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    • Chu
      I looked at this yesterday and thought maybe not hermie..maybe you picked swollen calyx off. I came across buthurt didnt i
    • badbillybob
      did you keep the receipt?
    • Hugh Jass
      Ahhhh Mother natures wonderful cannabis plant.   Did Mother nature make ROX? Or did it come out of a factory in China?   Why not grow organically? It only costs a little more. If you want bigger denser buds alter the lighting and feed. Try different strains.    
    • Smokebelch
      @Jstaff@ExhaleThanks guys and thanks for the nomination Exhale, the ones in flower are looking awesome, I hope they both go all colourful like this one did. I will get some full plant photos later.   Dirty Larry (Shorty) @ Day 31   Dirty Larry (Taller) @ Day 37