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RealGorillaSeeds 2018 Indoor Diary Competition


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    • HullFeltMashematician
      Unfortunately I haven't yet found the promise land, far from it in fact. I'm battling the clay for my second season now..   Last season was holes backfilled with mostly MPC and some local topsoil. This year beds, clay ammended with all sorts of organic including; leaf mulch, horse manure, local topsoil etc.   This is what I'm working with.. Pic taken while digging out the sides of a small bed..   The bed above is deeper in the middle than is is at the sides by a good 1ft.   Removed a bunch of the worst of it..   Here it is almost finished. Bottomless pots, 4 autos 2 MWF or something like that. I made this bed as a trial run to see if my plan for ammending the soil would work, it seems okay, will see after a good bit of rain how it settles.   So, I went ahead and dug over a large part of this hill. 3 levels of depth to encourage water to run downhill, raised the lower end up with some coppiced trees and some clay providing support.   Almost done with adding organic, given myself a cut off of 14th April which will give it all a good month to settle in. I'm assuming with all the organic matter pulling nitrogen to break down I'll have to top dress FBB more regularly this year, shouldn't be a problem. Also adding some 6x chicken manure, the fibrous composted stuff; worked well last year.   Started up a compost heap (kind of)... Going to use it as mulch once it's broken down a bit. It's full to the top now, several layers of dead/dry brambles and woodchip from trees coppiced last year, with layers of greens from around the plot like nettles/grass etc and some excess lef mould thrown in for good measure. It's more of an experiment than anything... All resources from inside the plot.. Here it is in the making..   As you can see, the current pandemic has played out well for me in terms of giving me more time to work on some things at the plot that I might have otherwise dismissed as too much effort. In this case, this bed will slowly but surely improve over time and I'm very happy I've got it started. Even if I have to dig holes into it or pop tubes/bottomless pots on top this year and add MPC/coco, it is a long term project.   To clarify, this bit of land is as secluded as I can get where I am, it's the only plot I have that I feel comfortable doing full day trips to. So, hopefully (touch big woody stems of last years plants ), the effort will pay off in years to come!   This years diary will be up before 4/20, just a few more things to finish up   HFM
    • AngryDuck
      Does anyone own this tent of have any experience with Homebox?

      It is the only 1.0 x 1.0 x 220 grow tent i can find on the market. Every other one meter tent tops out at 200. Sadly 120 is just a little to big as there are plenty of 220 and even 230 tents in this option.  i am only going to be using a 400w light and 4 plants so the one meter is ideal. The gorilla grow tents only have 90x90 and 120 but no 100 sadly as these can be height adjusted and i would have paid the money for it had they the correct size.

      I do like the look of the tent being beige/white it wont seem so large as a fully black tent. Not that colour really matters. The tent lining is also meant to be rather good having watched some scientific test videos online on it but a pinch of salt with that. 

      With x2 200mm omniflow-airvents  are these any good? Cannot find much about theses. 

      I am itching to buy a tent but am not just going to order anything till i am 100%. I shall ask here although i have had a good look... Does anyone know of a brand of tents that offer a x1 but larger then 200?
    • TommyTrichome
      Perlite mix... Mixed with what? Compost?
    • Phoenix
      Don't build highways from substrate to plant.  It's not healthy.  I.e. straw from substrate poking plant.  In my experience.  Bad.