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Found 11 results

  1. Here we go again. I would like to thank Sweet Seeds for letting me sample some of their Gorilla Girl. 2 strains ive heard a bit about , Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies , so I fancy a look of course. I wanna see what all these usa strains are about. Here is the Blurb on em . This strain is the resulting hybrid from the cross between two of the most famous and powerful genetics coming from the USA: Gorilla Glue X Girl Scout Cookies. The GSC specimen used for this cross comes from the phenotype known as “Thin Mint”. An Indica-Sativa hybrid with Sativa predominance. Gorilla Girl® (SWS74) is a strain with a very powerful effect, featuring very high THC levels that can reach to between 20% and 25% in optimum growing conditions. Some specimens can even exceed these levels. The resin production of this strain is copious, covering all the flower calyxes with aromatic trichomes. The buds are very resinous and compact. Gorilla Girl® features intense taste and aroma, with cypress tones and a touch of wood, complemented with hints of earth and citrus. The plants look like balanced Indica-Sativa hybrids, very productive and vigorous, with long and flexible side branches. Data Sheet Variety SWS74Indica: 40% / Sativa: 60%THC: 19-25% · CBD: 0,1%Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2Outdoor Yield: 350-600 g/plantIndoor Blooming: 9 weeksOutdoor Harvest: late September I'm currently running from sweet seeds, Black Jack , Cream 47 , Green Poison and Mohan Ram. Their genetics are extremely good and every plants a winner so far. So I popped three of them in the hope of whittling them down to one winner. A 24 hour soak and they went into the coco. You see in the background are 3 Sweet Amnesia Haze they were good enough to chuck in as a freeby so I germed them as well. Both went in together and 4 were up in 48 hours . The gorilla Girls not yet. Here is where they are living until they show themselves. Just in front of a vertical 400hps. We have some movement at last. The left one died at this stage as it couldn't free its leaves and 1 never showed and one had a similar problem getting from its shell. Here is the one that made it and today she is 2 weeks old exactly. She is already showing vigour and strength and a rather fat stem for her age. She is also growing at a fair rate for a seedling. This is the room she will live and probably die in if she can veg quick enough. Just like the 2 plants I will be vegging 9 plants of different strains around a 40w hps vertical bulb like so. They will grow big and encompass the bulb , creating a doughnut of weed. They will be fed from a 100l water butt inside the room via that white plastic pipe and their will be 3 plants down the left , three on the back wall , and 3 on the left. I intend to be flowering this room when my other flowering has finished in 4 or so weeks but I have to use the 9 biggest plants . I'm hoping this Gorilla Girl will be big enough to make the cut . Or she may go into my other room that is slightly bigger than this one and be be vegged for a good couple of months , to a tree size (for me anyway). Time will tell as I really don't want to flower her if she isn't ready or big enough . So far I'm positive because she has healthy power grower written all over her. More in a week From Gorilla Girl zz
  2. Whatsup everybody, I have been watching these threads lately and decided to join the community. I have never grown, but with this covid thing i decided to make try my best. I got 6 seeds ( 5 quick one ) and 1 ( royal cheese ) all automatic. I will be experimenting a vertical scrog, with 400W in the middle and all 6 plants around it. For veg time, they will be sitting by the windows and on the roof of my building, since i have access to a hidden area where the sun reaches most of the time. I am living in the last floor so i have windows on the roof. Soon i will be uploading pics to keep you guys updated. Do you guys think that 400W will be enough ? And what is the sun light equivalent to ? Like, 7 hours of sun are better than 12 of 400W ? or how is it linked ? Best regards
  3. Lets get this show on the rd Many thanks to Panik at Real Gorilla Seeds for having me on board for this one. I haven't had much experience with flavoursome weed ie oranges and lemons. I have done a few but never had a pheno with the lemonines or orangie smell. So for me its Lemonade OG that is supposed to be proper lemony , and Sour Orange Diesel, again the same but with orange. These are the packaging , nice and cool looking. They reminded me of the packets that the popping candy used to come in that used to crackle and pop in your mouth, moon rocks maybe? Here is the back of them and you see my choices Oranges and lemons said the bells of st Clements lol. Inside is a little black flat container like a small flat Dinafem one but plastic. Be careful opening this because there is a bit of sponge and the seeds and if you open it upside down the seeds will fall out on the floor. Be careful opening it as its a bit difficult to id the top or the bottom. So I did 3 of each , holding a few seeds back in case of emergencies . This is how I'm gonna grow em. 9 plants basically grown in a circle around a hanging bare bulb. My space is very height limited at about 1.2 m tall so I will grow the plants sideways into the bulb. This is probably not the room these seedlings will end up in . I have another slightly bigger one that is very similar and I suspect they will end up with about 4 months veg in there before flowering, so they will get to be quite big plants . All trained and tied to fit into my vertical space and fully utilise every inch of space. A few days later and no sign of life except from 1 of the sour orange diesels or sods for short . About a week later and I had still nothing shown from any of the Lemonade OGs or Logs for short. I had soaked them for 2 days and when I dug them up they hadn't even split their shell and rotted. I did have a prop on them at first but possibly a bit too much moisture under it. So I think I had one of the logs from the first lot that had split and looked promising but generally it didn't look good , I shit myself and soaked and germed the rest of the logs . Used all be subs up now lol. I think these seeds may have been a bit fresh or needed a few weeks in the fridge cos they were slow coming up again. After about a week I had movement on one of them. My 1 little Sod was up the other 2 didn't make it. I only need 1 plant of each strain come flowering time. More movement from the coco surface. I had them tilted like this , around a foot from a vertical 400hps just warming the coco surface nicely. within a few days they were all up. This is them yesterday at 7 days old. Then with the Sod that is 2 weeks old. I will be carefully selecting the 5 Lemonades for strengths and weakness and culling them down to probably 1 plant , 2 if I see a couple of different phenos. Till then grow my little babies. Here she is , looking quite normal like a standard seedling. A little bit of a floppy stem at the moment. Not yet growing at any speed. That's all for a week now the ball is rolling . Its exciting bringing new strains into a new growroom. over and out for a week zz
