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    • Muppet
    • HeavySmoker
      Perfect pal thank you.

      Right just wanted to give a bit of a update on this.

      Moved all 8 seedlings in to wilma
      I may have jumped the gun a little and placed them in too early but its done now.

      So i'm like 48hours in too wilma and there doing amazing to be fair.

      Really taken to the system and the worries i had where just me other thinking it.

      What i have been doing is:
      So there on x2 15min feeds per day
      When there being feed i just get a cup and pour feed over the rest of the clay that drippers are not touching.

      I did pop local grow shop but he only had 8' ring drippers that was too big for my pots.

      Deffo going to look at adding them in future.   Live feed pic from my cam. Sorry not best pic as its over wifi Plants look little dodgy in pic but there not in person they look bang on.
    • gthang
      Like anything at first there's bound to be an increase initially as people rush to find out what it's all about, however, as the novelty wears off things will settle down again and life goes on as before, the only difference being the people are a little bit happier than they were before.  
    • Hugh Jass
      If I was going to buy new stuff all over again, I would go with.....   1.2 x 1.2 x 2 Bud Box Pro White Phresh hyper fan Phresh filter Digital ballast 600w Parabolic reflector Chains for hanging, (I just used cable ties on my first couple of grows, but head to B&Q for both) 1.2 x 1.2 flexable grow tray (you can fold it up when not in use or fold it to get through a loft hatch or something. Pots Lupe   I would reccomend getting a oversize fan and filter. Better to go large on this, as the fan is running all the time and better to have it plodding along, rather than screaming alonmg on full power. It will be quieter too.     I brought a similar kit to you when I first started. I only have the pots left, everything else has been replaced. My hobby filter lasted six months. My WAY OVERSIZE Phresh filter is still going strong years later The Phresh Hyper fan was on demonstration in the grow shop. The guy let me play with the fan while he went and got me a cheaper fan and then unboxed it and let me compare the two. I brought the more expensive one, I now have more than one they are that good.     The cost of my list would be about £650 though. If you go into a grow shop and buy all this in one place ask them for a discount, they might knock some money off I would guess at least £50 if you were paying in cash and probably throw in a couple of bottles of organic nutrients as well. Run it by the Mrs, but tell her half the price. If she finds out how much you spent appologise and ask forgiveness. Remember it is always better to ask forgiveness, rather than permission.