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    • bongme
      hi   Hundreds of cannabis plants found in Gloucester after drugs raid       Hundreds of cannabis plants have been found at an address in Gloucester. Two men have since been arrested on suspicion of making drugs. Witnesses saw the police in the area of Hare Lane last night. One witness this morning said: "It looks like Christmas tree lights in a shop window."   A warrant was carried out at an address in Northgate Street in Gloucester at around 6.30pm yesterday.  A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said: "Several hundred cannabis plants were discovered at the property and two men aged 23 and 31 were arrested on suspicion of drugs manufacture.  "Officers remain at the scene this morning as we seize the plants and associated equipment.  "The arrested men remain in custody while enquiries continue." We'll bring you updates on this below.     https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/hundreds-cannabis-plants-found-gloucester-2129374   Photo Gallert and Vid   Bongme   
    • bongme
      Hi   Cannabis in Canada: Pardoning people for possession isn't enough   BBC News       Canadians will get pardons if they were convicted of possessing marijuana before it was legalised. That means their criminal record for cannabis possession is kept separate from other criminal records - but it doesn't erase the crime. It could still affect people in situations like job applications, travelling abroad and getting houses - and the person who wants a pardon has to apply and pay for it. Some politicians argue that pardoning doesn't go far enough and something called expungement - when all government records of the crime are erased - should happen instead. "We now need to go back and be able to remove the stain that is on the record," the New Democratic Party's Guy Caron told Radio 1 Newsbeat. His party holds about 12% of seats in the Canadian parliament and supported the legalisation of weed.     Pardoning would only apply to people who were convicted for carrying 30g or under of marijuana, and not for other crimes such as supplying or driving under the influence. More than half a million Canadians have a criminal record because of Cannabis possession. The governing Liberal party - whose leader is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - says crimes are only expunged for laws which are unconstitutional. Expungement has been used for LGBT people who were convicted when gay sex was illegal in Canada, for example.   Karen McCrimmon is one of the Canadian government's MPs. She told us that the answer is to fast-track the pardoning process so it takes "months rather than years", as well as making it free. Guy Caron says other issues - like marginalised communities being unfairly targeted when cannabis was illegal - mean pardoning is not good enough. Aboriginal (native) Canadians and ethnic minorities were convicted more despite "a consumption that was broadly similar to the rest of the population", he says. And pardoning doesn't go far enough to right those wrongs.   Karen McCrimmon agrees that certain groups were targeted - but says that pardoning "will make a big difference to a lot of people who were afraid to put themselves out there with a concern that this was hanging over them". "It is going to be a challenge, when you have neighbours who don't have the same views as you do, but we're trying to advise Canadians just to be thoughtful about it." She adds: "We have to make sure that this is not going to be a political football that's going to go one way or another with whoever's in government. "We need to make sure that this sticks over the long term."   https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-45913521   Bongme   
    • BillyBoy86
      @Phoenix   Yeah man will do, app for everything I suppose.   May have been getting a bit ahead of myself guys. Just went and gave it a really close look and it looks like the dark bits are actually just flakes of the shell still attached. Was able to gently lift one end but still attached so will just leave it, growing a little slower than the other two but it does look like it's opening up now so think it's fine and I'm probably just being a first time worrier.   Cheers again      
    • bongme
      Hi  WarmShoe   Hope your good today   
      We all live in hope with that DM shower, its weird how they are all anti-weed and never for cannabis and the public at large who want change and they never get behind the public its all Government sucking up to and yet its the public pay them? 
      but i have notice a lot of that with the UK all the money the UK Folks give to these people they always seem to against the public? Media and Gov and so on strange cats!