  4. I have meaning to get this thread up for a while. I chose Bubba Kush and Moby Dick originally but due to issues with germing the mobys and just a bit of bad luck the Bubba Kush is a few months ahead now so I am dedicating this thread to Bubba Kush all by her lonesome. Back in September last year 2017 I received the seeds , many thanks to Mark and The Dinafem crew for the chance to grow out what is always first class genetics. I like to soak them in water for 24 hours till I see the shells split. The nearest big seedling or the middle one, is Bubba. Here she is the 1 seedling that I need . A few weeks later , them fat Bubba leaves are showing through. Not yet potted up from her 1 l seed pot. I was quite shocked to see in a week that she stretched massively. Not what Bubba was supposed to do I thought. So a topping was required to promote me a bit of bushing. Now that is a major topping lol. Looks harsh I know. Not much left but I knew this topping would force the plant to put out new shoots. My space is only a meter tall so I need ball bushiness , not vertical growth . A week later the recovery starts. To help it put out multi tips, I then crush out the stems. Here she is looking much better and back with those lovely fat leathery looking indica leaves. And now we have a few more heads on the plant. A little bit more bushy. Again all growing tips pinched out. Here she is just tucked on the inside of the door. Then as if by magic a new grow room had been built in the background in my loft . Around double the size of the garage room with the same sort of headroom. No more scrogging , I hope to grow more tree type plants , just a bit of training with a handful of yo yos for each plants. On the right is the Bubba Kush , along with the Mohan Ram on the left. These are the only 2 seed plants that have come from the garage. The rest is clones and new seedlings. Being a bit bigger and going through a very cold spell , I'm vegging with a 400w hps now . You se the cage , bulb holder I made that will accommodate a 315cmh to join the party when I get to flowering. I'm gonna grow 9 plants and train them into every inch of the slanted roof, using yo yos. At the moment she is being handwatered daily , But soon I will automate the feedings and pump into that white pipe and through a 2mm hole over the 9 plant positions. First I will test it with 2 holes drilled for the 2 big plants. I have a good 2 months before I'm gonna flower this room , so plenty of time for training this girl. I knew that some more topping was gonna be in order so that I could try and get some kind of evenness to the canopy once my clones start kicking off. I want her to be up their with her back right on the wall and up the ceiling . All growing towards the bulb come flowering time . Massive difference in size from the new clones and the Seed Bubba Kush. So out came the scissors and a bloody good haircut was in order. Slightly smaller after topping, I'm after the ball / bush look. She has that power growing feel to her. The indica leaves are key to its strong growth. Much nicer temps indoors now under the 400w sunmaster. You can see her start to enjoy the light, considering she has had 250w mh all her life. Now I have her position , I must train her to fit the desired space. I want her to spread out on the back wall/corner and creep upwards but mainly bush outwards towards the light . I'm gonna do far less work than scrogging on a screen I hope. Obviously in a vert , the back of the plant doesn't get much light and growth aint needed there , so its chopped off. You see the plant is turned sideways. And the other way , but you get the picture . And back to the front again. The recovery starts with new shoots. Bring em on , each one will be a new cola. I want it like a medusas head of colas. A perfect plant for my room I feel as she has very little stretch and grows strong. She reacts very well to topping and training and recovers quickly, look at the new shoots coming through. Starting to develop a bit of a bush look . I can see her filling up that corner nicely. Now you can see the results of multiple topping and supercropping. Now I have got the yo yos out and have them on the pot, pulling shit down and trying to open up the plant a bit. Ive got bits of it pulled down like a step , just to expose more of the inner plant to the light . Also to train the plant where I want it to be in a few months. A bit closer and you see the whole plant is responding to being pulled apart. From this angle you can see what I'm trying to do, sort of train it sideways a bit , to spread it out in its space. I will expect to see lots of new growth spring from the centre of the plant now. She was potted up from 3.5l to 6.5l about a week ago and is still rooting out her pot. Now I have a bit more space I am going to up the pot size to an 11l finishing pot in coco. I figure I can train these over a few months and root out the larger pots and end up with more yield. She really is a beautiful specimen . I love these squat indica types, and the rate they grow. Very Bubba Kush looking I think. Picture of health from the start. Good strong growth from day 1. That's it thread rockin and rollin. She has a couple of months of veg and training ahead of her before I flower her and believe me by then I think she is gonna be Big. Nice way to Christen a new room with a classic Bubba Kush. Over and out for a week now. zz
  5. Here we go Ole ZZ is gonna have a bash at Remo Chemo. Sounds like something I might like the buzz off . Anyway these seeds were a cunt to germ. Tiniest seeds I've ever seen and fucking toughest seed shells I've ever seen. So I always soak them for 24 hours so the shells can split and I know I have viable seeds. So 24 hours in plain water in the tin they came in 3 seeds Bosh. In a bit of coco , a bit damp . The picture below is especially for people laying down on the sofa . That is as far as I could get these remos to split . I had to resort to covering them with some plastic as to increase the humidity . This seems to be what the seeds needed to germ as I had failed without it, the seed staying semi split and its insides going to mush. Thank fuck at last 3 days later got 2 of them broke the surface. One still has the seed casing on and I had to pull it off because still it was rock hard and tough. The first one was potted up into a 1 litre ,early I know but I feel safe with a 1 litre not drying out . A few days later I'm up and bloody running. 2 Remo's, the third didn't make it out of its shell. Anyway fuck that germing shit now ZZ is growing the green .
  6. Thanks to Humboldt Seeds for the opportunity to have a go with some of their Californian genetics. I went for Em dog and Green Crack. Some wicked packaging . Like burned onto wood . pure class. Bottom right you can see the little seedlings. The 2 em dogs out of three are up and out of the coco. 1 was a no show. Green crack 2 out of the three made it out of their shells. 1 is looking lovely, the other has semi decapitated itself and gone a bit spindly, I'm not sure it will make it. Heres how they are loned up a Green crack , flanked by 2 Em dogs. Only one of each can make it to flowering, there can be only one, I say. Here is a close up of the dodgy green crack. See if it can re grow a leaf. Its in the hands of the gods now lol. That's it for now , come back in a week to see how they have grown. over and out zz
  7. Day 44

