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Tight Lines

Probably the most laid back, chilled out fishing club on the net

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    • YOREEL
      At the moment I have 3 100w pucks on her in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent at a total output of 100w as I thought anymore would stunt or hurt her even more? If not I'll set it to 200w and go from there!  I'll put my diary up soon!
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      @Amo depends ,most are straight into flower after one week as a seedling ..a lot of what you see is made into butter ,i get a selection of flavours and my wife gets an ever evolving cannabinoid profile to her edibles ,so its hard to tune in and get a massive tolerance, but she has ..so variety is best option .. plus so many of these companies like to see test grows and a lot of hobby growers dont have big spaces and feel a little intimidated at it all ,i show it as it is ,warts n all ,just a constant revolving door of plants ,its not about yields with us ,just as long as there is some plant available when we need it .  
    • Pampinha
      So, as my first actual post to help the community, these are my findings while hunting down a decent grow box. 
      Like anyone, i've got my kinks and preferences, to sum it up, I wanted something i could have anywhere in the house, discreet, neutral in style, quiet, and also a perfect home for my plants. It really mattered when making my decision how it looked closed, although it's nice to see on websites the insides of the thing, they tend to leave the rest to our imagination. So, onwards!     The GrowBox for the Bourgeois Hipster
      The states, being all blessed with legalisation, have evolved the growbox cabinet in often extreme ways, and really make it a mission to overprice everything, but there's also some of that here in the UK. Meet HG Hydroponics, it's perhaps the most overpriced growbox on the market, although I'd give them some points for attempting to sell you a full kit - I'm more and more convinced that one-stop-shops are often a bad thing...      HG Hydroponics Cabinet - £949.98 + delivery     HEIGHT =201cm DEPTH =40cm WIDTH = 92cm      Light Kit: 300w led light - no ballast and cool tube       Fan: Standard Inline TT 4'' High power fan       Carbon Filter: Rhino Carbon filter       Seed & Clone Kit: 2 x medium Unheated propagators       Cabinet Colour: Standard Grey 
      To try and get the value of only the cabinet i've dropped all the options like PH meters etc, only changed the lighting kit to 300W LED from 150W HPS - I'm of the opinion that LED works better in a cabinet, HPS in my head is more for a larger grow space. 
      It comes only in either dark grey or black, which isn't honestly much of a choice, not does it fit my personal needs, but if anyone wants to splurge some money on a growbox for the brand, this one seems to be it. They also sell "PC grow boxes", which are literally computer cases, stripped inside to fit what looks like just enough room to grow a single flower. I'm not sure about HG, maybe they're trying to do the same as SuperCloset in the US, but without their apparent capital.       The one-stop-shop GrowBox 
      The company name is Vortex, and they offer cabinets apparently with no lights as default? Their setups do seem tad overpriced, but they do deliver everything you'll possibly need for the first go, in one go. I'm not sure if it's the commodity that costs so much here. I just got confused, but could be the back pain medication.      Vortex Grow Boxes £1,464.99 (looks like delivery is included)     42x Penetrator LED Light     One 4 Inch RAM Pro Carbon Filter    One 4 inch RAM Extraction Fan - Dual speed    Ten Meters of High Quality Ducting - Contains additional inner plastic membrane, can be placed over both the extraction & intake    One Low Noise Intake Fan - Rated at 21DB    One Intake Fan Filter    One Molex Power Adapter - Powers Intake Fan    Ten Magnetic Hooks - Each supports 25KG of vertically hung weight     Three Packs of Ratchet Hangers - Each pack contains 2 hangers    One Power Cable    Two Re-wireable Plugs    One Pre-fitted 4 Inch male connector - Allows ducting to be fitted easily at both ends    One 500ml Bottle of Biobizz Grow    One 500ml Bottle of Biobizz Bloom    One 50L Bag of Biobizz All Mix    Eight 5.7LTR Pots (Optional 70LTR Pot available)    One Tray   The Vortex Grow Box comes with 8 pots and everything you'll need to fill them for soil growing, there's an NFT option, but it'll bump it up a further 50 quid. My main problem with these one-stop-shops is the likelihood that once you run out of nutrients and end up going to your local gardening shop, or just plain amazon, you'll often find it so cheap that it tends to defeat that shop concept of selling 'everything you'd need'. But I'm biased, I like driving around shopping for thingies.
      Major problem for me is colour and material, being a metal cabinet might mean it's sturdy, but it also surely means it won't be that quiet. I also don't quite understand why there's  tiny intake fan, and find the vertical space available a bit short when compared with the overall eight of it.        Possibly my favourite bit of home furniture, waiting to see - MoxyGarden
      I just happened to find MoxyGarden, they're probably new, but they might be offering something really special, maybe to break into the market? They only sell the cabinets, with just a couple of options, and I just thought it was perfect, since i can always get the rest cheap af. The price tag was off the hook attractive, at half of pretty much everything else, with LED lighting as standard.  Moxy Wide - £555+VAT - Free Delivery Width : 120 cm Depth : 40 cm  Height : 130cm 600 Watts LED Full Spectrum Light Quiet Fan for air extraction (180 m3/h) Mechanical timer switch to set daily light times Internal Electrical socket to adap to hydroponics systems, etc Bottom air intakes to keep the system as cool as possible Energy efficient ~300 Watts day mode energy draw Doors fitted with lightproof seals keeping it discreet even when lights are on Doors fitted with magnetic seals to keep it closed Carbon Air Filter option Flat Packed option - easy assembly with manual   So, these guys apparently picked an IKEA-like piece of white furniture and made it into growboxes, which is so perfect! I'm thinking this will fit perfect in my living room. My one issue is, and it hurts to say, branding... They say they source products to make it as affordable as possible, something like they can ensure it'll have an air filter, but not the brand of it... But I'm thinking if i have to change anything it's still good value? But i mean, a carbon air filter is a carbon air filter right? I've only ever used quickair, and i can't be bothered to spend for rhynos. 
      Really like how much space the plants have, and fitting two oxypots is so perfect, with 300 watts of lights for each one. 
      And most of all, it really looks like something i can have when visits are around, although might ask a friend to put a lock on it just in case!     That's it! 
      Found a few more in the UK, but they were either extremely dodgy looking, or really just looking like a joke. Although I'd really like to at least mention a special place to check out abroad, for whoever is considering the States post Trump lol, there's some really nice stuff at SuperCloset!! Although I'm not really a fan of how their stuff looks when closed, i was tilting my head at the whole "remote control" thing. Yes, these guys have actually developed a bit of software to control your growbox with your smartphone/iphone. Because we were really needing that apparently. I do like how clean and tidy they look though, since they've sectioned the insides pretty well, not at all cheap, but interesting stuff even if just for ideas and see where things are heading. Hope you guys liked my contribution and it wasn't too long lol, but i really wanted to share this, and sharing is caring   Gonna edit still to add photos?
    • ison
      if you're going with a systemair 150mm A1 rvk fan, i know that that pairs with a carboair 330mm 50mm bed carbon filter.