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Kangaroos, zebras found as police seize $160m of cannabis in Canada



Kangaroos, zebras found as police seize $160m of cannabis in Canada

Kangaroos and zebras were seized by police during raids which netted about $160 million worth allegedly illegal cannabis in Toronto, Canada.
Project "Green Sweep" took place during Canada's recent mid-year summer months, with police raiding 15 cannabis grow operations throughout Toronto's York region.
A total of 37 people were arrested and 67 charges laid.
Police alleged that organised crime elements were exploiting Canada's medical cannabis legislation.



Under the current law, designated growers can produce hundreds of plants and store hundreds of kilograms of cannabis for personal use.
Police claimed all the cannabis seized during Operation Green Sweep was only destined for illicit use - with more than 1800kg of harvested cannabis and almost 29,000 plants confiscated.
The cannabis had an estimated street value of CA$150 million ($160.85m).


At one location, three kangaroos and two zebras were also found.
"The illegal production of illicit cannabis is a growing problem in York Region and our citizens regularly call to report these large-scale indoor and outdoor grow operations," Chief of Police Jim MacSween said.
"Organized crime continues to exploit an outdated Health Canada medical licensing system, which is generating tremendous profit that we know is resulting in violence and funding other criminal activity in our community."
The investigation is ongoing.






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Yeah but Canada is bigger than most places,  it's got bigger farms so they're bound to sow more crops and consequently will harvest larger yields:naughty:

 But imagine how some of those estates need a plane to get around, so planting a few extra 'Monster Big Banner Kush' or 'Super Stegasaur Glue' would be easily done. Would'nt be long gathering a 20-30 kilo stash of Percy for the rainy days. A few patients to supply meds for Care, and 6 large boxes of ultralight papers and the jobs a good 'un


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