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    • Jibba jabba
      Alright there @Barneybush   i agree with autobud, but not seen one this far into flower before, would deffo check your timer bro,light leaks,I might be well off so feel free to use as much salt as you like. I hope we’re wrong,   Take it easy.Jj
    • golf.007
      I grew The hog and it was mighty impressive I kept a mum for years. 
    • Autobud
      I don't have much in the way of experience with photos but to me they look like they are revegging mate, I would check your timers set and working right and for any light leaks. 
    • twigs
      you'll love it mate, its really nice, deep blue violet smells and flavours on mine very moreish and stinky     i skined up a joint at work (purey) and the dude who's house it was thought i'd stashed a pile in his house somewhere   i was round back in the not finished extension