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    • Phoenix
      Or just run em flat out indoors for the flavour & hit. Cheers.  Start to finish.  Flat out.   What light regimen?  Straight veg then 12/12?
    • 3potheads
      Haven't been this year but a mate has and found around 50. I had a few years where we found around 50-100 and then in 2013 we hit a mother load! Like hundreds, never seen anything like it before OR after. Years since I've been lucky to find 5 let alone 50. We ran out of pots in 2013 and when I went back the next evening got shat on for parking in the wrong spot and the bastards called the cops and had the police turn up at my door... Not a great thing when I had a shelf full of drying shrooms! Turns out the guys thought we were trying to nick stuff from their farm.   Anyway here's some pics from that haul. Wish I could find this every year.    
    • YOREEL
      I was using a Bluelab TDS & PH Combo meter and a cheapo yellow and black PH meter. I've calibrated and cleaned this probe twice now but it's very slow to read and PH off each time so I've ordered a new replacement probe. Cheapo seemed more reliable and was calibrated with the Bluelab calibration/cleaning kit. I'll be ordering a new Bluelab pen this week.
    • HortMan
      Thanks. Do you use the H2O2 to sterilize grow areas still, or do you use an alternative?