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    • Medicalpain420
      Opioids do not take away the pain, The doctor pills don't take away shame, Mental health is no longer a taboo but the treatment given still doesn't have a clue.  To fix these feelings we turn to mother earth and let her nature these seeds from birth.  Watching patiently from seed to bloom, the sweetest smell consumes the room.  Now i can ease my mind, pain flows away...just in time. 
    • Dirk_Diggler147
      The flowerpot just started tripping the electrics is there a chance that I have accidentally changed a setting that would cause this?
    • bongme
      Hi   One of the leading producers of GW Pharmaceuticals is Sativex. It is a spray constituting THC as well as CBD.   This what they Lobby on and this is one of the reasons the law will not change!    One day Cannabis will...   Come Back and Stay  By Paul Young  (1981, Baselines)       Bongme 
    • MyDisplayName2000
      UK is in a mess with cannabis laws. For some they can grow fields full of it and for others, not even one plant is legal.   Still, I guess anyone who invests would be looking favourably at the cannabis industry.