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    • Lazy Dayz
      Exact same problem here @ 3 weeks using Verve MP compost. Thought it was environmental at first but definitely due to hot soil / N toxicity. Great info on this site as usual!
    • LennyBach
      I removed the last bit of membrane off both of plants this morning seeing as they hadn't worked their way off over night. The seed leaves are now out and soaking up the light and the next sets of leaves are partially developed inside.    I think my main question now is humidity - should I try to maintain high humidity now or should I bring it down?   Thanks,   Lenny
    • diyleduk
      B-Complex - Beautiful Lies    
    • Lazy Dayz
      Sounds like nute burn to me. What medium are you growing in? I'm using soil and haven't fed any nutes yet @ 23 days. Try and get some pics up, I'm sure some of the more experienced members will be happy to help.  I screenshot then crop photos to resize them then upload onto here (not sure if this helps but it works for me)