at least 3oz pp. Mold resistance very good, leaf to bud good. Taste wise very aromatic, very unusual smell and flavour. Still needs more cure for proper smoke report, but so far high was very gentle smooth sativa without anxiety. Again needs more cure. Royal mazar First thing to notice there is lack in consistency. Too much variation in finishing times. Some start to flower early august, some in september. Early stuff gets reasonably heavy 7+ oz pp while staying short. Bud to leaf ratio medium, mold resistance very good. With early august flowering finishes mid-late september. Late flowering looks like it would be end of october. Looks leafy as of now, a lot taller in height. Maybe earlier plant out would have knocked a week or two off. Because of medium bud to leaf ratio needs way more cure, smell is quite dodgy so far. No smoke report as of yet. Would be good strain to go if there it would be more homogenous. Mighty gold Pretty homogenous but late in floweing, gets big. First half of september start, maybe a week earlier than late royal mazar phenos. Structure looks good, potential is there, good to go for below lat 53. We shall see how much mercy will october have on them. Purple freeze I had big hopes for them. Started flowering late august-early september. Bud to leaf looks good, frost level good, gets medium to medium-big size. But one phenotype is prone to herm at the second half of flowering stage. No go strain as of now as it is. Whitey freeze There is variation in starting times from start to end of august. Early stuff was very good growth wise. Stays short to medium, heavy yielder, 11+ oz. Finishes the very end of september. Mold resistance is good but you need to watch out for it in the last couple of weeks. Frost level good, leaf to bud ratio good. Late stuff starts to flower end of august, looks like middle-second half of october finish. Mold resistance looks good. Definetely getting more of these. Even with variation, the early phenos give a proper treat. Smell is what I would say close to a standard weed smell. Cures very well. Smoke report after proper cure. I will update this review in the future with added smoke reports, maybe after new year, maybe sooner. If it doesn't cure for a least 2 months it's no good in my opinion. As of now I would highly recommend auto gsc and whitey freeze. For the future reference I would be looking into kushty bx because it's backcrossed, should be more homogenous and if it has similar auto-semi auto flowering pattern to whitey freeze it would be a solid bet.
  2. Hey all Got this Auto Amnesia from Seedsman. Nearly at 10 weeks from pop but it has no trichomes and no smell. Seems no definitive reason for this to happen. All other strains before and at same time, as usual, grow nice dense, sparkly, stinky bud. Any knowledge? Much appreciated... Pics to follow.
  3. Hi all, had these amnesia autos growing for just under 3 weeks now but pretty much since the beginning this plant has had this slight curling effect to the edges of the leaves, whereas an identical plant next door under the same light and temperature etc isn't suffering with the same problem, just wondering if this is anything to worry about? Cheers.
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