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    • Rustybiff
      Ahh I see, brill, cheers for the info! I may even think about running it inside if it's fit for that, your description has made me intrigued..   I'm sure you will be and I very much hope so as your diaries are a great read, well photographed and all 
    • OldFord
      Cheers matey ,   the Black Leb was SuperSativaSeedClub but im reading thats now under the Dutch Passion banner ,   poss worth talking to Antonio on here   Even the breeder says it dont like the rain but i would love to see how she plays full term outdoors ,  under light dep she was flawless.       If im lucky & fit enough next year ,  the Black Leb , Apollo Black Cherry and Purple Wreck will all get re runs 
    • Rustybiff
      That Black Leb looks amazing man, who's the breeder again? Would like to have a read about it
    • Hashcity
      Imo he should be lodging an appeal at least.. Didn't see any mention of texts related to dealing on his phone, and the bags with traces of cannabis were the bags he purchased his weed in?