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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I'm about to embark on my 2nd grow with autos. With my first grow I popped the seeds straight into their final pots and all worked well. The soil was dry and I watered around the seed/seedling as they developed. My gut feeling this time is to do the wet/dry cycle from the kick off i.e. thoroughly water the soil in the pots until it runs off, leave for a few hours then pop the seed in just below the surface. As I see the surface soil dry I will lightly water the area. I plan on doing this to ensure there us enough moisture in the soil as the roots bury their way down. Last time the majority of the soil was bone dry in the early days apart from where I watered around the seedlings. What do you think?
  2. Hi I have recently transplanted my clones into my system and didn't notice until now that most of the new growth is one leaf leaves! There's two leaf leaves, three etc but only 5 leafs leaves at the bottom!. I have researched and all I can find is that it is down to stressing the plants out to much... Has anyone come across this? Any advice ?. Thanks. I do no know how to upload pics in the forum but they are uploaded on my profile of that helps.
  3. What are people doing with this? I have just started growing with soil, using biobizz all mix. I flowered some Black Jack autos and I now have some Whiteberry in veg, after 8 weeks from showing there is one plant at 90cm tall, one at 80cm and two smaller ones, at about 50cm and 60cm. This morning the large plant had dried out completely, was looking a little droopy, and she drank 3lts of water with 1ml per litre of biogrow. The other plants were sitting in pots still a little heavy with water and looked healthy so I will water them another day..... I am not worried about the 4 Whiteberry being different sizes, when I switch the lighting cycle in a week or so I can bend the taller plant and I have the two smaller raised up anyway, so I can get a canopy going. My question is, with organic growing, do you need to let the pot dry out completely before watering again? I understand the organic nutes are not absorbed by the plant right after watering but only when the pot has dried out a bit. How dry does the pot have to be before you should water the plant... ....I am thinking just letting each plant individually dry out until it looks thirsty then giving it water and nutes. I am used to growing in canna, where it is wet all the time, but that seemed to be contributing to some kind of fungus in my tent, which eventually gave the plants stem rot. With growing in soil the problem is manageable, I think because the fungus cannot survive a long enough dry cycle....