    From the album Tdam autoultimate

  8. Day 47

    From the album Tdam autoultimate

  9. Hey guys. Long time lurker first time poster. Doing a grow set up for a mate in an attic, I have maybe 10 grows under my belt. Only done a year in an attic, winter was easy, summer brought botrytis through my in ability to control heat / humidity. So I've got to plan well this time and I don't have anyone to talk it through... So here I am. I'm planning a sphere of scrog using 4 plants around a vertical 600w or 1000w in a cool tube with out a reflector as I've read this is best for lumens reaching the plant as there's less reflected light and I can get the plants closer. I had success with my modified scrog from one plant, flattening it out into a hemisphere and putting it at a 45 degree angle opposite my 600w with a reflector behind. I got average of 17oz per plant. With regard to heat and smell I'm thinking about either having the cool tube running its own feed from fresh air out the roof to fresh air and using co2 enrichment to reduce my need for air exchange. I figured a small 4" carbon filter with inline fan ramped down low to keep a negative pressure on the tent vent that to a separate small tent in which I'd have baffles to make the air travel further, an ozone generator, some ona gel maybe an odour neutralising spray and another 4" carbon filter and fan venting up the chimney. I'll use air con / dehumidifier in main tent as necessary. Either the above way or ditch the co2 enrichment and have massive air exchange using a 5" filter on the end of the cool tube venting into the aforementioned separate tent when my ozone generator and all that stuff is. Any thoughts and criticisms would be greatly received. Tent size and equipment is all changeable as it's not all bought. Thanks in advance