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    • tsk
      not but once and not just twice,   but verily Thrice declared he - Nice!   the state you were in after the preliminary smoke report was what put this strain on my list of "to be done" for next year...   a strain that deletes ones internal thesaurus and limits descriptive abilities to adjectives best used for puppies and biscuits? sign me up!   great results this year big yin, inspiring stuff. On yersel! 
    • Boojum
      I wouldn't touch any of the 'CBD' vape stuff with a bargepole, but the article has a bit of scaremongery tone :       DXM is the main ingredient in many over-the-counter cough medicines.
    • GrinderMan
      Cheers mate, to be honest all I use is Coco a b  Plant magic calmag.  But I've bought a new bottle of pk13/14. It can't be good for the plants if there is no e.c dreading I don't know what is in it. If anything. Probably just defused out of the liquid over time ?    Cheers  GM
    • GrinderMan
      Cheers @Owderb I will change it tomorrow. Thanks.