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    • ineedofusername
    • Cursed
      Shwmae, croeso! dude, enjoy the site, its a beautiful community (most of the time ), no question is a stupid question when you're new to the game. What's your grow plans? Indoor, outdoor?     There's a few of us from from y wlad yr ddraig goch (sorry if that grammatically incorrect, my welsh is terrible)  
    • bazil brush
      @FarmerPalmersNT whats the deal with sciarid flies in no till, do you get them much?
    • netbuddy
      Well yes, if you know your chemistry, you can get the raw materials yourself and mix what you need.

      All PK Boosts do is increase the amount of P&K to its maximum to assist with flowering.

      When you do the math and follow the recipes for mixes, you can see what the total mix that can be made with the various products and how to manipulte the concentrations to get close to what you need.

      Eg. a A + B mix with PK13/14 will result in a feed mix of NPK 5-15-15

      I am sure if you were to do the maths on all other products, they will land in the same sort of ball park.