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Weed & Import Hash For Chronic Pain


Not been about much as had accident last year and have spent half my time in and out of hospital.

I have finally been supported by my GP and I am going for 2nd opinion and she is marking me down as long term unable to work...after claiming £70 for a few weeeks then giving up!!

Weed didnt much...but when vaped cbd oil and vaped bud noticed a drop in pain.

Looked LONG AND HARD finally a distant friend (now my hero!)....stepped in and got me the best smelling import hash to try!!!

Worked a treat oh god!! was like a dream come true!!!!!!! Now smoke 1-2 mixed joints as vape broken!!!

Been smoking years, growing years....told me this a year ago would of thought yeah right etc, same old medical we want it legal hype.....

Been on here years and NEVER SAID that!! AT best a distraction!

I think it MAY POLLINATE my morphine or pregablin....or BOTH...

Though I would share in case helps anyone else....the pain I have is NERVE pain.

It 100% makes difference between walking talking laughing and being locked up in agony.,..

Not tried bubble or shatter etc...oil helped me sleep....have a feeling will only get this from import as highCBD and other noids we dont understand....

PS...hash on own doesnt help......weed I have all hybreeds BUT MID-HIGH THC!!!

Only down point...back to dealers as cant make sun grown high cbd hash I guess.....

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My wife had her lymph nodes under her arms cut out but they severed a nerve.She losses use temporarily of her arm and suffers constant pain.Has a joint and the pain goes I'm convinced.She can grip and put her arm behind her head after a joint.It ssh we smoke mostly.

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Glad it works for you @@Dropout.


Ta for the PM too, will reply when time permits :yes:

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Thanks guys....and thanks Arnold, any help appreciated...funny how over the years seen your posts now can relate one per cent.....chronic pain is a different beat and I have only had for a year....but learning everyday...

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@@Dropout sorry to hear of your accident mate

Long term chronic pain is fucking savage

I hope you find some comfort mate


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