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Dutch Passion

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    • Slugums
      Taxonomie is just a fancy word that scientists of various sorts use instead of 'system of classification'... The interesting thing for me is that things, and the way they are classified constantly change, and they are never universally agreed anyway. So, the names we give to things change with our interest in those things... Seed breeding is a great example as @Golden Syrup has said in ref to what @amsterdammer pointed out about what F1 means by today's standards - its not what it once meant, at least not if we're honest about what the strains have gone through...   Warning... @monkeypig might we keep changing our ideas about human migration because its useful politically and or economically? What I mean is, it was recently claimed that Europeans were the first people to travel to and populate New Zealand - its a very handy history to have recently discovered in a country where land rights are disputed by Maori people and they are beginning to win.
    • Bird
      Frankenstein -  Edgar Winters Group (1973)  
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      https://truepundit.com/comeys-fbi-chief-staff-james-rybicki-abruptly-quits-fbi/   Comey’s FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki Abruptly Quits FBI   oo that dont sound good ..
    • Davey Jones
      I hadnt heard of this Rodin guy, the claims made in the video are clearly a massive pile of shite. If they ever had a mind they lost it!   Makes me laugh that they claim to solve all the problems of the universe in one fell swoop but then go on to construct it using a fukin breadboard like someone straight off the Arduino forum   It proves fuk all, measuring a voltage and getting a higher output is just good old resonance, thats what resonance is. An LC tank circuit is used for many many things the supply gives it the initial kick and the system keeps going as the energy is passed between the incuctor and capacitor, the input just has to supply the losses (resistance) so the supply isnt supplying much at all, its exactly the same as a pendulum, you pull it up and charge it with potential energy and when you let it go its converted into kinetic energy as it speeds up and then as it rises again the kinetic energy is converted back to potential energy. No magic at all just basic maths   Theres a number of ways of getting more voltage out of a system than you put in, a transformer is one such device, a simple capacitor doubler another, a resonant power converter is really neat (still trying to wrap my head around those). These never ever defy physics because the power and therfore the energy is always the same (minus the losses). If it was outputting more than taking from the input then the first law of thermodynamics is gone and the whole of science is gone and I am not exaggerating. Thermodynamics is the very foundation of all the sciences, theres nothing as certain
            Theres plenty of people online have discussed this stupid maths hes talking about, if you really wanna see gods fingerprint then look at Eulers identity. It doesnt take that much to be able to appreciate it, its completely gorgeous, totally unbelievable and if theres such a thing as divine then look no further   How two numbers that the whole universe isnt big enough to write down exactly (e and pi) can be related in such a way to equal a perfect -1 is remarkable to say the least, in fact it is the single most beautiful thing I know about in the whole of maths and science. All you have to do to appreciate it is learn what e and pi are.