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    • Openairbud
      @Kaidog   Ingenious mate thanks for posting    I'll be trying something similar in my garage. Maybe you could add holes to the "shelves" too? For more airflow? Just a thought. Enjoy your crop 
    • Micky3651
      I’m currently drying a crop in a shed with another’s batch about to join it. i have an empty tent in there which was used for veg, I use this to dry when it’s empty. the only issue this time of the year is temps! Just been into the shed and the temp is 12.2c, I’ve added a greenhouse heater to the tent (sat on floor) and have a clip on fan pointing down at the heater. With a bit of tweaking I’ve got it sat at 20c and 55%.  If I was you I’d do a few dummy’s runs in the dry space to make sure you have it dialled in well advanced of your precious ladies going in there, all the best mate 
    • Smokebelch
      @Jibba jabba All looking good in here, I am very interested in watching this pan out as I am doing a quick flower grow next. Keep up the good work dude.
    • Muppet