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    • FunkyJazzJesus
      It's also cost the taxpayer BILLIONS. Which in other words means, billions has went to places to stop something that is actually good because why would they change their own laws to  say it has medicinal properties when for so long they claimed thats why it is bad and illegal because it doesn't have that but now its just because of money??????

      These billions of pounds could have went towards things that you know, people complain about there not being enough of.

      But the point is just keep money flowing, you're not exactly helping the economy by making people save money by not wasting billions of fining, jailing, prosecting people so you can make easy billions, by making people have something that can prevent their illness and therefore lots of other finanical strains oh no, that makes a good economy apparently.

      Well even though that is also fucked aswell and pretty much every country is in trillions of debt that can NEVER be payed and that isn't the intention, the intention of debt is to have an excuse to keep asking you for money because well, INTEREST.

      If there was a real consequence to being in trillions of debt, why would we be???? We fucking made it up. The consequences can only be for our own made up reasons, its the only bit that is logical about any of it.

      It's an absolute scam.

      Oh he's a good worker, we've got the taxpayer to build this entire infrastructure based on our design for us few, so we can milk you all and you'll be good little workers, working at the stuff we want you to do, so we can have whatever want. The taxes are just being used to pay people to prevent other people from doing things that these people don't want. Does the policeman HONESTLY want to arrest you for weed? but they do, oh its just their job. Does the judge need to sentence and judge you, oh its just their job? Does the prison guard need to make sure you stay in prison, oh but its just their job, does the guy who build the prison care what they're  building??? Oh but its just their job and so on and so on and so on. Is that really what THEY want?????

    • Exhale
      It's not just plants, these type crimes are happening on a daily basis sometimes multiple times a day in the West Midlands but because it's not London it's not as important.      
    • Ned Flanders
      Disgraceful.  Pigs just love an easy target.  Why bother doing actual police work to solve Burglaries/theft whenbyou can ruin an innocent mans life for having a spliff earlier in the evening.    Finding it really hard to respect our police officers lately 
    • FatBoy77
      I tend not to do anything until I'm told to by my mistresses.  They will always tell you all you need to know dude, just ask the right questions.  In this case, are you ready yet?  That requires a loop, digi zoom or experience.  When they tell you they are ready, rock n roll.  If its together, tidy.  If not, shit happens.