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    • Sasquatch
      If they are still healthy then they are still nourishing the plant, if they are fading then you might as well remove them because the  plant will be draining nutes from them if they are too low to be getting much light.   A friend just strongly recommended removing lower leaves with red stems because they are no longer feeding the plant. Utter BS methinks.
    • Intense Nutrients Matt
      It's only been running about 6 hrs but here is the latest graph    Seems to be good so far using the blynk app  As for adding more to it well if I find a full picture walk through tutorial on the Web for it to copy then sky's the limit I'm sure if I keep reading somethings gotta sink in... Eventually    
    • QFMAC
      Two weeks into flower, I'd only remove what's really necessary. If you're shading more buds than that leaf is feeding, improve airflow or light.   The main part of your defoliation should have been a few days before flipping to flower.   It can be done, but if you're not sure what you're doing, you might be better leaving it tbh.   You'll need to take into account if your plant has enough leaves in reserve to finish the job. If you over do it now, you may not only lose potency and yield but the stress may cause it to hermie if you over do it. You may also slow your plant down. But like Fatboy said "sometimes you have to"   I had to with my Blueberry, or it would have been impenetrable for any air or light. I lost count of how many times I had to defoliate in the 8 weeks from seed, in the veg phase. I also heavily defoliated in flower week 1.   It can be done, but it's your call if you feel confident enough in what you're doing, and accept the outcome for better or worse.                
    • coolfire
      I had a spider mite problem for a couple of grows, really did try everything but in the end bit the bullet and got a Hot Box to vaporise sulphur, was a tad expensive but worked a treat.  Now I use it after every crop to deep clean the room and equipment.  Works on all beasties and fungus too.