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    • stillo
      Good Morning. After having some fantastic advice with regards to DWC from these forums and its members, can I please ask a question with regard to chillers. I am putting together a system as I wish to give DWC a go, I have purchased a single 19 L PwC, now I may or may not need a chiller at this time of year, but I wish to purchase one just to be on the safe side, I have recently bought a Dc300 chiller and I feel it may be a bit to bigfor my needs, can anyone tell me if I can still use this with a 19 L bucket. If not I can buy a larger bucket, but I only want to grow one plant at time and no more, I would much rather use the 19 L bucket, but I have no problem getting a larger one as long as it is for one plant only. If this chiller is too big. Can anyone please recommend one that would be okay for my small 19 L system. Have a great weekend. Take care still
    • bearukc
      Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments. Trust me that I'm going to fight this. I'm a tough fucker, tougher than I thought after the last 7 yrs of cancer messing with me. I made a promise to myself years ago when I was heavily into bad drugs that my Mum would never have to bury me. I intend to honour that promise. My other bucket list item was to own a Porsche 911 C4S !! Not sure that ones going to happen but I was up the showroom yesterday perusing the stock!! :):)   edit. I seem to have a strategy when times are hard - I buy a new car!!
    • Exhale
      @tokenroll unfortunately I go into the loft with extract and blow through the filter.   I only use a 4" RVK so I'm not pulling massive amounts of air through, however, the room is situated where external wall that is exposed to the stronger, colder winds in the winter so when the heating isn't on at night it does tend to go chilly even with thermal blackout curtains.
    • Medicalpain420
      Wait 10 min for effects to kick in, and decide whether to go for another 5.  Ha ha like it, sounds like it does the job. Good reviews will hopefully be buying one.