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    • Arthur Mix
      Atreum have s good rep , how they compare to the Samsung horticulture offerings is what I would want to see maybe 
    • tokenroll
      Had a feeling that may be the situation. Thanks for the update. Toke...  
    • Pau176
      It’s all about slowing them down and making conditions as tough as possible for them until you have harvested. I quite enjoyed my battle against the mites.    Firstly, remove any leaves with obvious mite damage.    I then removed extra leaves so I could get complete access to the whole of the plant including the underneath of the foliage.    I pointed a powerful fan on the plant. I read that mites don’t like windy conditions. Apparantly, this slows their cycle down.    Turned my light down to 250w and moved my light up. I did this to lower the temperature. Again, mites breed faster in higher and a still enviroment.    Began mist spraying twice a day with ordinary water.    Every third day, I sprayed with SMC. This stuff is organic but it does smell like oranges.    Smc didnt seem to effect the taste of the bud. I only had to treat twice with smc. It either killed them off or I couldn’t find any sign of them.    That worked for me. The negative, I had to remove a lot of leaves.  The positive, I still ended up with a good batch of skunk.
    • panik
      Yep got a lot of these strains in the office fridge