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    • Soupernew
      Yes Thanks I went and checked so long as I don’t overload the lead.   thanks for your advice!
    • Smokey Purple Nugs
      any one know how i upload pics it keeps saying file too big etc im new and not sure how the site works and need help i hope to repay by helping others too 
    • Go flying
      The FSA (Fucking Stupid Arseholes) have decided to engage in a transparent, amateur-hour power-grab.   All fur coat and no knickers, they will have to have to rely on already overstressed local authorities to ‘enforce’ their idiotic rules.   Next thing, they’ll have us register our personal info with them in order to go shopping at the local supermarket...oops, forgot that big govt already has all that info 
    • _Jamie_
      Choppy chop then   cant wait for the soil to dry out now then    any tips on the drying stage? Temps? How long for etc,..   thanks