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    • Greenlittlefingers
      @Smokebelch I've got the cxm550 cobs, so not the same but I think I've been getting the same issues with too much light. Hope you get it dialled in. I'll be interested to see your updates. Best of luck.
    • BushDoctoR
      Not so worried about floods, my whole grow area is lined like yours. Great link though, never realised you could get timers for gravity fed systems!
    • No.1PartyAnthem
      Cheers dude, tbh its more of a first hand at photos so not massively bothered, i have 5 more beans in the fridge so hey ho. Time isnt much of a concern, im just in for the ride with these bad boys. Still got a fair bit from my first grow and i have an auto about 10 to 14 days from finish. Think im just going to keep an eye on them and water when they look abit sad so i dont flood them. Soil temp isnt much of an issue as light are on 23hrs a day at the mo. Im just going to hope for the best
    • Smokebelch
      @GreenlittlefingersDo you have same set up as mine dude, 2 x 275w, mine are on custom built frames and bolted together and I literally have wall to wall lights in the 120 x 120 area of the tent.   @tokenroll Thanks for the detailed explanation, seeing as I have wall to wall strips in my tent I am sure it is the 500w of LED lights thats made my plants lock stuff out.
      Seeing as I have so much led coverage in my space I may even dim them down a bit more to 350w and keep them at around 20inches above the plant tops as my temps at the canopy are still the same as when they were running at 500w.   @diyledukI am sure it’s the lights being too bright and now I am taking steps to fix this which will also lower my running costs so this could end up being a god send, lower electric bill is always very welcome and one of the reasons I changed over to LEDs.    The thing is even with the problems I am still yielding more and the flowers are still nicer than the HPS stuff that looked really healthy. I think if I can sort this out then it will be even better.   Thanks for the input everyone, I will update this with how things pan out over the next month or two as I add new plants into the dimmed down 350w flower tent.