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    • MC2
      I can't help with that but will be interested in the responses to your questions. All i know i that if you pinch the head(s) out when the plant is young (and before flowering) it will split and form two heads. By doing this you can keep them shorter and bushier and with more flowers. Its the same principle with hedges. :-)
    • SYZYGY
      @GSZZ I think the best gauge would be to just use it solo at first and observe, with cuts I'm familiar with. Although I'll be keeping a bottle of calmag at the ready for any funny business. I've ordered a water test from GA for some clarity on that.    The first thing I'd probably add in after a test run would be Tribus.    As much as I rate First Feed & Root Tonic, I'm keen to try the Alpha at all stages of growth to test its flexibility. Perhaps I'll use the Root Tonic as an odd foliar treat for the young plants. That stinky old stuff isn't cheap tho and if I could get good results without it, all the better. 
    • samhigh
      congrats guys, beautiful work       may want to bump these up on the schedule lovely bit of bud it is.....    sam
    • Solly
      Cheers mate, I plant out in my garden every year and haven't had any issues thus far. I'm sure there's a few growers on my road cos I can smell it in the air at times