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    • Kipper420
      I'll let the topped ones grow on in the current pots that'll allow the tops to heal and the compost to dry out a bit. it should hold together for the transplant. Fingers crossed.   Recently had had a disaster. The autos I was transplanting, the compost was soggy and just slid off the rootball as I transferred it. Admittedly I should have waited a while for the roots to start curling at the bottom.  Doh. They look to have recovered though.   Thanks  @FARMER G  
    • bluntz27
    • Ganjaman82
      I've just discovered the horrible little bastards a week ago, looks like they stayed on one plant, I hoovered the fuck out of it, ripped off a load of leaves, chopping in a few days so that's about all I could do. They're hanging, make me itch to fuck! The bud off that one plant is going into shatter. Shutting everything down for a month after and cleaning everything with bleach and iso. This is my first real grow, I'm gutted about it. Good luck with the problem!
    • JJJ
      I reckon a 1m/1m tent is overkill for one auto.  I have a 70/70 tent and barely manage to fill it with one.  A smaller tent will mean you can buy cheaper fans, filter etc. and will undoubtedly run quieter.  Can't comment on the light because I use LEDs.